Red Bumps on Baby Face, Skin & Bottom with Pictures of Small Red Bumps on Child

It is normal for red bumps on baby skin to form as early as when a toddler is a few days old as their sensitive skin adapts to a different environment. A newborn could have red bumps on baby face, bottom and head. Most of these are harmless and go away on their own.

Red Bumps on Baby Skin

A baby’s skin can have as many ups and downs as that of a teenager. With new bumps forming every now and then, new parents may get panicky and alarmed. However, before rushing to the hospital, it is important to first gain understanding on what the causes might be and if it is possible to deal with the bumps at home. This will also give time for one to know how to deal with various situations and when to see a doctor.

red bumps on the baby face
red bumps on the baby face

In the last trimester of pregnancy, the baby’s skin is normally covered with a white coating which is creamy. This is called vernix and is meant to protect the baby and prevent it from getting infections while still in the womb and soon after delivery. After the baby is cleaned, it is still possible to have some remnants of it on the skin. This tends to peel off in the initial weeks of life.

The above process should not be interfered with and should be left to take a natural course. In case one does excessive washing and peeling, this will leave the skin of the baby stripped off its natural oils. As a result, the skin becomes more susceptible to irritation which may lead to red bumps on baby skin. Lotions and creams could also worsen the situation.

Red bumps on baby skin can form in different parts of the body. Some bumps may form on the face and on the nose when the oil glands get blocked. These should be gone within a few more days when the pores enlarge and open up. There could also be bumps on a toddlers head, cheeks, belly, neck as well as buttocks. The many types of bumps that are mostly as a result of the immature skin structure of the skin and thus harmless.

While this is the case, there are a few that warrant medical attention. These include any lesions caused by yeast infection, herpes simplex and psoriasis. Viral infections could also be the reason why the baby has red bumps on skin. Where one suspects these, it is important to seek medical attention. One can tell the bumps are not normal when the baby expresses discomfort or seems to itch. A doctor’s reassurance would be prudent to eliminate any doubts.

Red Bumps on Baby Face

small bumps on baby
small bumps on baby

Red bumps on baby face could be as a result of neonatal acne. 20 percent of all infants tend to be affected by this condition. It is thought that its cause is the response given by oil glands to the maternal or even infant hormones. These bumps could form anywhere on facial skin including on the nose, forehead and cheeks in the first month of a baby’s life.

In such situations, one should observe the baby and take a cue. Never attempt to pick the bumps in any way as this could lead to infections. Washing the area with approved baby soap and clean water can improve the situation. Avoid any medication at this stage.

Within two to four months, the hormones will have settled down and the bumps will clear up. However, it is still possible for a baby to develop infantile acne. This normally appears after three months of age. It usually is severe and will require medical attention.

Red Bumps on Baby Bottom (Buttocks&Diaper Area)

The baby’s skin is normally very sensitive. It could react to things that we may think have no effect on their skin. Most red bumps on baby bottom especially on the buttocks and diaper area are likely to be diaper rash. These show up when the skin gets irritated. The cause for this could be a prolonged exposure to stool and urine.

In rare cases, it could be caused by fungal infection. For kids using disposable diapers, it is possible for some to react to given brands. This could be caused by their absorption ability, material and chemicals used such as fragrances.

To reduce the rash, one should keep the baby’s skin dry and clean always. Where necessary, use a barrier cream to prevent the bumps from forming. In case the rash does not go away, you could see a doctor to determine whether it is being caused by fungal infection in which case an antifungal cream maybe offered.

Little, Tiny or Small Red Bumps on Baby’s Head, Cheeks, Belly and Neck

bumps on the baby skin
bumps on the baby skin

Every part of a baby’s skin is prone to getting small bumps. Following the birth of the baby, it is possible to experience pustule breakouts on the belly, back and face. This is known as Erythema toxicum. It is common in newborn babies and manifests itself as red bumps with ill-defined borders.

These red bumps could have a yellow or white dot at the center. Its causes are unknown and it resolves itself in a few days. This is the most common form of infant breakout. No intervention is necessary as the condition will fade on its own.

Salmon patches which are also known as a stork bites when found on the back and as angel’s kiss when on the cheeks. These tiny red bumps are a collection of blood vessels forming a raised nest. These will as well fade away in a few weeks. Only in rare occasions will they stay on.

Another form of tiny red bumps likely to be found on baby’s face, neck and parts of the body with folds would be sweat rash. This normally flares up when the baby sweats. It could be caused by over-dressing the baby or when the baby is exposed to a hot and humid environment. This is usually an indication that the sweat glands are blocked.  These tiny small red bumps on baby’s cheeks, head or forehead tend to clear within no time and without treatment.

Red Bumps on Skin Pictures

Red bumps on the skin of kids are best seen through pictures. These can help show what is normal and what is not.

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