Old Age Spots Causes, Pictures & Treatment on Face and Hands

What causes old age spots? There are many risk factors that contribute to this. Old age spots on face and skin as well as old age spots keratosis cause no harm. However, for cosmetic reasons, old age spots treatment and removal methods are available.

What Are Old Age Spots? (with Pictures)

Old age spots manifest themselves as some brown patches which form on parts of the body that are exposed to the sun. These include the hands, arms, shoulders and the face.  As people get older, the skin undergoes changes. It stretches, forms wrinkles and becomes blotchy. Old age spots also start appearing. These changes are caused by diet, heredity and lifestyle habits such as smoking.

Old age spots  on hands, face, skin could be keratosis that may require treatment
Old age spots on hands, face, skin could be keratosis that may require treatment.

What Causes Old Age Spots

While there are many risk factors for formation of old age spots, all of them lead to production of excess melanin.  The exposure of the skin to direct sunlight is the major contributing factor in skin damage. It is what causes old age spots in most cases. The ultraviolet rays cause a break down in the functionality of the skin thus leading to skin damage.

People who are older than 40 years are at a greater risk of getting the spots than younger people. This could be attributed to the fact that as people age, the body tends to produce excess melanin. This is what causes the spots.

Fair skinned individuals are also at risk since their bodies will tend to produce more melanin to protect the skin when subjected to excessive sunlight. People with darker skins tend to have enough melanin and thus do not get sun damaged easily.

A history of frequent use of tanning beds or lamps contributes to age spots as well. As people make use of these facilities, they get exposed to ultra violet rays for prolonged durations. This leads to damage on the skin cells.

Old Age Spots Keratosis

As people advance in age, it is possible to develop old age spots keratosis. These are light tan, black or brown growths on the shoulders, face, back and chest. They are slightly elevated and could appear in clusters or singly.

These spots are normally painless and require no treatment unless done for cosmetic reasons. Although they are benign, it is they ought to be evaluated to enhance early detection of cancer and eliminate any doubts.

Unlike other age spots, keratoses are not mostly as a result of sun damage. They are mostly inherited. They also tend to increase with age. They therefore are as a result of heredity and advancement in age.

Old Age Spots on Face and Skin

Old age spots on the face and skin are quite common. These occur when there is localized production of excess melanin. The cause for this could be prolonged exposure to sunlight. The effects do not have to be felt immediately but are likely to be seen as one grows old.

People who come from families with age spots are likely to experience them as well as those who are light skinned. Use of tanning beds and tanning lamps give the same results as exposure to sunlight. To prevent this from happening, it is advisable to wear sunscreen when going out. Wearing wide brimmed hats could also go a long way in protecting the face and skin on the neck.

Old Age Spots on Hands (Arms)

When people wear short sleeved tops, the hands get exposed to direct sunlight. Where no hand creams with sunscreen is used, the skin faces sun damage. This will later cause formation of old age spots on hands.

It is always important not to neglect the arms when seeking treatment for age spots on the face. When this happens, the hands will always reveal the effects of aging. Treatment for the two parts should be done at the same time. To avoid getting the spots, one can wear long sleeved clothes to prevent the hands from direct sunlight. Use hand creams with a high SPF as well.

Old Age Spots Treatment and Removal

There are many old age spots treatment and removal options. Depending on preference, one could self treat at home or visit a dermatologist for treatment of the spots through medical procedures. Both options are said to work.

The cheapest method of treatment for the spots is through home remedies. This involves the consistent use of products found at home to get rid of the old age spots. These include applying honey, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, milk products or aloe vera juice in order to get rid of the spots. These remedies can be used alone or done in combination to increase efficiency. A lot of patience and dedication to the home treatment is necessary for results to be seen.

Bleaching creams for old age spots are also available. Some are available over the counter while others are available on prescription. These will contain one or more active ingredient to lighten up the spot. While these work alright, it is important to pay attention when using them so as not to lighten the spots more than the rest of the skin. One has to know when to stop.

There also are a number of medical procedures that can be explored. Cryotherapy involves the use of a freezing agent such as liquid nitrogen to freeze the spots. This destroys cells on the spots and as the area heals there is brighter skin.

Dermabrasion and chemical peels work by sloughing off the skin’s top skin layer. Dermabrasion uses a sanding brush which is made to rotate at a high speed to get rid of the skin’s top layer. Chemical peels on the other hand make use of acidic solutions to peel the area of treatment. These treatments wound the skin but as it heals, a skin with an even tone is revealed.

Laser treatments can also be used for old age spots removal. This works without having to harm the skin. The patient only experiences some stinging sensation. More than one treatment is usually necessary for the skin to attain desired color tone.

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