Nail Fungus Symptoms & Pictures of Fingernail & Toenail Fungus

Can you identify nail fungus symptoms? Learn how to tell you have fingernail or toenail fungus. You should identify the following nail fungus symptoms from the beginning in order to start treatment immediately.

If you notice any abnormalities on your nails, what would you do? I guess the first thing would be to ask those around you what could be happening to you. If you do not get any answers, you would opt to go see a doctor. While this is only logical, it is also important to have a clue on what could be ailing your fingernails or toenails. After all, you could nip the problem in the bud without going anywhere and spending your hard-earned cash.

Finger nail fungus symptoms picture
Finger nail fungus symptoms picture – discolored nails.

Nail fungus is very common in people as it occurs to about 10% of the US population according to If you have seen your nails looking different, the culprit could be nothing else, but the nasty fungus. Here you will learn all the nail fungus symptoms and get to see pictures of fingernails and toenails fungus so that you can act as fast as possible. Leaving the nail fungus infection untreated could lead to even bigger complications.

What Is Nail Fungus Symptoms?

When you have nail fungus you should expect to see it rather than feel it. The causes of nail fungus are microorganisms that feed on the keratin matter making up the nail. The nail is d. Consequently, you will know that you have nail fungus from the physical changes on the nail and the nail bed.

What is nail fungus symptoms? The nail is altered to look abnormal. If you have one infected nail, you can easily tell because it looks different from the rest of the nails on your fingers or toes. However, if you have infection on all the digits, it may take sometime before you notice, but you will surely detect that not all is well.

Toenail Fungus Symptoms and Signs

When fungus gets under your toenails, it takes awhile for it to die because the conditions are conducive for it to thrive. Under the nails it is warm and moist the environment it requires to survive. Toenails are worst hit because most of the time they are hidden in closed shoes and sometimes in both shoes and socks especially for men. Toenail fungus is prevalent in men than in women because of this reason.

If you are certain that you toenail fungus, here are best nail fungus medication your doctor may prescribe or you may take a shot at the over the counter medicines. On the other hand, if you are not sure that you have nail fungus, because often it can be confused with other diseases that affect the nails such as psoriasis, eczema and yellow nail syndrome among others I will provide you with the obvious toenail fungus symptoms that you definitely cannot miss.

When the toenail fungus symptoms are discovered early, you can try some natural home remedies to get rid of the nail fungus before going for the medications, which are known to have adverse effects on your liver, kidney, bone marrow and skin. However, with the supervision of your doctor some of those prescription medicines are completely safe.

You will know you have toenail fungus symptoms if you see and experience the following:

Nail fungus symptoms - pictures
Nail fungus symptoms – pictures
  • More than usual thicker nails even, when you try to clip them it becomes difficult.
  • Brittle and weak nails that have pieces breaking off from top to bottom
  • Pain and inflammation under the nail and on the digit
  • Peeling skin near on the affected toe
  • Bulbous toes and especially the first big toes
  • Bumps on the lunula, which is the white portion of nails
  • Fragments that are in powder form from under the affected toenail
  • Itchiness on the affected toe
  • Dullness on nails
  • The edges are crumbled
  • The nail separates from the nail bed without any pain
  • White, yellow, orange or brown streaks on the nail bed
  • Foul smell
  • Discolored nails, they could turn white, black, yellow, green, purple or even red

These symptoms on you toenails will of course make you have loss of self –esteem and you may not want to interact with people on the beach or in their houses where you have to take off your shoes. Some people opt to hiding these in socks, but it only makes the condition worse.

Fingernail Fungus Symptoms and Prevention

While the infection is on your toes makes it hard for you walk, stand, exercise or wear shoes, on your fingernails it could stop you from performing your house chores or office work. This is because the fingernails are usually in pain. The good news however, is that fingernail fungus clears faster than that on toenails with the right medication.

Fingernail fungus symptoms are similar to those on the toes, only that they are more noticeable than their counterparts are. While it is easier to hide toenails in shoes and socks all day, it would be impossible to hide fingernails in gloves due to the nature of tasks they perform. Therefore, anyone who comes near you will see the abnormality on your fingernails.

You can prevent fingernail fungus symptoms and those on your toes by doing the following:

  • Drying your hands and fingers thoroughly after coming into contact with water
  •  Wearing vinyl gloves if your job requires your hands to be wet most of the time and cloth gloves for dry jobs
  • Clipping your fingernails short and keeping them clean throughout
  • Protecting your fingernails from injury, if you have cracked fingertips treat them immediately before fungus gets an opportunity to enter under your nails.
  • Eating a diet that prevents the overgrowth of yeast in your body, do a Candida cleanse if you have bouts of yeast infections on other parts in your body or have the doctor prescribe medications to cure it. Avoid foods that are high in sugars, bad fats, lack fiber and refined flours. Stick to vegetables, fruits, and brown flours for the sake of killing internal yeast, which manifests itself in fingernail fungus symptoms among others.
    Peeling skin on fingers and around nails could also be a symptom of nail fungus
    Peeling skin on fingers and around nails could also be a symptom of nail fungus

Nail Fungus Symptoms Pictures – Fingernails, Toenails

You cannot fail to know notice fingernails and toenails that have been infected with fungus. Nail fungus symptoms pictures will help you identify if you really have the nasty microorganisms. However, do not self medicate yourself if you are not sure about what you see.

A podiatrist is best suited to diagnose whether you have nail fungus or not. This is because he or she takes a part of the nail or substance on the nail bed and views it under a microscope to determine if really its fungus and of what type since there are various.

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