Toe Callus – Big Toe & Little Toe Callus Pain Treatment & Removal

The defense mechanism that results in toe callus can lead to the hardening and aching of toes. This post helps you know how to deal with callus on side of big toe and on pinky toe, how to get rid of toe callus, toe callus removal and treatment as well as what may cause pain on calluses.

Callus on Side of Big Toe

While callus on side of big toe is a common problem, it has the ability to turn into a painful experience. In extreme cases, it could cause numbness of the big toe. One needs to be equipped with the right information to be in a position to stop this.

Little Toe Callus
Little Toe Callus

A callus on side of big toe can result from the shoes or socks rubbing against it.  This leads to a situation where constant pressure and friction are exerted on the side of big toe. As a result, there is an accumulation of thickened dead skin.

Another cause of calluses on the big toe would be a hallux limitus. This refers to the jamming of the big toe as one is walking. The big toe fails to move for a while as one is stepping forward, forcing one to roll off on the side of this toe. This results in the skin around it getting pinched and causing formation of calluses. This malfunction can also cause an irritation of the toe nerves.

The most effective way of treating calluses on the side of big toe is by using orthotics to enhance motion of the toe. These can be prescribed by your podiatrist and will help to eliminate and also prevent formation of calluses. Stable shoes can also help. To get an evaluation on the most suitable orthotics, make an appointment with your doctor.

There also are home remedies for big toe calluses caused by friction against the shoes. These include giving the affected feet a soak and scrubbing off the area using a pumice stone. After this, ensure that you choose the right foot wear to avoid more calluses.

Callus under Big Toe

Formation of a callus under big toe may be caused by wearing high heels. This results in uneven distribution of the body weight. To prevent this, one can opt for flat shoes.

Big Toe Callus Pain

When the big toe callus pain occurs, this is an indication that the callus has been neglected and that it has grown beyond what the body can tolerate. When this happens, it is best to see a podiatrist so that they can diagnose and give guidance on what treatment method is most appropriate.

Little Toe Callus

The little toe is vulnerable to calluses due to its lateral positioning. It happens to be directly in touch with foot wear. As a result, any ill-fitting or excessively rough shoes will affect it. Wearing the right shoe size can help to prevent little toe callus.

Toe Callus Treatment

Effective toe callus treatment requires that the source of friction or pressure causing them is eliminated while at the same time getting rid of the thickened skin. There are a number of adjustments that one can make to achieve this.

Toe Callus on Big Toe
Toe Callus on Big Toe
  • Ditching heels for comfortable flat shoes can play a great role in preventing calluses. Also opting for shoes with a wide toe box as opposed to those with sharp tips can help. Peep toes can also be a great option.
  • Where one is not sure what is causing the calluses, consulting a podiatrist could help make the right diagnosis and thus help prevent the cause.

Once efforts have been put into place to ensure that the cause of calluses has been eliminated, the calluses can be treated. This is done by removing the callus tissue. When done by a podiatrist, it involves removal using a scalpel to cut off the hardened callus skin. After this, there are recommendations on how to best take care of the area to avoid infection. Removal of calluses through excision should not be done at home as one could hurt themselves.

Salicylic acid can also help in toe calluses removal. It is used by direct application and could come in the form of medicated foot pads or creams. It softens up dead skin cells to ease removal. This though is not safe for people with circulation problems, fragile skin or cracked area around the callus as it brings along an increased risk of nerve damage.

Toe Callus Removal

Wearing high heeled shoes and even walking bare foot can cause calluses on toes. These act as a protective layer for the underlying skin. Filing or sanding the affected area can be used as a means of toe callus removal. Start off by soaking the feet in comfortably hot water.  If not, carry out the procedure soon after bath time. Use a callus file or pumice stone to file the dead skin. Avoid being too aggressive as this could hurt the skin.

Follow this up with a moisturizer to rehydrate the skin around and slough off the dead skin. Where the cause of callus on toes is arthritis, using an antifungal cream can help in its removal. Ensure that the use of a product or end of a removal routine is not immaturely discontinued to enhance complete removal.

Pinky Toe Callus

The fact that the pinky toe gets into direct contact with the shoes and socks makes it more vulnerable to pinky toe callus. To get rid of this, one has to make use of the many methods of removal that there are.

Home remedies for calluses involve soaking the affected area in warm water; you can add essential oil, milk or vinegar into it to enhance removal. Upon softening up, the callus is then sanded off to allow for one to get to normal skin. Avoid any of the triggers after this.

Callus on Side of Big Toe
Callus on Side of Big Toe

Toe Callus Pain

Toe callus should never be left to become painful. Where a callus hurts, this means it has been left untreated for long. Looking for ways to get rid of the callus is the only way through which one can get rid of the toe callus pain.

How to Get Rid of Toe Callus

Toe calluses should be treated early enough before they become severe as they could make normal tasks such as walking unbearable. There are various products that one can put into use on how to get rid of toe callus. These include:

  • Rehydration creams meant to soften up the hardened thick callus.
  • Customized foot padding or foam insoles
  • Silicone wedges placed at the toes to help redistribute the pressure.
  • In case the cause of callus is a hammer toe, the only way to get rid of calluses forever would be corrective surgery.

Once a person is done getting rid of toe callus, avoid subjecting the toes to undue pressure, ensure your shoes have a wide toe box and that socks fit properly.

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