Best Remy Curly Hair Weave Brands of Virgin Brazilian and Indian Hair

Remy curly hair is one of the best solutions to the needs of lengthening your hair, or just transforming the style. In this article, learn the best brand of weaves and extensions and different types such as virgin Indian, virgin Brazilian, goddess, Bobbi Boss and Saga styles of this type. This will help you determine which one is best suited for you.Remy Curly Hair

What is Remy Curly Hair?

Remy is the name given to a type of hair that comes in extensions or weaves, but is made of natural, actual and purely selected strands from the human head. In most cases, it is simply a single head of hair that is commonly used in extensions, weaves and wigs. Being curly, it has waves as part of its style, so you will probably find it the perfect choice if you love your head in wavy or spirals.

Since it is naturally authentic human hair, curly Remy, also known as remi has cuticles intact. Before factory processing, the strands are generally curly and will run in the same direction they naturally were. Most processing companies try as much as possible to maintain the direction of the human hair, its cuticles, strength and body. Good care is then taken to avoid tangling and matting of the commercial product.

There are different types of Remy wavy. Some are of Brazilian style, others of Indian style. When you set out to buy the best naturally curled extensions and weaves, you will note the use of terms virgin, natural and so on. Best brands making this type of beauty accessory describe them this way to depict the quality and type of the product. Below, we will look at each of these types in detail and further discuss the tips of choosing the best brand.

Virgin Indian Remy Curly Hair – Extensions, Weaves & Wigs

Virgin means that the remy is very natural, just as harvested from the donor’s head. Therefore, Indian remy curly hair is made from natural Indian hair. This is considered the best quality since it has not been chemically handled or processed to make the curls. Perms and coloring or dyeing cannot be done to virgin remy curly hair since the naturally unidirectional cuticles have to be maintained.

This makes virgin Indian remy 100 percent pure and you can wear it and do to it almost anything else you would like to do to your natural hair, such as changing the cut, straightening, conditioning, changing the color and just about anything else you want to transform the hair.

Non-virgin quality is not the best since it has gone through some chemical treatments and modifications while it is being made into a wig or extension. One of the most signs that the Indian remy you may find is not virgin is that it has undergone color modification. Generally, brands of Indian remy weaves and extensions are said to be of the best quality.

Brazilian Remy Curly Hair – Weave, Extension & Wig

Although the Indian type of hair extensions, wigs and weaves are preferred, the second most purchased and used remy products are Brazilian remy curly hair. The Brazilian extensions, weaves and wigs are easy to match for individuals from all over the world.

Brazilian wefts are made from natural hair harvested from Brazilians, who have a mix of Native American and European descent. The hair is thick and strong, making it suitable for people of diverse races and ethnic backgrounds. Most hairpieces, extensions and wigs use Brazilian remi. Other types include:

  • French wave
  • European Deep wave
  • Mirage wave
  • Silky quality weaves
  • Spanish remi

Pros of Remy Curly Hair Weave and Extensions

When it comes to extensions and hair weaves, choosing a product you prefer can be a difficult task. However, remy human hair is the best quality out there and as such, the cost or price of buying it is high. The following are the pros or advantages of buying remy curly weave and extensions, whether Indian, or Brazilian.

  • The products are of high quality and can be treated just like normal human hair strands.
  • It is easy to cut, curl or even straighten the hair without destroying its natural appearance unlike most synthetic hairs.
  • Most heads last up to one year. Long lasting heads become cheap in the long run since you will not have to buy and replace your extensions and weaves over and over again.
  • You get the natural feel of hair in terms of color, texture and softness with remy curly hair extensions.

Best Brands and How to Choose

You can buy this type of hair from online stores. Some are cheap, while others are expensive depending on the quality. Virgin quality is always the best since it is strong and has the natural or organic strands that makes it prestigious. The following are the top brands according to reviews.

  • Goddess Remy Curly Products
  • Saga Curly
  • Bobbi Boss Remy Indian Hair
  • Indique
  • Bare N Natural
  • Extensions Plus
  • Cuticle Remy XQ
  • Hollywood Branded
  • Bohyme Platinum Collection
  • True Indian

Although these are known to be the best brands in the market today, when choosing, there are a number of things to pay attention to. Your style is definitely different from that of other people, and remaining keen on what to look for when defining quality is important. Here are tips on how to choose the best brand and type of weave, extension or wig.

  • Check to ensure that the hair does not shed. Shedding will reduce the thickness of the extension or weave, leaving you with a depleted head. Hand tied ones are the best compared to machine tied ones.
  • Choose a head that is marketed as 100% virgin since it will have natural cuticles – those that have not been chemically treated.
  • Check the length of the strands and ensure that they are consistent in inches. Go with an extension, wig or weave with the closest standardized lengths.
  • Check to ensure that the weft is not detectable.
  • Choose a head that has a soft texture and feels silky smooth.
  • The strands should be thick and voluminous if it has to be of good quality. This will give you the freedom to make it just about what you want, including kinky curls.

With the above guidelines and suggestions, you will be able to choose the appropriate type of extension or weave to use on your head if you suffer from frizzy, short hair or even balding. The perfect solution that will look natural for you is remy curly hair.

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