Natural Hair Regrowth Remedies for Men and Women

Can you regrow hair naturally? Hair loss remedies and natural hair regrowth solutions can help you grow back your hair fast. Find out on natural hair growth treatments for men and women with treatments discussed below.

Hair loss and thinning is a common concern for both men and women. Here are some of the best natural hair regrowth remedies for men and women that can help you get your full head of hair back and boost your self-confidence threefold. It includes natural regrowth hair products, chart and shampoos as well.


Natural Hair Regrowth for Men

Men have suffered from the problem of male pattern hair loss, otherwise referred to as male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia since time immemorial. Julius Caesar illustrations show him with bald hair and according to the American Hair Loss Association, hair loss affects two-thirds of men by the age of 35 years. Men all races, social status and creeds are susceptible to hair loss, usually characterized by receding hair lines and bald spots.

Hair regrowth is important for most people, men and women alike since full head of hair is often attributed to numerous positive traits such as youthfulness, virility, strength and power. It is thus not that hair loss often leads to serious psychological concerns among the men affected, especially the younger ones experience serious psychological problems.

As Spencer Kobren, the founder of the American Hair Loss Association puts it, “When men lose their hair, it can be devastating”. In fact, hair regrowth is to some men more important than losing weight.

Driving the whole ideology behind hair regrowth for men is one online study conducted in the U.K whereby two photos of the same man – one showing a full head of hair and the other digitally manipulated to show a thinning hairline – were used in online profiles on a dating site and the same description used to test the response for each of the photos. The photo with full head of hair received almost five time the responses that the other photo received from women.

Natural hair regrowth is a precious dream for many men with balding heads. The options range from treatment with Minoxidil and Finasteride, to hair transplantation, and numerous natural remedies for hair regrowth. [See best hair regrowth products]

Some shampoos will help your hair grow longer and thicker.

So what causes hair loss anyway? Male Pattern hair, accounting about 95% of all hair loss cases, is a genetic trait that predispositions someone to sensitivity to a hormone called DHT, or dihydrotestosterone. In the majority of men, around 5% of serum testosterone is converted to DHT by 5-alpha reductase enzyme. For men with inherited sensitivity, the DHT acts like a toxin to hair follicles, interfering with the absorption of nutrients. It also leads to miniaturization of hair follicles whereby the growth phase of the hair follicles is made shorter.

A full scalp contains between 100,000 and 150,000 hair follicles that undergo alternate growth and rest phases. During the growing phase, which is referred to as anagen, the hair strands mature both color and thickness. This phase takes between 3 and 6 years.

The resting phase, or telogen phase, on the other hand lasts around 90 days and involves falling off of the fully grown hair. Normally, only 10% or so of hair follicles are in the telogen phase and consequently, the hair loss due to this cycle is usually imperceptible.

The DHT sensitivity in some men however renders the growth phase so short such that the hair they grow is very fine and nearly colorless. When miniaturization of hair follicles takes a full effect, the hair follicles are not able to produce hair anymore.

Male pattern baldness accounts for 95% of hair loss in men. Certain medications, nutrient deficiencies, underactive thyroid glands, insufficient blood circulation in the scalp, hormonal imbalances, illness, stress, and hard-tugging on the hair among other factors are attributed to the remaining 5% of hair loss cases.

Natural hair regrowth for men can be triggered by addressing the underlying causes. For example, proper nutrition can ensure adequate quantities of vital vitamins, proteins and minerals. Protein is needed to strengthen hair and encourage growth.

Nuts, eggs, and fish are great sources of omega-3 fatty acids which is important for healthy scalp. Egg yolk is also a rich source of keratin, the type of protein that constitutes the hair strands.

Biotin is as well very important for hair regrowth and zinc and iron are as well a must have in your diet for hair regrowth. You’ll learn more about hair natural hair regrowth measures foe men and women alike in the natural remedies for hair regrowth section below.

Natural Hair Regrowth Women

If your brush seems to be scooping more hair from your head of late, you could be experiencing hair loss. Although it is often a genetic trait, referred to as female pattern hair loss, it can also be due to vitamin deficiencies, a medical condition, thyroid problem, or menopause among other causes.

Depending on the underlying causes, medication may be required, but hair regrowth in women can be achieved naturally using appropriate diets and measures aimed at maintaining healthy scalp with proper circulation and intake of essential nutrients.

Natural Remedies for Hair Regrowth

Depending on the underlying cause if hair loss, the following natural remedies for hair regrowth can help you get your full head of hair back.

Eat foods rich in iron: iron is an essential mineral for proper hair growth. Foods rich in iron include molasses, cashew nuts, dried fruits, green leafy vegetable e.g. spinach, leeks, berries and figs. Having enough vitamin C in your diet also helps with efficient absorption of iron.

Give keratin production a boost with MSM: MSM (or Methylsulfonylmethane) helps in the production of keratin, the protein found in hair strands in addition to strengthening the hair follicles. Supplementing with MSM is one of the best natural remedies for hair regrowth, having been found to reduce hair loss and enhance growth of hair in just 6 weeks.

Leafy vegetable e.g. watercress, Swiss chard, and cabbage contains some MSM. Cooking volatizes some of the MSM and raw vegetables usually have higher amounts of MSM.  Cooked asparagus and beets also have small MSM and so does the leaves of alfalfa.

Add sea vegetable to your diet: Underactive thyroid gland, also referred to as hypothyroidism is often the cause of hair loss and thinning. Adding sea vegetables such as nori, wakame, kelp and Kombu can help by providing iodine.

Boost your Biotin intake: Biotin is a water soluble vitamin B that that is important for optimal hair growth and scalp health. In fact, adequate biotin is one of the best natural hair regrowth remedies. Deficiency of biotin is often manifested in hair fall. Nuts, oats and brown rice are all rich in biotin.

Rosemary oil: Massaging your scalp with rosemary is another popular natural remedy for hair regrowth. Rosemary enhances the circulation of blood in the scalp which may help with hair regrowth.

Natural Hair Regrowth Treatment

Minoxidil and Finasteride are the most popular and FDA approved hair regrowth treatment options. Minoxidil is available over-the-counter as Rogaine Hair Regrowth Treatment while Finasteride (an oral medication that is sold as Propecia) is only available on prescription.

Nowadays there is also various natural hair regrowth treatment options that you may want to consider. These typically feature natural ingredients that may stimulate natural hair regrowth and include Just Natural’s Vinegar Nutritive Rinse Cleanser, Prolexil, Advecia, Provillus, and Revivogen among others.

These natural hair regrowth treatment options will however give varying results among different people and no treatment is guaranteed to work for everyone.

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