Motorcycle Wear for New Riders

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If you are new to motorcycling, you are probably discovering that shopping for gear can be a little overwhelming. There are many different styles, which is great, but they have different applications. There are different forms of motorcycling, and that means different conditions and different clothing to go with it. This goes for both men and women’s gear, there is a lot of equity in the gear the same products are made for both sexes, with sizing and cut being the main difference. The three types of riding are cruising, motocross, and adventure riding, which is a cross between the two. In this article we will discuss adventure riding gear.

  • Boots: Adventure riding boots are pretty much single purpose equipment. They are high and stiff, and designed to protect you from impact whether on or off your bike. You are looking for full protection of the foot and shin area, and waterproofing. Find a pair that gives all of this, but still allows you to walk around the camp at night, or go into a store and do some shopping, without walking like you are wearing a pair of ski boots. You can get your motorbike gear at Wheels Motorcycles, who are a leading UK dealer.
  • The Suit: The main part of the outfit is what they call the suit. Armoured jacket and pants that work together as an overall protection. For adventure riding the suits can have a sci-fi space warrior look about them. They are thick with and have ridges and pads. They will conceal most of your natural shape, but you still end up looking quite self-asserting. The main consideration is the conditions you plan to ride in. Adventure gear is meant to get muddy and wet, but they are made for different temperature so some or heavy and some are thinner with ventilation so you don’t sweat. You should also consider the durability, and the padding. They are made for your safety. If you aren’t going to spend too much time off road, you can tone down some of the protective features.
  • Helmet: There are so many choices out there for helmets, and if they are rated as safe, they will work. However, there are variations depending on the type of riding you do. The road helmets are made for a wide view and often have electronic features for media and communication. Motocross helmets are light and ventilated but have a narrow view for increased protection from the front. The adventure helmet is a cross between the two, with a wider angle of view but still good ventilation. Not too confining for the long highway rides.
  • Gloves: Here you will be looking for durability and the kind of padding, but you don’t want to go too far and get a pair that are useless except for riding. Make sure you try these on and get a feel for the range of motion they allow your fingers.

Choosing the gear can be fun, because it is a different kind of look and there are a lot of styles. But spend some time looking at reviews of the various products. You will have your gear a long time and so it is important to get it right.

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