Toothache Pain Relief Remedies Fast at Home

Toothache pain relief can be done using various methods. Normal prescriptions can be provided, but normally, a doctor will recommend pain killers which will just make the pain mild and leave you in seething toothache pain after a few minutes. Severe toothache pain relief cannot be done using normal painkillers. Some toothache pain relief remedies at home such as onion, garlic, whiskey, aspirin, wheat grass and cold compress have been said to be the best.

Whether natural toothache pain relief methods work or not is up to those who have tried them to tell. This article however, discusses some of the most effective and best ways of toothache pain relief.

Tooth Ache Remedies
An aching tooth

If you have severe toothaches, you can sit in front of your computer and browse the web, and you will see ads such as “Stop a toothache from ruining your moment”.  Of course, you will hit the button fast and feed your mind with every word about toothache pain relief. Some of the methods may work but others may not.

Before dealing on how to relieve a toothache, we should first know toothache symptoms its and causes. Several factors like tooth abscess, gum disease, tooth root sensitivity, crack tooth or even jaw joint disorders contribute in a tooth decay which later on can host some serious dental problems that will need toothache pain relief.

To help you in understanding completely, enumerated below are some of the cases that you should avoid to require the best toothache pain relief some time in future.

Tooth Abscess: A condition caused by untreated tooth decay and gum disease that leads to an infection. For such, toothache pain relief involves treating the whole infection. The inflammation of the tissues inside causes a very painful type of toothache which makes the person suffering from it uncertain in identifying the exact tooth that is causing the pain.

Gum Disease: Gum diseases don’t necessarily cause a toothache. However, having gingivitis should be treated immediately for the bacteria responsible for the inflammation can infect your whole gums and teeth and soon cause tooth pain. You might soon start working on how to relive tooth ache pain.

Tooth Sensitivity: A condition brought by eating cold or hot foods or liquids or even breathing cold air which causes discomfort to our root canals. This kind of condition is often caused by brushing too hard, aging, poor oral hygiene, cracked teeth and failed execution of dental treatments. Toothache pain relief for this kind of problem is normally prescribed, although there are a few natural remedies of toothache pain relief.

Crack Tooth: A cracked or broken tooth can also be responsible for bacteria to enter the tooth that will cause decay to form.

Jaw Joint Disorders: Joint conditions that affect our jaw joint causing us to be uneasy opening and closing or mouth. The pain can also extend up to cheek and ear. How to stop toothache pain of this kind may require treatment of underlying problems first.

Toothache Pain Relief – The Best Remedies for Relieving Toothaches Fast

These are only among those hundreds that constitute a bad toothache. Making yourself knowledgeable about the best tooth pain relief is also important. Lucky for me, I immediately found the best solution for severe toothache pain. Humans having their own judgement will seek for probable solution for their problems, like what I did to stop a toothache of mine.

OTC toothache pain relief remedies - pain killers such as aspirin
OTC toothache pain medication home remedies – pain killers such as aspirin

The first thing that a person would probably do on toothache pain relief is to go to the nearest pharmacy to seek for toothache pain medications like aspirin, acetaminophen or ibuprofen. A dosage of avoiding cold and hot foods may also be done. Some will also have one of the home cures for toothache pain and immerse a cotton ball in oil cloves and bite it directly on the aching part. Others who couldn’t really bear with the bad toothache pain or find a good remedy for toothache pain will just opt to take sleeping pills and snooze the pain off. This is discouraged because having the ache last longer will just make the situation much worse and will need the best toothache pain relief.

If sleeping the pain off didn’t work, going to your dentist to seek medical advice on what is good for toothache will perhaps be your next step. In some cases, your dentist may try an injection around the tooth for toothache pain control and prescribed antibiotic might be handed to you after. The medical treatment toothache pain relief varies on your condition- filling, tooth extraction, root canal and crown procedures are the general treatments performed.

However then, taking the adage “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure” should also be your very first step toothache pain relief and in taking care of our precious teeth and to avoid seeking dental pain relief. It is important to look after your teeth and as well as your gums and mouth to avoid diseases and infection. Caring for your teeth and gums are as simple as ABC and can even be followed by a 3rd grader. Brushing, flossing, eating right, visiting your dentists and rinsing will certainly lead to avoiding seeiking toothache pain relief and also lead to a sparkly shiny sweet smile that can certainly add to your confidence like how we, college girls ought to have.

With all those methods for toothache pain relief, tips and medicines that I have tried to stop a toothache of mine, nothing really seem to work. There were these pricey over-the counter dental medicines that I purchased (which I regret doing because as a college student, I try my very best to save even up to the tinniest penny to cover things that I need to pay in school) that only offers temporary toothache pain relief. After a couple of hours and some even with just minutes, I can again hear the pain knocking and saying that it wants more from me. I was so terrified to feel the thwacking pain of that prodding ache.

Toothache Pain Relief Guides Review

The 12 HOUR TOOTHACHE GUIDE is a step-by-step toothache pain relief guide that will lead you in curing your toothache completely is less than 12 hours. Exact and genuine steps are shown here which are easy to follow. Proven natural cures for toothache that give fast acting pain relief within minutes are also included here. Filling the open cavity of your tooth using things that you can just find in your kitchen is also well-provided in the natural toothache pain relief guide. I also discovered some of the essential vitamins for strengthening and remineralising teeth by also avoiding a kind of diet that prevents my teeth from being stronger.

Toothache pain relief remedies
Decay can cause a stubborn, aching tooth.

Having this guide on toothache pain relief is never been so rewarding as this. I get to apply all the proven tips from the 12 HOUR TOOTHACHE GUIDE and I am so happy with the result of it. I was able to talk to Jacob again without having to deal with any toothache and while flashing my whiter and stronger teeth.

There are about a million and one methods on how to stop a toothache and even to prevent it. Everybody knows that brushing our teeth is the primary way to make our teeth healthier. However, there are still other proven ways that can help as the best toothache pain relief methods to get rid of toothache and some of them are listed below.

Tips for Toothache Pain Relief

  • Using Onions: Onions are popular are traditional toothache relief treatment and you can simply place a slice over the affected area.
  • Medicine: Taking two Ibuprofen, Aspirin or Acetaminophen will do a good job of reducing painful inflammation. However, you should see a dentist for serious examination and toothache pain relief.
  • Cold Compress or Hot Compress: Have your heating pad in the highest that it can go and place it on the area of your mouth where the throbbing is felt. Just do not forget to turn down to medium when its maximum is reached. Lay your head down then on it.
  • Wheat Grass: The liquid of wheat grass is used is a mouthwash for tooth decay and also a natural cure for it.
  • Whiskey: Take a cotton ball and soak it with 100% whiskey and place it directly on the tooth that is hurting and leave it there until the whisky has absolutely come out of the cotton ball.

Having to deal with bad toothache or finding the best toothache pain relief should not be that tough for there are already innovative ways in getting rid of a toothache. Some of these toothache reliefs are even seen in your kitchen.

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