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Best Skin Lightening Pills that Work, Glutathione Permanent Celebrity Whitening, Reviews

Skin lightening pills for African Americans or people with black skin can help bleach and whiten the whole body evenly. There are over-the-counter whitening products for dark skin, but it is important to read reviews and look at before and after photos of pills such as Glutathione to be sure of the effect. Below, we will discuss how effective they are, if they work and any side effects.

When looking to lighten the skin, there are various options you can go for. Today, there are effective pills known to work such as Glutathione, but it is important to read reviews to know whether they work for other customers. Many people keep asking questions on these over the counter skin bleaching products for black people. Below, see reviews and information on before and after experiences, side effects of skin whitening using pills.

Top 5 Skin Whitening Pills and Products

When your goal is to whiten your skin, you just want to get the very best and most effective skin bleaching products. But the world of pills can be a bit confusing. So, which ones are the top rated pills for brightening skin complexion? Here are our top 5 picks according to ratings and customer reviews.


Are Skin Whitening Pills for African Americans Effective?

OTC skin whitening pills are mostly for black people. These pills are taken orally and work by even out skin tone, getting rid of any discolorations such as darks spots and patches. In addition, they also lighten the skin tone by one or two shades. Therefore, if you want to change your skin complexion from dark to white, you can buy some of the best skin bleaching pills on the market today to use for this purposes. But do over the counter skin lightening pills really work?

  • Most pills are formulated with enzymes and compounds that work on the pigmentation of the skin, making the production of melanin dark pigment reduced. With time, your skin will lighten, say from jet black to light brown.
  • According to some reviews, some pills are said to be a scam and do not work as promised.
  • Some reviews posted about glutathione skin whitening pills show that it works and lightens the skin up to five shades. However, for the best results, some people combine it with other products such as skin lightening soaps for African Americans.
  • It is not easy to see results as fast as you would like to or expect. However, you can see a change after a month of using the bleaching pills. Skin whitening pills before and after photos of many users have shown a gradual positive change.
  • When combined with some of the best skin lightening creams such as Dermaline, the results are positive and fast according to many consumers in their reviews online.

Using these products can also come with its own side effects, especially if the pills are abused. In most cases, dermatologists recommend using the pills as indicated on the label and with other precautions for the safety of the user. Below, we will see the common side effects of using the so called best skin lightening pills for black people.

l-glutathione skin whitening pills and ivory caps skin whitening pills reviews are common online today. Are there any positive reviews? Well, some people combining these with vitamin E capsules in their lotions, or hydroquinone creams say the process is fast and they get to bleach their skin fast.

Skin Lightening Pills That Work

So, which ones work and which ones do not work? Better still, how do these tablets help brighten and lighten skin one or two shades? According to the manufacturer of Ivory Caps product, the product works by “preventing the oxidation (darkening) of existing skin melanin” and quickening the shedding off of those skin cells with melanin pigment. Therefore, as your skin produces new cells, you end up appearing whiter than before. This works perfectly for most women and men with a darker shade of skin.

Some of the most effective products such as Dr. James Glutathione skin whitening pills and some Japanese bleaching pills are known to also slow down the production of the melanin pigment in the dermal skin cells, which is responsible for your skin color. When looking for skin lightening pills that work, try to find those that are mean to work as pigment correction formulas. In fact, most of these products are meant to even out skin tone.

Best Skin Lightening Pills for Black People – Which OTC Pills Work?

Most products for whitening dark skin are generally meant for pigment correction. One can whiten the entire body with skin bleaching injections and surgical procedures for melanin reduction, which will give the best consistent fair skin tone. But what are the best skin lightening pills for black people? Can you get these over-the-counter and for cheap?

First, there is nothing wrong in choosing to lighten your skin tone a shade or two. It might not really mean becoming a fair-skinned girl or completely becoming white. Consistent use of high potency African American skin bleaching supplements can lighten the shade of your skin, but it is advisable that you do a whole body surgery to get the preferred results like those of celebrities.

For Asians such as Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Korean, Filipino, Indian, Thai or of such descent, l-glutathione skin bleaching pills are said to work well to whiten the skin. However, for African Americans, the same pills also work, but you should not expect them to ‘whiten’ your skin to achieve the Caucasian white skin appearance.

There are injections of glutathione, which are said to work even more effectively in lightening dark skin. These injections must be given by a certified dermatologist to avoid any risks and side effects that are likely to arise from the process. That known, what are the best pills for bleaching the skin?

