Early Twin Pregnancy Symptoms to Look Out For

The first twin pregnancy symptoms, also called the early pregnancy symptoms for twins may show in different manifestations. Here, find out IVF twin pregnancy symptoms as well as a week by week outline of symptoms manifested when pregnant with twins.

Women who come from families with multiple births have likelihood to conceive multiples too. For those using fertility drugs or are using in-vitro fertilization (IVF), they are more likely to conceive twins too. For people who fall under these categories, it is important to learn the early twin pregnancy symptoms to look out for. Whether you wish to learn early twin pregnancy symptoms or twin pregnancy symptoms week by week, we lay it down for you.

First Twin Pregnancy Symptoms
What are the First Twin Pregnancy Symptoms?

First Twin Pregnancy Symptoms

All women tend to be different in the way they react to any given pregnancy. When it comes to multiples, speculation is likely to start early enough from the general public. For women who are suspecting a first set of twins, there may be a lot of questions regarding what twin pregnancy symptoms to look out for.

One should be in tune with their body to help note what they are going through and see if they can relate it with first twin pregnancy symptoms. Apart from heightened early pregnancy symptoms, one could experience symptoms that normally set in in the last trimester in the early days. These include:

  • Round ligaments pain: this is only experienced in the third trimester with singletons. For people with twins, it could be felt in the second.
  • Weight gain: When a woman gains too much weight in a particular gestation period, this could be an indication that she is carrying twins.
  • Rapid uterus growth: This could be seen through the increase in abdominal length. It could indicate that more space is being created for the multiples
  • High results of AFP test: This is a test that tracks the amount of fetal proteins. If the results are abnormally high, this could be the first indicator that one is carrying twins.

Early Twin Pregnant Symptoms

The early twin pregnant symptoms include:

High hormones: Women who may have had complicated pregnancies undergo various tests. While at it, a high hCG level may be noted. This could be an early sign of twin pregnancy.

Early positive results: Normally, the pregnancy results appear positive at around the time when one is supposed to miss a period. If one is sure they have counted their days well, an early positive result may be a signal that one is carrying twins.

This is because the hCG hormone levels which are what is tested by the pregnancy kits will be high since it is required in higher amounts for the sustenance of the pregnancy.

The test used has to have been one that is not an early results test as this type tends to be highly sensitive. One also has to be sure that they counted their cycle days well and that ovulation occurred at their given time of reference before considering the below listed twin pregnancy symptoms.

Intensive Nausea: Mothers carrying multiples tend to experience high levels of nausea. Their morning sickness lasts all day and begins even before the tests are positive.

Fatigue: Women carrying twins get more exhausted than those carrying one baby. This can be attributed to the doubling of the requirements of the body. The hormones also tend to be double the normal amount their effect more intensive.

Extreme moodiness: Women carrying multiples have emotions take a toll on them as a result of the excessive level of hormones. They are likely to have intense mood swings. This could be attributed to the hormonal imbalance. Any simple thing is likely to evoke emotions in them.

Increase in size: Provided that one is not taking too much food and that they are sticking to the guided calories’ intake, a huge increase in size could suggest twins. While having twins, the pregnancy will show early. The weight gain will also be more pronounced.

Twin Pregnancy Symptoms - Fast Weight Gain and Round Ligaments Pain
Twin Pregnancy Symptoms – Fast Weight Gain and Round Ligaments Pain

Two heart beats: If one feels two heartbeats whether at the clinic or when using a fetal Doppler at home, this is a sign of pregnancy. One though should be sure that it is not an echo or their own heartbeat they are hearing.

Twin Pregnancy Symptoms Week by Week

A woman’s pregnancy is determined from the first day of the last monthly cycle. It is then expected to last for 40weeks. One is never certain that they have twins until it is confirmed through an ultra sound scan. Women are however able to see the signs even before this happens. This is because they experience heightened symptoms.  Twins can be seen at six weeks through an ultra sound.

In the first week after the egg has been fertilized, it develops to a ball of tiny cells and is called a blastocyst. In case the twins are fraternal, they will both implant on the uterine lining. In case they are identical, the one fertilized egg will undergo division and then implant.

Implantation happens at around the fourth week of the pregnancy but around two weeks after conception. This causes spotting and cramping. It is at this point that a lot of hormones are secreted and the onset of hormone related symptoms sets in. This triggers both hormonal and physical changes in the mother’s body.

IVF Twin Pregnancy Symptoms

When it comes to conceiving twins, there are normally early twin pregnancy symptoms to look out for. While IVF twin pregnancy symptoms may be experienced as early as five days after the embryos have been transferred, others take as long as six weeks. You can use this IVF due date calculator to estimate your twin pregnancy date.

While in ordinary circumstances a twins’ mother to be starts experiencing the symptoms earlier than normal times due to the increased symptoms.  IVF is different. Even after the various symptoms such as nausea have set in, there is a possibility for them to be minimal.

With that information at hand, the symptoms experienced after IVF are:

Spotting: This is usually the first twin pregnancy symptom that one could notice after the embryo has been transferred. This is a good sign as it shows that implantation has taken place. The color of the spotting is usually pinkish or brown.

Cramping: At the time when spotting is observed, it is possible to feel cramping pain. This usually lasts for one or two days and is similar to that experienced during periods.

Breast tenderness: One could experience this as one of the twin pregnancy symptoms as early as two weeks after a transfer has been conducted. This is attributed to the increased flow of blood to the breasts and the fact that the body is preparing itself to nourish the baby.

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