Rainbow Contact Lenses Prescription and Nonprescription, Where to Buy Cheap Brands

Have you considered trying a rainbow eye makeup? Well, some rainbow contact lenses can really make your entire eye look unique and sort of crazy. You can get these pieces of eyewear with prescription and also without prescription. Below, I have outlined the different types of such multi-colored contact lenses with pictures and where to get them for cheap.

Rainbow eye contact lenses are a perfect outfit for those extraordinary occasions, including parties such as Halloween. You must have heard of rainbow complete contacts, prescription contact lenses, non-prescription color contact lenses and much of that. Most people who land here ask me, “Where can I get these contacts for sale?” Well, stay tuned. Here’s what you will find out here.

Rainbow eye contacts with tears makeup.
Rainbow eye contacts with tears makeup.
  • What are rainbow multicolored eye lenses?
  • For how long can I wear them?
  • What are the best types of rainbow eye contacts?
  • Where can I get prescription rainbow contact lenses?
  • Where can I buy them nonprescription for Halloween (without prescription)?

Rainbow eye contacts are a type of cosmetic contacts that are worn to create special effects on the eyes. You can as well consider them as the makeup of your inner eye. So where do they get their name? Well, as you can guess, they come with very many hues in them and create an effect of the rainbow. See the pictures included below.

Whether you have them with an eye doctor’s prescription or not, these accessories can be categorized as plano lenses since they are worn as costumes or outfits for decorative purposes and not for the correction of astigmatism. All the types of such colored contact lenses, including rainbow complete contacts, bright contacts, sclera lenses among many others are also categorized as crazy Halloween lenses, or just crazy eye makeup wears. Let’s see the best types and designs of these that you will find really awesome for your eye.


Multicolored contacts with special effects
Multicolored contacts with special effects

Designs of Rainbow Colored Contacts

Now that you know there are such kinds of lenses as evidenced by the photos on the page, but the challenge is that they are not of very many designs. I tried to sweep through the many retail outlets online but found just a few designs that you can go with. Other types of crazy lenses such as blue, green, twilight and so on would come in many fashions as you would like.

Much worse is when you want to get the prescription rainbow contacts. Are there doctor prescribed ones given these are just decoration or cosmetic eye accessories? Well, I did not find so many designs of prescription ones. Brands such as Uvucue and ColorVue have very few variants, while Edit have a few variations. Most of these actually come without prescription, but with caution and guidelines on safe use. The following are the few best rainbow eye contacts without prescription you are likely to find online for cheap.

Bright Color Contacts

These are also called glow in the dark contacts with multiple colors. This is due to the fact that they appear as neon lights in UV light or black light. You can compare these to bright pink contacts, light purple contacts and bright yellow contact lenses which produce similar effects in UV light. If you want to look really freaky with rainbow eye makeup, then these are just the perfect pick for you.

Cat Eye Designs

Cat eye rainbow eye contact lenses take the design of the eyes of a cat, just as the name suggests. The central area, instead of having just as many colors as you expect, is just black. According to the reviews I have seen, this could also be a white area.

Rainbow eye side view
Side veiw

Rainbow Sclera Lenses

These ones are a bit interesting. We have already reviewed whiteout lenses, so if you have seen that article, you have a hint of what scleral rainbows are. If you are looking for something that covers the entire eye with the rainbow effect of colors, then this is exactly the best type for you. Be warned, this can easily give you a zombie kind of look that you might not really want. This type is also called full eye or complete rainbow contacts. Oh, not to fail to mention, there is a brand called Complete as you will see below.

Rainbow Brand Contact Lenses

So, what are the best rainbow contact lens brands? Of the many brands of colored contacts, you can still find you are struggling to get to know what brand of these lenses is the best for your eyes. Since these accessories are for your eyes and are considered as medical devices, it is important that you get to choose the right size, trusted brand and not put your eyes at risk. Here’s a list of the common brands I found on the market.

You can get cheap nonpresctiption rainbow lenses but they might be risky brands.
You can get cheap nonpresctiption rainbow lenses but they might be risky brands.
  • Rainbow Blends Brand
  • Rainbow Complete
  • Vassen Rainbow Eyes Brownish Hazel brand
  • RainbowColor

These are known to be some of the best cheap rainbow eye contacts that you can buy online for cosmetic purposes. Almost all of these brands sell online. But are they prescription or non-prescription?

Prescription vs. Non Prescription Rainbow Contacts

The FDA recommends that you always buy prescription cosmetic and non-cosmetic eye lenses, whether you are looking for astigmatism lenses, toric lenses or crazy lenses. The advantage of prescription rainbow contact lenses is that they are safe and you are unlikely to get eye infections.

Non-prescription rainbow contacts are available in plenty. These pose a risk because there is nothing like one-size-fits-all when it comes to costume contacts. They are cheap and easy to find because most of them are sole online. You do not need a doctor’s approval to get these, but the consequences may be unpleasant.

Rainbow Contact Lenses for Sale – Where to Buy for Cheap and Price

Where to buy rainbow lenses
Eye makeup with lighter shaded lenses.

So, where can you buy rainbow colored contact lenses? When looking for cheap ones, consider whether you want prescription or nonprescription first. Places like Walgreens, Walmart, CVS sell colored contact lenses with prescription. These are expensive though.

Where can you get them in the United Kingdom (UK), Australia and United States? Well, I found a few lenses on Amazon UK that I did not find on the United States version, so you can keep trying your luck there. eBay may also stock them for cheap but at the time I was putting this review together, I did not find any there.

So, where can you buy wholesale rainbow contact lenses? Well, if you establish that a certain brand vendor sells good quality ones and for cheap, then you can buy them there too. I found those displayed by Edit to be vibrant colored while a few from Complete were not really lively as I would want them to be. However, the choice is yours, isn’t it?

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