How to Get Thin Lips and Best Lipstick for Them

Thin lips reveal certain meanings and personalities. In this article, find out celebrities such as models, actresses, women and even guys or men with thin lips. Also learn about thinning lips, makeup for thin looking lips and red lipstick for such below.

Thin Lips Meaning and Personality

Did you know that men are attracted to a woman’s lips more than they are on any other facial feature? Some studies have shown that a woman who applies lipstick, lip primer, gloss or lip balm well is more attractive than one who doesn’t. The same study showed that Jessica Alba and Cheryl Cole had the best lips. So what is the meaning of thin lips? Are thin lips attractive? Is it unattractive to have thinner lips?

For some people, thin lips are attractive
For some people, thin lips are attractive.

Thin lip meaning is more into the personality of an individual than what conventions tell. Some people find small lips the best and more attractive compared to bigger lips or fuller lips. Below, let’s explore the meaning of thin lips in terms of personality and character traits and in the process, solve the thin lips vs. full lips dilemma.

People with thin lips are generally considered to have sensuality and very selective.  The thin lips personality is that which will go for quality and not quantity. The small lips personality in women likes to use beautiful words, sophistication and order. Men and girls with such lips are interested in extremes and would like to know everything there is to know about something they are engaged in.

However, there is a twist to the character of people with thin lips. Some people believe that individuals with thinner lips, both men and women are stubborn. Others say that people with smaller lips are tricksters and full of jealousy.

So what is the meaning of thin upper lips? It is said that people with thin upper lips are much more organized, detail oriented and like to find new methods of doing things. On the other hand, thin lower lips indicate a person who is very analytical and likes exactness. He or she works more with statistics.

How to Make Thin Lips Fuller with Makeup

There is lipstick for thin lips that makes your pout look sexy. With a few makeup tips for small lips tips, you will achieve the perfect and most attractive lips. This section is not about how to make thin and small lips look bigger.

  • Tip: Very bright colors of lipsticks such as bright red lipstick makes lips look even thinner. To pick the perfect color, avoid darker colors since they will make your lips appear smaller. Bright and warm colors will give you a more youthful appearance.

Makeup Steps to Make Small Lips Fuller

Follow these steps to do makeup for thin lips:

Lining thin lips
Steps for lining smaller lips
  1. Apply a good lip primer that fights aging and lip wrinkles. Apply to cover the outside and inside of your lip line. This will prevent your lipstick from feathering.
  2. Apply lip foundation or lip concealer to erase the lip line.
  3. Use a lip liner to draw a line around the bottom lip line and natural top lip. Create a completely matte base to help increase your lipstick wear.
  4. On the center of the bottom and top lips, dab a small amount of concealer.
  5. Apply your lipstick by working from the center of the top lip out. Apply on the bottom lip too, this time sweeping the lipstick color from one corner to another.
  6. Finish with your lip gloss to the center of the bottom and top lips to make them appear fuller.

These steps do the trick to make thin lips look fuller. You might want to have a lip plumper with you.

Best Lipstick for Thin Lips (Including Red Lipstick)

Red lipstick is said to be the perfect. If you desire to get luscious lips or any other type of lips, following the right tips described below will ensure you get fuller lips. However, it also starts with the best lipstick, best lip gloss, primer and best lip balm for thinner lips. Here are some of the best lipsticks for thin lips. Red lipsticks for small lips seem to attract attention. If you are conscious about your lips being thin, then you’d rather do something that is less shouting for attention. Coral lipsticks would be much better for thinner lips.

  • MAC Russian Red Lipstick
  • Costa Chic by M.A.C
  • NARS Niagara Pink Lipstick
  • Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté in Rose Paris
  • Use a good lip primer such as Elizabeth Arden Advanced Lip-Fix Cream
  • Vega Bolt Lipstick for Fuller Lips
  • Mary Kay® Creme Lipstick
    Red lipstick is good for thin lips it makes them appear bigger
    Red lipstick is good for thin lips it makes them appear bigger

How to Get Thin Lips (Making Your Lips Thin)

Is it possible to make bigger lips look thin or become smaller? If you know how to draw thin lips with your makeup, you can create that illusion of a small-sized pout without having to go through cosmetic procedures. There are also natural ways to thin your lips. With that in mind, here’s how to get or make your big lips thin fast.

  • Use the correct lip makeup: From lipstick to lip gloss and other lip makeups, it is important to choose the right tint or color in order to make them look thin. Avoid shiny lipsticks, such as glossy red lipstick because it will reflect light and give the illusion of your lips appearing bigger. Always use a lip liner and go with darker shades of lipstick. If not, stick with nude lip makeups.
    How to apply lip makeup on small lips
    How to apply lip makeup on small lips (courtesy of
  • Care for injuries: Have you seen people with one part of the lips looking bigger? Well, if you do not care for injuries on lips, such as tears and swollen areas, you might end up with lips bigger than you want.
  • Remove braces if any: Braces make the mouth look bigger. If you are struggling with getting thin lips naturally and fast, then you should remove braces to restore your actual lip size.

Thinning Lips

Thinning lips is a common sign of aging. Together with lip wrinkles and lip lines, most people experience the size of their lips reducing and becoming more vulnerable to feathering of lipstick as they grow older. Thinning lips could also be a sign of Scleroderma. Patients of this problem of lips becoming thinner with time and their mouth feeling tight on lips are advised to see a doctor. Some people find it appropriate to go for lip filling using processes such as Botox injections to make lips fuller or prevent thinning lips.

Guys/Men with Thin Lips

Do people prefer kissing men with thin lips or fuller lips? Well, that is a personal preference. There is a common personality notion about guys with thin lips or small lips. Most personality analysts believe that men with small lips are mean and have a particular characteristic of not smiling easily. Since the size of lips is all about personal preference, some women will find guys with thin or small-sized lips sexy while others will prefer bigger lips on men.

Celebrities Actresses and Models with Thin Lips

Lisa Rinna (after injections and surgery), Myrna Loy, Kirsten Dunst, Lea Thompson, Greta Garbo, Jodie Foster, Gwyneth Paltrow, Michelle Pfeiffer, Diane Kruger, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Aniston, Amy Adams, Kristen Bell and many other models with thin lips or actresses feature in popular movies. Girls with thin lips are generally regarded as beautiful apart from the controversies around their personality. But celebrities always know how to make their lips look fuller, don’t they?

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