How to Use Olive Oil for Cradle Cap Treatment

Does olive oil get rid of cradle cap? This is a common question among parents whose newborns have the condition. The use of olive oil for cradle cap is not to be underestimated. Learning how to use olive oil for cradle cap treatment will go a long way in keeping the baby’s head free of the crusts.

Olive Oil for Cradle Cap

Cradle cap is common in newborns. They tend to form crusty yellow scales on their scalp in the first weeks of their life. This does not indicate poor hygiene or negligence. The condition is also not contagious. A number of things are attributed to formation of cradle cap. Hormonal imbalance could be one. This happens when the mother passes on excess hormones to the child in their last months of pregnancy. An overgrowth of the fungus malassezia could also be a contributing factor.

Olive oil for getting rid of cradle cap
You can use extra virgin live oil for getting rid of cradle cap in babies.

There are various forms of treatment for cradle cap. Some are home based while others are medical treatments. The choice that one picks should be determined by personal preference. One of the home treatments is olive oil for cradle cap.

It has been suggested that olive oil when applied on the affected area could go a long way in helping to get rid of the condition. This oil is to be rubbed on the scalp and left on over the night. As the oil soaks into the scalp, the scales are loosened. This makes getting rid of them easy. One can utilize a comb or a cradle cap brush to comb them off. This works by lifting the already loose scales from the scalp and off the hair.

When olive oil for cradle cap is used on regular basis, the condition will be gone within no time. In case this does not seem to work, one can opt for stronger moisturizers to achieve the same. Some of these are available over the counter while others require prescription. Where the cases are severe, it is only best to see a dermatologist. Severe cradle cap cases could be linked with eczema.

Does Olive Oil Get Rid of Cradle Cap?

Olive oil is among the most recommended oils in treatment of skin conditions but does olive oil get rid of cradle cap? Is it good for the condition? Before settling on any method of getting rid of the condition it is important to understand cradle cap.

Does olive oil get rid of cradle cap
How to use olive oil for cradle cap removal.

This condition is not caused by poor hygiene, allergies or bacterial infection. Although it is not certain what causes it, the two most common causes attributed to it are the over-production of sebum resulting from overactive sebaceous glands and a fungal infection. Although the condition is inflammatory, it is not contagious.

In most cases, cradle cap appears on the scalp of newborns. This though could also form on the face and skin folds. In such cases the condition is mostly severe and a doctor should be seen for quick treatment. They will also help to ascertain that the condition is indeed cradle cap and not some other skin condition.

Where the condition can be treated at home, one of the options there are is olive oil. It happens to be cheaper than some other oils like coconut oil and is also readily available. Since cradle cap is as a result of dead skin cells accumulating and getting stuck on the scalp, olive oil works by getting soaked into the skin. As a result, the already stuck crusts end up loosening. This makes it easy to comb them off using a cradle cap comb or brush. They could as well be massaged off using bare hands and washed off when shampooing the hair.

Although olive oil does work for some, there are people who would rather steer away from it. Some people have alleged that one of its side effects is that it leaves the scalp smelling bad. This is more so if left to sit overnight. This may deter people from using it. It could also mess up the beddings.

If it remains your preferred choice, it is possible to let it sit only for a few minutes and have the hair shampooed before going to bed. Using warm water to clear it up is advisable as this will dislodge most of the oil from the scalp and within no time.

How to Use Olive Oil for Cradle Cap Treatment

Although olive oil does not contain other benefits that are associated with most oils, it is commonly used in cradle cap treatment. Using this is simple and is the same as using any other type of oil including baby oil or vegetable oil.

Olive oil for cradle cap
Products with olive oil have many benefits in baby care.

How to use olive oil for cradle cap treatment is very easy. All that is expected is for one to rub some of the oil on the scalp. This is then left on for a reasonable amount of time. Most people will do this over night.

In case you are concerned about the beddings getting soaked up in olive oil, there are other options. Rub the oil on during the day when the baby is not asleep. Leave it on and wash off before it is bed time for the little one.

After thorough application of the olive oil, the flaky crusts loosen up. This makes it easy for them to get detached from the scalp. To enhance this one can use a soft bristled brush or comb to lift the flakes from the hair. The hair should be shampooed properly after this. It will take only a few applications before the cradle cap is completely gone. In case some more crusts form, repeat the procedure.

Olive oil can be used to induce flaking in even severe cradle cap. Other than rubbing it plain on the scalp, it can be used together with other home remedies. Use it to make a baking soda remedy by adding the two to make a paste. This is then left on the skin for ten minutes after which it is washed off.

In all cases, cradle cap should not be painful for the baby. It should also not be uncomfortable or itchy. In case these are witnessed, it is a red flag to have the baby checked by a doctor. Cradle cap should be a temporary condition that should disappear with time.

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