Permanent Eyebrows – Makeup Tattoo Cost, Aftercare, Pros, Cons & Hair Stroke

Permanent eyebrows are also called eyebrow tattoos. If you have thinning brow hair, or brow hair loss, semi-permanent makeup eyebrows would be great for you. Here’s the permanent eyebrows cost, pros and cons, before and after pictures of permanent brow tattoo makeup, aftercare tips, about hair stroke eyebrows and where to find cheap permanent makeup in Houston, NYC and Chicago.

Permanent makeup can be done on eyelashes, lips and various other parts of the face. Tattoos are a common type of semi-permanent make up. But what about semi-permanent brow lines? If you are tired of drawing and doing your eyebrows every morning, or are suffering from brow hair loss and thinning, then this is a perfect solution for you.

Permanent Eyebrows before and after - They look thicker, bushier and fuller.
Permanent brows before and after hair stroke – they look thicker, bushier and fuller.

Wearing semi-permanent makeup has its own advantages. Although there are great products for growing thicker and fuller eyebrows such as Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Enhancing Serum, you may want a solution that is a little less temporary. Famous people such as Oprah and Dr. Oz have discussed about fading brows and thinning brow remedies. Below, we will look at the pros and cons of the this non-temporary eye makeup, show you some before and after pictures as well as list the best permanent brow pens and pencils. Also, you are going to learn great aftercare tips for your new face-do.

Eyebrow Tattoo Cost, Procedure & Reviews

So, what is the cost of having this permanent makeup? The price of the procedure varies from city to city. However, the average cost of permanent makeup eyebrows is between $400 and $500. This range of price will depend on the eye makeup salon or clinic you are going to for micro-pigment implantation – a procedure that will end you up with durable eye makeup. Of importance to note is the cost in different cities. Here are average costs in different popular cities:

  • Permanent brow makeup in NYC costs between $400 and $900 according to eyebrow tattooing reviews and testimonials.
  • Permanent Makeup Houston: According to some reviews on Yelp, Houston TX is the cheapest place you can get your permanent brows done, with the price ranging below $500.
  • Permanent Eyebrows Chicago – There are many spas, and as with the other cities, you will find the cost varying. So, how much are permanent makeup tattoos for brows? About $550 for two sessions.

So, what is the procedure?

Procedure of Permanent Brow Makeup: Permanent cosmetic procedures are done mostly like those of tattoos. That is why this type of eye make up is also called eyebrow tattoos. The surgeon’s devices or supplies may include tattoo coil machines, pen or pencil. Here are the steps in brief:

Before & After Permanent Eyebrow Makeup
Before & After Permanent Eyebrow Makeup
  1. The doctor determines the color and positioning of your new eyebrows, done in the first appointment.
  2. A numbing cream is applied so that the procedure is painless.
  3. The permanent brows will then be created, most likely using the Hair Stroke method. (See below.)
  4. You will be given an aftercare package to help with the healing of the brows.
  5. In the next appointment, the specialist is likely to perfect the permanent makeup for your eyebrows by adding another layer of color, shaping and toning for a more natural look.

Permanent Brows Reviews: Below, you can see some before and after pictures of eye brows that are not temporary. Most of them look natural that you may not know that they are eyebrow tattoos. Here are some reviews I found:

  • “The procedure was virtually pain free and I felt great knowing she was using high tech equipment. It was this tiny need she just press to give me precise hair strokes” [RealSelf]
  • “If you are looking for thicker eyebrows, then this procedure can help you have them, permanently. I mean not on a temporary basis. You wont be struggling with procedures of how to grow eyebrows, applying vaseline and all that stuff. This hair strokes procedure is the thing.” [Excited customer’s review]

Semi Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Tattoo

For the semi-permanent part, your eyebrows will be enhanced in a process that is called micropigmentation. For this one, just small amounts of pigment will be added to your eyebrow dermal layer to help enhance your brows.