Fair Tone Skin Bleaching Pills
Fair Tone Skin Bleaching Pills
  • Fair Beauty Skin Lightening Tablets
  • Ivory Caps Glutathione Pills

Vitamin C Skin Lightening Pills

While finding out how to whiten skin fast and effectively, I noted that Vitamin C is one of the basic requirements, especially if you are on L-Glutathione (reduced version) product. Not only does this vitamin have a skin brightening effect for people with dull skin, but it also helps in oxidation, which will, in other words, give you quicker results.

It is then a plus to find vitamin C included in your skin bleaching supplements because, according to BeautyRegimen, you are going to have skin brightening and whitening at the same time, just like most celebrities you have seen in before and after photos look like. But what is the right dosage, especially if you are using the most popular Glutathione product or ingredient? Most people who have reduced melanin pigment and achieved a whiter or fair complexion say that a minimum dose of glutathione with vitamin C of 500mcg would give faster results. However, more of the skin whitening pills for men and women would be more effective.

Permanent Skin Lightening Pills

Is there such a thing as permanent skin bleaching pills? Well, one of the biggest cons of using even the best skin whitening pills is that you have to keep using them to slow down or stop dark skin pigment from forming on your skin. This means that you have to form a dependency on these tablets, otherwise, your complexion will become darker again.

Most permanent skin whitening procedures are for people with hyperpigmentation and vitiligo, according to a doctor on ZocDoc. Most pills cannot achieve a permanent skin whitening result because they are formulated for cosmetic use. Similar to permanent skin lightening treatment procedures, your dermatologist is likely to advise you to only go for the permanent solution only if you have a health problem that requires so. Otherwise, there seem to be no permanent skin bleaching tablets.

Celebrity Skin Bleaching Pills – What Tablets Do Celebrities Use?

You have seen celebrities turn their complexion from dark skin to fair skin. So, what skin whitener do they use? What do celebrities use to bleach their skin? Pills might be on the cards here, but not entirely. The real thing is a cosmetic procedure that is likely to be done by a surgeon, where melanin is reduced from their skin.

Placenta White Advanced Skin Bleaching Tablets are some of the most trending tablets. They are called Mosbeau Placenta and they not only reduce the melanin pigment but also do a lot more than bleaching a dark skin. Here’s what else you get with placenta fair skin tablets.

  • Reversing the aging process and signs visible on the skin such as wrinkles
  • They detoxify the body
  • Reverse the aging process and “make the skin visibly whiter in 14 days” [Manufacturer]
  • Stimulate the renewal of skin cells

It is argued that celebrities use these pills because they are expensive, and make use of Placental Protein, which is proven to be twice as powerful in whitening dark skin as Glutathione antioxidant.

Skin Lightening Pills Reviews and Ratings

Reviews of the best skin bleaching pills point out a number of tablets as the most effective when it comes to lightening a darker complexion by one or two shades. You will not fail to notice the mention of a number of OTC products such as the following:

  • Makari Oralight Skin Brightening Pills
  • Murad Skin Bleaching
  • Elure Skin Bleaching
  • Tonique Skin Brightening
  • Glow2Thione pills
  • MET TATHIONE capsules
  • BeauOxi White Plus 5-in-1

Of importance when doing a review of each of these top creams, narrowing down to the ingredients of whatever product you are using on your skin is important. You will notice that some ingredients such as alpha arbutin are preferred for skin lightening compared to hydroquinone. Therefore, while doing your research, ensure that you consider skin lightening pills ingredients.

Glutathione Skin Whitening Pills Reviews

Dr. James Glutathione capsules are widely sold in the market. They are reviewed and top rated as the most potent pills for lightening the skin. Glutathione is just an antioxidant with ingredients being glutamic acid, glycine and cysteine. These help the body in detoxification. As we have already below, one of the side effects of Glutathione pills for skin lightening is reducing melanin pigment.

The price of Glutathione capsules depends with the number of tablets or mcgs in a bottle. However, you can get a supply from as little as $11 on Amazon. With this supplement, your skin will look younger, free of blemishes and dark acne spots. Those are some of the pros and cons of Dr. James Glutathione capsules.

Fairtone Pills Review for Skin Lightening Review

Widely marketed as one of those clinically tested and approved capsules for enhancing a dark complexion. They can be used by Asians, African Americans etc. Fairtone pills not only nourish the skin but also promoting the rejuvenation of new skin cells.

