First and Earliest Signs of Conception & Physical Signs

Are there signs of conception? What are the first and earliest signs of conception and what do they involve, a discharge or physical signs? This article will elaborate the early signs of conception, implantation, conception discharge and signs of conception before missed period among others.

For many women, conception is a term fraught with ambiguity and myth. It may be a boon or bane depending on the particular situation that causes anxiety and panic for many. It is therefore imperative to have all the information you need to know whether you are pregnant or not. You should know the first and earliest signs of conception so that you can adequately prepare yourself.

First and Earliest Signs of Conception - Implantation Bleeding
First and Earliest Signs of Conception – Implantation Bleeding

The hope or fear should not be irrational or unwarranted once you suspect that you have conceived. Having a baby is a big step towards achieving true womanhood. The signs you may exhibit at first may seem of little consequence, but you must remain vigilant so that when finally the pregnancy test kit reads positive, you will not be caught off guard. Here are the early, first, earliest signs of conception, including physical and signs of conception discharge.

What are Signs of Conception?

Conception takes place in the fallopian tubes immediately after you ovulate. It is when the sperm fertilizes the ovum, and as such, this process begins a series of reactions in your body as it strives to accommodate the new life growing inside of you.

Your body’s first reaction is to treat the new life as a foreign organism. Just like when you have an infection, the first signs of conception may look like a common illness. As your body goes through this process of accepting and assimilating the zygote, it will exhibit the influx of hormones that will make your body go on overdrive. These are signs of conception when your body feels like it is no longer yours.

Early Signs of Conception

There are early signs of conception that will show themselves almost immediately after conceiving, and among them is spotting. It occurs during the time you expect your menses. This however is different from your normal period as it is a very light bleeding and is light pink or brownish in color.

It only lasts a couple of days. Implantation bleeding can be confusing since you might think it is your actual period and that you are not pregnant. Implantation bleeding can happen as soon as 6-12 days after conception.

Another early sign of conception is morning sickness. It can be felt as early as fourteen days after conception.  However, not all women are prone to throwing up first thing in the morning. Morning sickness is caused by nausea, an aversion to a certain food or smell, or the feeling that you might be coming down with a stomach upset. Contrary to popular belief, nausea can hit you any time, day or night not necessarily in the morning.

Other women can have slight headaches, which are very common in early pregnancy since the blood circulation in the body is increasingly causing an influx of blood into your head. These headaches are usually mild, but they may be experienced a couple of times in a day. However, most women do not link headaches to early signs of conception, so they may not even pay any attention to them. Headaches can start at around 3 weeks after conception.

All women also experience changes in the appearance of their breasts. The nipples become tender and swollen. All of a sudden, their breasts go from feeling normal to feeling fuller and incredibly sensitive.  Breast tenderness during ovulation is common and is a pre-menstrual symptom.  However, if you notice your breasts feeling tingle, sore, or that your nipples hurt when something brushes against them, you just might have conceived.

Hormonal changes after conception can wreak havoc on a woman’s sense of smell. Conception heightens your sense of smell. Smells, which never bothered you before, may become intolerable, thereby, causing nausea. You may therefore notice yourself getting into more arguments with your partner about his smelly socks or armpits among others.

Finally, what all men dread are the signs of conception that causes emotional unpredictability or instability. All of a sudden, your feelings get more intense as the hormones work in your system. Sometimes you feel triumphant. The next minute you start throwing a temper tantrum. These are perfectly normal early signs of conception.

First Signs Of Conception

The first signs of conception are bleeding or spotting. For a woman who has conceived for the first time she may realize some pinkish or brownish discharge that may take about three days. Spotting occurs when the egg is implanting itself on the uterus.

Earliest Signs of Conception

The immediate signs of conception are caused by rising hormone levels in your blood and can reflect this even in your saliva. You may have a metallic taste in your mouth, which alters the taste of foods you usually enjoy. Some women also crave things that do not rank as food such as chalk or clay.

First and Earliest Signs of Conception - Cravings Kick In
First and Earliest Signs of Conception – Cravings Kick In

Very early signs of conception also include cravings brought about when your body needs certain minerals and supplements that are essential for the growth of the fetus. Craving chalk for instance is caused by your body needing a surge in the intake of calcium to strengthen the bone structure of your baby. Some cravings sound crazy, but when looked at from this perspective they do not sound absurd. There is no surer sign of conception than a woman who craves for chalk!

Signs of Conception and Implantation

At an early stage, your immune system avoids attacking and rejecting the fetus as if it were a foreign object by hormones and antibodies in its fragile body. The antibodies also take part in the growth and development of the placenta. These hormonal changes to your immune system, give you susceptibility to colds and flu. Nasal stuffiness is also common in the conception signs and implantation due to the hormonal effects on the nasal passages.

Moreover, you may also feel constipated. This happens because hormones have an effect on your intestines, putting them at pressure, this helps with making more space as your uterus expands in preparation for the fetus.

Signs Of Conception Discharge

Some of the signs of conception include a white milky discharge. Women often notice an increase in vaginal discharge a sure sign of conception. This vaginal discharge is very normal and often referred to as “white flow.” It is typically odorless or has only a mild odor. It is generally milky white in appearance.

Vaginal discharge that you might see in your underwear or when you wipe yourself after urinating could range in color from milky white to pinkish-brown. It is caused by the increase in your estrogen levels and more blood flow to your vagina. However, many other things including infections could cause the signs of conception discharge to be whitish and a checkup would therefore be ideal.

Signs Of Conception Before Missed Period

Missing your period is a sure sign of conception, but that should not stop you from waiting to miss it. Some women experience some signs of conception before missed period. Because of the shift in hormones, changes take place in the body that alert the woman that she may be pregnant even before a positive pregnancy test. These very early symptoms may occur up to a week before there are enough conception hormones in the body to give a positive pregnancy test result.

A strong aversion to smells can be one of the signs of conception before missed period. Some women experience cramps before missed period. This is usually due to the fertilized egg, or embryo, implanting into the uterus. Nausea can be another early indicator of conception and hence, a period that will be missed. Fatigue is another early pregnancy symptom that develops rather suddenly. All these signs of conception after ovulation may occur before you miss your period.

Physical Signs of Conception

  • There are physical signs of conception such as bloating.
  • Swollen feet, and for
  •  The very light skinned may notice an alteration in the appearance of the vagina to a peculiar purple color.

Overall, the best way to know if you have conceived is to take a pregnancy test. However, if you exhibit some or all of the conception signs above, congratulations, you may become a mother soon.

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