Milk of Magnesia Dosage for Adults, Infants and Dogs

Milk of magnesia dosage has everything to do with magnesium hydroxide which is the main active ingredient. This article will not only explore specific dosages for different conditions including constipation and stomach acid neutralization in children and adults alike but also specify the right dosage for dogs.

Milk of Magnesia Toddler Dosage and Administration

Constipation is a rather common problem among babies and infants and is attributed to factors poor diet (low in fiber), low fluid intake, taking certain medications, and in some cases, toddler constipation is attributed to mental health conditions such as cerebral palsy and Down syndrome.

Luckily, easing of constipation (and acid indigestion problems) in toddlers and infants is as easy as administration of proper dose of milk of magnesia. You are very likely to come across Phillips milk of magnesia but any other brand can as well do. Here is a breakdown of the recommended milk of magnesia toddler dosage based on age:

Check milk of magnesia dosage for constipation
Check milk of magnesia dosage for constipation
  • 2 years of age and below: The right milk of magnesia dosage depends on the weight of the child. Get appropriate advice from your doctor or health provider.
  • 2-5 years old: 1 to 3 tablets or 5-15 ml of oral suspension each day
  • 6-11 years: 3 to 6 tablets or15-30 ml of oral suspension each day

If your toddler or infant simply can’t withstand the taste of milk of magnesia, it might help to mix it with a teaspoon of Tang or Nestle Quick during the administration.

Overdose of milk of magnesia is associated with such symptoms as nausea, vomiting, low blood pressure, flushing, slow heartbeat, coma, and even death in more severe cases. This is why it is absolutely important to keep MoM (and all medications for that matter) away from the reach of children. If overdose is suspected, it is advisable to seek urgent medical attention.

Milk of Magnesia Maximum Dosage

Overdose or abuse of milk of magnesia can cause numerous dire side-effects including diarrhea, laxative dependence and ongoing constipation, and slow heartbeat among others. It is important to keep in mind the recommended maximum dosage for milk of magnesia for the specific purpose to which you are putting it to use. For constipation a maximum of 8 tablets and 60 ml of oral suspension is recommended for adults. As for acid indigestion, you should not take more than 4 doses of 4 tablets or 15 ml of oral suspension each day.

Remember also that you should only use laxatives for a maximum of two weeks; if constipation persists longer than that, you should seek medical attention.

Milk of Magnesia Dosage for Adults

Has long been used for symptomatic relief of stomach discomfort from as far back as 1818 when it was patented by John Callen. Using it in right dosage is however critical to successful treatment.

The right milk of magnesia dosage for adults vary depending on the concentration of the specific milk of magnesia product used, the specific condition being treated (i.e. constipation or acid indigestion), and whether liquid or tablet form of the medicine is used as outlined below:

For constipation

  • Magnesium hydroxide (400 mg/5 mL): 30-60 ml per day
  • Magnesium hydroxide (800 mg/5 mL): 15-30 ml per day
  • Chewable tablet: 8 tablets per day

For acid reflux and indigestion

For treatment of acid indigestion in adults, Medscape recommends taking 5 to 15 ml of milk of magnesia with a concentration of 400mg/5ml 4 times a day and no more than 4 doses per 24 hour cycle. As for the chewable tablets, the site recommends taking 2-4 tablets after every 4 hours 4 times a day and no more than 4 doses each 24 hour cycle.

Dosage of MoM for adults
Note that the dosage in adults may differ from that in children and pregnant women. (courtesy of

It is advisable that you take them at the right time but should you miss a dose, you should then take it as soon as you remember. But what if it is almost time for the next dose, you ask? Well, you should never take a double dose but rather skip the missed dose and take the next regularly scheduled one.

Phillips Milk of Magnesia Dosage

Phillips is the grandpa of milk of magnesia products and has great acceptance among medical professionals and patients alike. Phillips MoM’s formulation has a concentration of 400mg/5 ml.

Consequently, the right Phillips milk of magnesia dosage rolls down to 30 to 60 ml of the oral suspension variety or 6 to 8 tablets per day for treatment of constipation, and 5 to 15 ml of oral suspension or 2 to 4 tablets for treatment of acid indigestion problems the likes of heartburn.

For chewable tablets, the WebMD website recommends chewing it thoroughly before swallowing. As for the oral suspension, you should shake it thoroughly before use. It is also important to measure each dose carefully with a measuring spoon or syringe.

Milk of Magnesia Dosage for Constipation

As we have already mentioned, milk of magnesia (which is mainly magnesium hydroxide) helps to increase water in the intestines which then induce defecation (consequently relieving the symptoms of constipation).

As such a popular treatment option, there is never a shortage of posts of people asking about the proper milk of magnesia dosage for constipation in online health forums, blogs and Q-A kind of sites.

For adults, taking a full 30-60ml dose of milk of magnesia just before bedtime is generally recommended for treatment of acute constipation, but your doctor or pharmacist may as well recommend taking it in divided doses. For appropriate does for kids, see a previous section of this guide.

The WebMD recommends following each dose of milk of magnesia taken for treatment of constipation with a full glass of 8 ounces (240 ml) at the very least. It also benefits you to take lots of fruits and vegetables as well as juices such as apple juice and prune juice.

Milk of Magnesia for Dogs Dosage

Dogs are as well prone to getting constipation and hyperacidity. When constipated, dogs (and other pets for that matter) pass tiny, hard stools or nothing at all. Among the most common cause of constipation in dogs are low dietary fiber, sudden change of diet, and stress, but it could as well be assign of a more serious problem such as presence of a tumor that blocks the digestive system.

Administer the right dosage of milk of magnesia for dogs for treating hives
Administer the right dosage for dogs for treating hives

You can use milk of magnesia for short term relief of mild constipation in dogs. According to a book called, “Dog Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook”, the right milk of magnesia for dogs dosage depends on weight of the dog. For each pound, give 2 to 5 ml of milk of magnesia. One teaspoon is equal to 400ml.

If symptoms however persists for more than a few days, it would be advisable to see a vet for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Right Dose when Pregnant

About half of all pregnant women experience constipation as the American Pregnancy Association reports due to factors such as reduced physical activity, hormonal changes and intake of iron tablets.

Milk of magnesia is regarded generally safe to use during pregnancy, but recommends talking to your doctor first before taking this over-the-counter constipation and heartburn remedy. Your doctor will tell you if its use poses any risk to your baby and recommend the right dose.

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