Pros include giving a radiant glow to your skin, fading dark spots, slowing down aging, evening out discoloration, liver spots, age spots, melisma, sun spots and freckles. For side effects of Fairtone skin lightening pills, see list of risks and dangers below.

Ivory Caps Skin Whitening Capsules Reviews

Ivory caps are L-glutathione based bleaching pills. The manufacturer markets the pill as, “The Skin Whitening Pill that is scientifically proven to lighten the skin and improves overall health” Ivorycaps. They are said to give a skin brightening plus experience. Reviews rate it at 2.9 out of 5, although they are mixed. Here’s what one had to say: “I bought 2 bottles of ivory caps and now I am still taking the pills from the first bottle and I can see progress in my skin. It’s very smooth and lighter. Great product” Amazon.

Kyusoku Bihaku (KB) Reviews

This is actually a food supplement but has an effect of bleaching dark skin.

  • Ingredients include: Rosehips and vitamin C mainly.
  • KB skin whitening pills price: I found that the price in Philippines is PHP 975. In the United States, they are available at a price range of $180 and $300 for 60 capsules.
  • Pros and Cons: It is known to be one of the most effective skin whitening pills out there. Its only side effects and dangers include skin melanin reduction, since it is meant to be a food supplement.

Makari Oralight Skin Whitening Pills Reviews

Makari Oralight is one of the top skin brightening pills on the market today. Reviews of customers show that these pills work. On Amazon reviews, I noticed that a review of 5 stars out of 5 was given by a customer and about 58 people found it helpful.

According to many testimonials of Makari Oralight Pills for brightening dark skin, it is good for skin discoloration and over production of melanin. However, it will take very long to get a lighter skin for dark skin or African Americans who want to brighten their complexion.

Murad Skin Lightening Cream, Gel Reviews

Murad supplements has ingredients such as vitamins. The aim of the manufacturer is to help you have a healthy skin from inside out. Murad Skin lightening pills are good for clearing acne breakouts and dark spots from acne. So, does it work? Are the reviews and testimonials positive?

This is a pigment lightening pill. It is also effective for brightening dark skin and can be used by African Americans to bleach their skin for a much lighter complexion. The same manufacturer has Murad soap, Murad cream, skin lightening soap and gel for brightening a darker complexion to a lighter one.

Tonique Skin Lightening Pills & Cream Reviews

Tonique skin lightening products include tonique skin whitening cream, Tonique pills etc. According to reviews, tonique products can be customized for your skin tone and can help brighten it, get rid of dark spots on skin according to the before and after pictures. They also work for almost any dark skin tone that needs to be corrected to a lighter complexion.

Skin Whitening Pills Side Effects – Risks and Dangers

Are skin whitening pills safe? It is widely understood that some celebrities use pills to bleach their skin and achieve an even skin tone. However, this can come with undesirable side effects. The FDA is doing more research into the side effects the oral pills can have on human health. It is therefore recommended that one only uses those pills that have been approved by the Food and Drugs Association to be safe for human use. However, the commonly known side effect of such pills are:

  • Effect on the kidney function. The drugs, especially glutathione pills, are known to improve the functioning of the liver, unlike what most people think that they are risky to the liver.
  • Excessive use of skin bleaching ingredients can cause your skin to be dry. This is common with supplements with lead in them.
  • Prolonged use of these pills can cause nausea, drowsiness, headaches and insomnia. This is particular with overdose symptoms.
  • Itchy skin, swelling and rashes may form as allergic reactions to some of the most effective or best skin lightening pills
  • Signs of hormone imbalances
  • Most of the pills are found to have an antioxidant. However, they are also known to be cancerous (causing cancer). A few studies have shown that the effect of whitening leads to the formation of lighter skin tone that is prone to cancer infections.

Since it is likely that you will find counterfeits and illegal distributions of these pills for whitening black skin, it is important to buy from known sellers. Note that the pills have not been clinically proven to bleach white skin. Even if there are results to show skin lightening pills for African Americans work, it is important to note that the FDA has not approved their use yet.

Skin Whitening Pills Before and After Pictures

Are you looking for best glutathione skin whitening pills before after photos? Or just any other capsules out there? We have done a collection of photos before and after to help you see what to expect when you start using these tablets for evening out skin tone. For most men and women, they are able to improve their complexion by a shade or two, but for others, the results are milder. Here’s a gallery of before and after images for you.


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