Hair Stroked semi permanent brows
Hair Stroked semipermanent brows

Normally, it is not really necessary that you have your eyebrows removed first. The makeup artist will follow the direction of eyebrow growth and apply some semi permanent color to each of your brow hairstrokes. Feathering technique is used here to create both short and long strokes of brow hairs. The major difference between permanent and semipermanent makeup brows is that in one, permanent pigmentation is applied, while in the other, the pigment for the brow tattoo is not permanent color.

Do they look natural? Yes, the brow strokes added imitate your natural eyebrow hairs and it is not easy to tell they are temporary makeup.

Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo and Semi Permanent Brow Tattoos

Cosmetic eyebrow tattoo is sometimes the same thing as the permanent type of eye brows. Tattoos, whether temporary or not can help you appear as though you have thicker and fuller eyebrows. The procedure is good for people who have thinning eyebrow hair, or whose brow hairs are sparsely spaced out.

If you underwent chemotherapy, it is likely that you will have your eyelashes and other areas with hair suffering from hair loss. Since thin brows are not good for a perfect facial appearance, you will need to do a lot of eye makeup everyday to make brows look fuller and thicker.

When it is permanent eyebrow tattoo makeup, a qualified makeup artist will do the cosmetic procedure by utilizing a permanent pigment on the dermis of your brow skin to get the effect that you are wearing makeup. So, how much are these permanent tattoos? The costs and procedures of eyebrow tattoo are the same as those discussed above, starting from at least $300. Prices may vary depending on the designs you choose. Look at the tattooed eyebrows before and after in the post.

Semipermanent Brow Tattoos are recommended for people who suffer from alopecia hair loss, who are on medication that causes loss of hair, chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Excessive tweezing of eyebrows can also cause the loss of hair strands, making you to have very little hairs on your brow line.

The procedure can help enhance your eyebrow hairs to make them look thicker and fuller. For this, you do not have to suffer from lack of eyebrows at all. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of these cosmetic permanent makeup procedures?

Permanent Eyebrows Pros and Cons

What are the pros and cons of wearing permanent makeup? Perhaps we should ask ourselves, what are the cons and pros of wearing temporary eyebrows? Most women dread the lack of eyebrows. For this reason, we struggle a lot with makeup in the morning, starting from lip makeup to eyelashes to eyebrows. Sometimes, the procedures take a lot of time, the make up smudges or gets erased on one eye and you are left looking like a scarecrow. So, let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of going for permanent cosmetic eyebrows.

Before and after hair stroke technique for brow correction
Before and after hair stroke technique for brow correction

Benefits and Pros of Eyebrow Tattoos

Pros of permanent brows and semi-permanent eyebrows are plenty. As you will see in the many positive reviews and testimonials from various spas and clinics, most men and women find them to have the following advantages.

  • It saves a lot of time and money. Getting eyebrow tattoos, or permanent eyebrow penciling and eye liner, you will skip applying some of these daily cosmetics. This will save you time and money since you will not be buying the makeup again.
  • Advantage number two is that you do not have to worry about your eyeliner or other eye makeup getting wet. No more dealing with smudged eye make up, or streaking, cracking and caking eye cosmetics because permanent eyebrows cannot be removed.
  • Do you have light colored, thinning or sparse eyebrow hairs? Have you suffered from eyebrow hair loss or excessive tweezing of the hairs? One benefit of permanent makeup is that you will have them appearing fuller and thicker after tattooing.
  • Last pro: if you have poor eyebrow symmetry or balance, then your artist will do a design that will shape, color and balance your eyebrows evenly, forever.

Cons of Eyebrow Tattoos

Downsides of permanent makeups never miss. The following are the imminent and common risks that you are exposed to when you go for these tattoos.

