Signs of Pregnancy before Missed Period

Do you know these signs of pregnancy before missed period? Is it possible to have very early signs you are pregnant even before a missed period? What about warning signs of pregnancy before missed periods? Find out below.

For some women, the realization that they are pregnant does not hit them until they miss their periods. This is more so if they are not looking forward to conceiving. For some people, this is usually the first pregnancy sign.

Very Early Signs of Pregnancy before Missed Period - Breast Tenderness
Very Early Signs of Pregnancy before Missed Period – Breast Tenderness

On the other hand, there are couples that are striving to conceive. For this group, the two weeks post ovulation wait may seem the longest. Did you know that there are the very first signs of pregnancy before a missed period? These are quite varied and need active observation to be noticed or else they will go unnoticed.

Can You Have Signs of Pregnancy before Missed Periods?

It is possible to have signs of pregnancy before you miss your periods. For women who are not trying to conceive, the earliest pregnancy symptoms may go unnoticed. On the other hand, people who are actively trying to conceive can notice some significant changes even before they miss their period.

Very Early Signs of Pregnancy before Missed Periods

Missing the period is the most obvious sign of a pregnancy.  This takes time to realize. If one is keen enough, it is possible to recognize some early signs of pregnancy before confirming it through missing periods. Among the very first signs of pregnancy before missed periods are:

Spotting: This is one of the very early signs of pregnancy before missed periods, and comes some time before when one is expected to be receiving their periods. It is visible when one wipes and is also present on a woman’s undergarments. It appears as some red or pink discharge. This is caused by the implantation of the fertilized egg.

When the fertilized egg is digging into the endometrium, there is bound to be some damaged inner tissues. These may then bleed and the blood released as some light spotting. This sign not only indicates that fertilization has occurred but that implantation too has already taken place.

Cramping: This usually accompanies spotting. The woman feels some abdominal cramping which is also attributed to implantation. This happens around six to ten days after ovulation which translates to four to seven days before missing a period. Since this happens at around the same time when menstrual cramps kick in, it is possible to ignore them thinking they are premenstrual cramps..

Frequent urination: When the pregnancy has developed, this is usually attributed to the pressure exerted on the bladder by the developing embryo and increasing size of the uterus.. Frequent peeing in early pregnancy on the other hand is attributed to hormonal changes.

The increase in hormones increases the flow of blood to the kidneys. This makes the bladder to fill up faster than in normal times thus necessitating frequent urination to empty it. This tendency increases with the development of the baby and an increase of hormones as the pregnancy progresses.

Tender breasts: The breasts of a woman are likely to become tender just before the onset of her periods. The same symptom could be experienced as an early sign of pregnancy before a missed period. Only that at the time it is more severe and the breasts become so sensitive that they are even affected by the touch of a bra. This is caused by the rise in the levels of progesterone.

Cramping as an early sign of pregnancyCramping as an early sign of pregnancy
Cramping as an early sign of pregnancy

While this symptom may last throughout the pregnancy, the intensity decreases with time. It is therefore at the highest before the periods are missed.

The breast areolas also get a darker shade at the early stages of pregnancy even before the missed period. They also get larger and keep darkening and getting bigger throughout the whole pregnancy. This helps to ready the breasts for breast feeding.

Fatigue: This develops rapidly in early pregnancy and can be used to signal pregnancy even before a missed period. The woman gets easily exhausted and cannot master enough strength to undertake chores that she would previously do with ease. The rise in the levels of progesterone is suspected to cause this fatigue.

Increase in body temperature:  After ovulation has taken place, the basal body temperature will slightly increase. This increase usually lasts for two days and then returns to normal soon after if fertilization does not take place. If it occurs, the temperature will remain elevated. For women who are charting their basal body temperature, this will be easy to notice. This can be used a sign of conception before a missed period.

Aversion to smells: this also occurs early enough and develops rapidly. For women who love to cook, this symptom is usually noted in the kitchen. Smells of foods that never used to bother them will be repulsive. At times it is so strong that some women will have their noses turn at the smell of chlorine in running water.

Warning Signs of Pregnancy before Missed Periods

It is important to be on the lookout while one is pregnant. The first trimester is most sensitive and one has to be extra careful to ensure that the pregnancy survives this period. Any wrong decisions may cause a miscarriage which would be really sad.

In the early days of a pregnancy, look out for the following danger signs or warning signs of pregnancy before missed periods:

  • A burning sensation while urinating may be a sign of the urinary tract infection. One should consult a doctor to be treated.
  • Severe pain on either side of the belly should be a danger sign too. It could be a result of ectopic pregnancy or a fibroid breaking down. The placenta could also be detaching from the uterine lining if the pregnancy is a bit longer. All these need medical attention to secure the unborn and the mother to be.
  • If any pain is accompanied by bleeding, it should be investigated by the doctor. This could be a sign of ectopic pregnancy or placenta abruption.
  • Severe vomiting is a danger sign. It will leave both the developing baby and the mother malnourished. It is therefore important to seek medical attention so that this can be treated as early as possible.

Any of the signs of pregnancy before missed period that seem out of norm should be told to the doctor. They will decide if it is a cause for alarm or if there is nothing to worry about. In the end, cowardice or shying off will not count. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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