Nair Facial Hair Removal & Remover Reviews

Nair facial hair removal is a popular product for both good and bad reasons. This post seeks to explore Nair facial hair remover reviews, Nair facial hair removal review as well as the disadvantages of using Nair facial hair removal.

Does Nair Facial Hair Remover Work?

There are many depilatory brands available in the market. Some may deliver expected results while some may not. This may make one ask the question; does Nair facial hair remover work? The product does work in hair removal. One though is required to follow user instructions to avoid negative side effects. Failure to do this may lead to problematic situations. These may be as bad as skin  burns.

Nair Facial Hair Remover Reviews

Nair facial hair remover is gentle and does not only get rid of unwanted hair but also contains exfoliating agents. This leaves the skin radiant and smooth. The usage of the remover is easy as it only requires one to apply a thick layer that will leave the hair covered. The cream is then left on for five minutes after which you check on a small area to see if it has worked.

In case the hair still looks thick, give it a few more minutes but not exceeding ten minutes of the total time of application. When the hair weakens, wipe it off the skin using a damp cloth without rubbing the area. When all hair is removed, rinse the skin using warm water and pat the area dry.

Where the cream fails to give satisfactory results, one has to wait for 72 hours before using it once more. Using perfumed products on treated areas could cause skin irritation. One is therefore advised to wait for 24 hours before doing so. The product does not affect the rate of hair growth, the hair shaft thickness or the thickness of the hair.

The remover yields thorough hair removal results and is effective for:

  • The face including chin and upper lip
  • All types of hair

According to most Nair facial hair remover reviews, the product does deliver in hair removal. However, there is a dear price to pay for this. To begin with, the product does not remove any hair within its stated minimum amount of time. When it finally does remove hair, it could cause irritation. Most users ended up with red bumps and a lot of irritation. This may remain for a while before healing which happens as the skin peels.

Nair Facial Hair Removal Reviews

The process of Nair hair removal consists of the product breaking down the keratin bonds holding the hair. This takes five to ten minutes. Once the process is done, it becomes easy to wipe off the skin’s surface. The product is easy to administer, fast and cheap. The process of hair removal is normally over before one could realize it making it convenient and time saving compared to other removal methods.

The hair remover is available in drugstores and only costs a few dollars. The cream though has an awful odor. It contains strong chemicals which could hurt the skin during the application and removal process. If instructions are not followed, blisters, burns, and skin peeling could be experienced. The results are short lived and one is required to keep on using the cream regularly.

As the cream works, it is normal for one to feel a light tingling. When a burning sensation occurs, it could only mean the skin is too sensitive for Nair or that the product has been left on the skin for too long.

Disadvantages of Using Nair Facial Hair Removal

Given the many user testimonials available online, Nair facial hair remover comes with its pros and cons. While they may be considerably cheap compared to other methods such as lasers and waxing, there are some things that one should take into consideration before settling for it. The price to pay for having to use Nair for hair removal seems to be too huge. Sample its negative side below to help you weigh its costs and benefits.

Persistent odor: Nair facial hair removal comes with a strong odor. When it is working on the hair, the smell gets amplified as a result of hair burning. This smell remains even long after the product has been rinsed off. The fact that it is not advisable to rub the treated area makes it worse. One may therefore have to consider using it when they do not expect to go out.

Messiness: The remover requires one to be cautious or else they will make a big mess out of the surrounding surfaces. Rubbing a treated face on clothing or furniture could lead to discoloration. Spilling the cream could also get things messy.

Heightened skin sensitivity: Since the product not only removes hair but also exfoliates the skin, sensitivity tends to increase. The product should not be used by people with sensitive skin to avoid this. Even those with a normal one should use it with caution and follow the instructions to the letter. This though is no guarantee that no adverse effects will be experienced. In fact, skin burns could be experienced even after proper use of the product.

Cost: The effects of using Nair hair removal only last for a few days. This adds up to the constant cost of continuously purchasing the cream. This when added up may end up being more costly than some of the long term hair removal methods.


Nair Facial Hair Removal for Sensitive Skin

Unlike the regular Nair that comes with a chemical odor, Nair facial hair removal for sensitive skin smells nice. This product works well for people with sensitive skin. However, those who are overly sensitive may experience redness after removal.  This should be gone within a few hours.



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