  • There is always the risk of a scar forming along the eyebrows.
  • If you are used to changing the colors of your eyebrow hairs, then getting a permanent eyebrow makeup is not a good idea. You will be forced not to change your hair color since it might not be the same as that of your brows, and you will look funny.
  • Although it is called permanent makeup, it fade over a long period of time. So, you will be forced to go for touch ups, which are costly.
  • Any mistakes can leave you with a badly done face in terms of symmetry.
  • Some people, in their reviews and testimonials, have reported pain during or after the procedure.

Think about these cons before you settle on any of the procedures.

Permanent Eyebrows Aftercare and Healing

Permanent makeup eyebrows healing requires spot-on care. It is important to learn the right care tips or permanent eyebrows aftercare procedures because a tiny needle is used to put small amounts of ink on your brow line. You may experience some discomfort, pain and swelling even though your brow will be numbed first using an anesthetic cream. Here are healing and aftercare tips.

  • Apply a cold compress or an ice bag on your brows. This will reduce the swelling and relieve pain. Do not apply ice directly as this is likely to damage the design.
  • For cooling, use refrigerated tea bags, gel compresses and hand towels only.
  • Keep the place moist to help it heal evenly and hold color.
  • Avoid touching the tattooed eyebrow with your fingers to reduce the risk of infection.
  • DO NOT apply makeup after eyebrow tattooing. This can cause bacterial infection and even fading.
  • Do not pick, exfoliate or scrub the area.
  • Prevent eyebrow tattoo fading by applying sunscreen with SPF 15 after complete healing to prevent fading.
  • Avoid swimming. If you are on a permanent brow aftercare, strike off swimming from your activities, especially swimming in chlorinated water. This water can bleach the permanent pigment.

Keep in mind that as your brow skin heals, you might feel some itchiness. Avoid scratching or applying any stress on the area as this can cause you to damage the tattoo design.

Best Semi Permanent Eyebrow Pen and Pencil

So, what is the best semi permanent eyebrow pen and pencil? There are many brands out there, but here, we will list the best that you can try. Most reviews and testimonials have top-ranked the following as the best semipermanent brow pencil and pen picks.

  • Stargazer Semi Permanent Eye Brow Pen
  • Brow 24 Brow Pencil – lasts all day
  • Line and Seal Cosmetic pencil
  • Marbella 24hr Semi-permanent Eyebrow Liner
  • Henna Eyebrows pen

Remember that with the pen and pencil, you will need a specialized remover since the normal cosmetic removers may not work well to remove the demi-permanent brow liner cosmetic.

Hair Stroke Permanent Eyebrows and Other Techniques

Hair stroke is one of the most popular techniques used in making eyebrow tattoos. The meaning of hair stroke is “a very fine line in writing or printing.” From this meaning, you will understand that the technique or procedure is aimed at getting brow hair-like results for people who want to get thicker and fuller brows.

Hair Stroke permanent eyebrows simulate natural brow hairs. You will get the most naturally defined cosmetic eyebrows that mimic your own eyebrow hairs. 3D hair stroke permanent makeup for eyes is a variation of this technique.

The biggest advantage of this method is that it gives a feathered or hair-like brow compared to a solid brow that is less natural. Other techniques other than hair stroke eyebrow tattoo include the following:

  • Powdered technique for eyebrow tattooing
  • Powdered hair stroke
  • Soft fill techniques

Permanent Eyebrows Before and After Pictures

Before and after pictures can help you determine the best technique you will choose for your permanent makeup eyebrows. Here are some pictures to help you in choosing the best technique as well as make a decision whether you will go for the makeup procedure or not. The photos are collected from spas and personal testimonials to help you see the results of the procedures.

Results of the procedure after healing
Results of the procedure after healing
powdered technique before and after
powdered technique before and after
Semi Permanent Eyebrow Makeup Before and After
Semi Permanent Eyebrow Makeup Before and After
Chrmotherapy eyebrow hair loss
Chrmotherapy eyebrow hair loss
Hair Stroke Technique
Hair Stroke Technique

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