Mustela Cradle Cap Shampoo, Cream and Reviews

For a long time, Mustela has produced great skin care products. These include Mustela cradle cap shampoo and Mustela cradle cap cream. These are great products which help to ease the itching as well as better the cradle cap condition in the long run.

What is Mustela for Cradle Cap?

Mustela has provided expertise in skincare innovations meant for mothers to be and babies for over 60 years. It is based on dermatological research which makes its products gentle and safe. Mustela for cradle cap products are well formulated to cater for the delicate skin of a baby.  Their products are free of parabens and other harmful ingredients.

Mustella cradle cap removal products
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Mustela Cradle Cap Shampoo  

In the first weeks of a baby’s life, some yellowish patches that are greasy to touch could form on the scalp. This is what is known as cradle cap. This is as a result of excessive production of sebum which results in dead skin cells getting trapped by the sebum instead of being shed. As a result, there is an accumulation of them on the scalp. They end up getting stuck on the skin forming flaky crusty patches.

Cradle cap affects two thirds of all infants and could also occur in grownups. The condition is in no way a result of poor hygiene. It also is not contagious. Left unattended, it could go away on its own. This though may take too long. However, various interventions will aid in it going away faster. One of these is the use of shampoos.

Mustela cradle cap shampoo is an ultra gentle shampoo that helps in fighting cradle cap. It cleanses the scalp gently while still maintaining the fragile balance that it should have.  Through its mild exfoliating abilities, it helps to soften up the cradle cap scales to enable them to be easily washed off.

The absence of petrochemicals, sulfates, synthetic dies and parabens makes them quite safe. It is also self foaming and tearless. Using this is quite easy. Simply hold the bottle of Mustela cradle cap shampoo and press its pump. Squeeze out some and apply it on wet hair. Gently massage on the scalp for up to five minutes before rinsing it off. The shampoo contains salicylic acid as one of the active ingredients. This helps in fighting the cradle cap.

One can then use a soft brush to rid off the flakes. To prevent the skin of the scalp from getting irritated, avoid washing the hair of the young one too many times. Three times in a week would be enough to take care of the condition. In the rest of days, simply rinse off the hair using water. Once the process of cradle cap treatment is done, it is normally advised to use a special care product that will help to prevent further formation of the cradle cap.

One should never try picking untreated crusts off the skin. Only use recommended products to treat it first. In case this does not work or where there seems to be infection or inflammation, a doctor should be consulted immediately.

Mustela Cradle Cap CreamMustella cradle cap baby products

Mustela cradle cap cream is a 30 oz. Cradle Cap treatment. It helps to rapidly eliminate cradle cap as well as maintain a balance on the scalp. This helps to purify the skin, soothe and hydrate too.  It is a great treatment that will help get rid of cradle cap when used as instructed.

The cream has been proven safe for use on cradle cap. It is also quite effective. The cream helps in soothing and hydrating the skin. It contains Borage oil and Aloe vera to help ease discomfort by eliminating itching and flakes in the long run.

To achieve the best results, one should apply Mustela cradle cap cream and leave it on. Wash off in the morning. It does not leave an oily film on the scalp as happens when one uses mineral oils. It is also free from harmful substances such as parabens.

The cream is formulated using hypoallergenic ingredients which make it safe for the baby’s sensitive skin. Its efficacy is also proven as it has been clinically tested. The cream will effectively eliminate cradle cap as well as reduce redness. It also helps to regulate the production of sebum thus bettering the appearance of cradle cap.

The cream is to be applied on the areas of concern and massaged lightly. Leave it on through the night before cleaning it up in the morning. One does not have to worry about the product lingering on the scalp for long or staining his sheets.

Mustela Cradle Cap Reviews

For people who have had firsthand experience with Mustela cradle cap products, their reviews are full of positivity. Most people after trying different products will be pleased by what they achieve using Mustela.

In Amazon, one woman confirms that the cream kept the scalp temporarily hydrated. It also helped to flake off the cradle cap making it easy to get rid of it. The cream has a tiny tip which makes it easy to apply even on kids who have long hair. Its smell is also only slight and not off putting like some medicated products may be. The product does work.

For other people, working with the whole range of Mustella products gives the best results. This includes applying the cream on the hair, leaving it on overnight and using Mustella cradle cap shampoo to wash off the flakes. These tend to give great results.

Just like in all other products, it is not all positive in mustela cradle cap reviews. Some people feel that baby oil works better than it does. Some people have an issue with the fact that it has to be left overnight which makes it spread all over the bed depending on amount applied. This though could be countered by applying in the morning and washing it off in the evening. There also are those who feel that the product works but not to the desired level. The itching from the cradle cap though gets relieved.

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