Underarm Laser Hair Removal Cost, Results, Before & After the Sessions

Underarm laser hair removal can save one the frequent shavings necessary to keep the armpits hair free. Get to know the underarm laser hair removal cost, underarm laser hair removal results, underarm laser hair removal before and after dos and don’ts as well as how many sessions for underarm laser hair removal you need.

Underarm Laser Hair Removal Cost

Underarm hair is unsightly. Most women will take all the trouble to get rid of it. Regular shaving and waxing can be tedious. Opting for underarm laser hair removal offers more long term results than these methods. With this method becoming more and more popular each day, how much does underarm laser removal cost? It is hard telling how much the exact cost of removal will be. However, after the initial consultation, a dermatologist can be in a position to give an approximate cost.

The pricing of the process will vary depending on a number of factors. Every laser center has its own pricing structure. This will be determined by what type of laser hair removal equipment they use, how experienced their technicians are and their reputation. Centers with a prestigious reputation will likely charge more for their services and are likely to carry out the procedure with a greater level of precision when compared to some non-medical center that employs unqualified staff.

Before settling for any laser center based on their pricing, seek referrals from close family members and friends who have had underarm laser hair removal. They will be in a position to share their experiences with you openly. One ought to be cautious of extremely cheap laser costs as these could be indicative of poor quality. Check out the range within which clinics in your locality of treatment charge to help you tell what abnormally low pricing is.

For a cost effective and time efficient cost analysis, you can use an underarm laser hair removal cost comparison website. These normally have data on top clinics which one can compare the cost of the procedure against their level of expertise. Such sites help in giving results localized to your area. They will also give further information that can help in decision making.

With all these factors put into consideration, the average range of underarm laser hair removal cost is between $150 and $250 per session. A total of between three to six sessions will be carried out for the procedure to yield results.

Underarm Laser Hair Removal Results

Laser hair removal is approved for an 85 percentage hair reduction. Whether these underarm laser hair removal results are achieved depends on a number of things. Fortunately enough, the underarm is among areas of the body with a high and quick success rate since the follicles are located close to the skin’s surface. This allows the laser light beam to get to the follicle fast and at a maximum energy level thus enhancing the results.

Another great result that comes with laser hair removal for underarms is the fact that it helps to get rid of folliculitis. This is an unsightly condition resulting from ingrown hairs that are caused by hair removal processes such a tweezing, threading and waxing. With laser removal, healing is aided and bacteria that could be making the condition worse destroyed. Laser hair removal results in safe treatment for the ingrown hairs.

The overall results of laser hair removal are affected by skin tone. To maximize on results, the best time to have it done is during winter. This is when there is reduced exposure to the sun. The skin will not be tanned and the treated area will not suffer from sunburns.

Armpits Laser Hair Removal Pain

The marketing hype has led people to believe that armpits laser hair removal pain is almost non-existent. While this may be true for some, it could get really painful for others. Online testimonials indicate that the amount of pain experienced is determined by ones skin type, hair density and level of energy being used.

People with dense hair tend to get the best results but pay for the same by experiencing the most pain. In case the wrong settings for your skin type and hair color are used, a lot of pain may be felt. Where one feels the pain getting intolerable, point it out to the technician. They could change the level of setting or quit the process.

Armpits laser hair removal pain tends to be highest during the first session. With time it gets better. Due to the small size of the armpit, it only takes around ten minutes per session. One can hence endure the pain for this time for great results.

Underarm Laser Hair Removal Before and after

When preparing for an underarm laser session, there are some things that one ought to bear in mind. Underarm laser hair removal before and after should include some dos and don’ts. A month before the procedure, stay away from tanning. Doing so will affect the effectiveness of the laser.

In case the doctor prescribes anti-viral or anti-bacterial drugs ensure you take them. When going in for treatment, do not apply deodorant as it will have to be removed before commencement of the treatment. Go in for the treatment in clothing that is loosely fitting around the underarm.

To minimize discomfort after the procedure, use some ice or numbing cream. For an hour after the procedure, avoid applying deodorant. To be in a position to evaluate how well the process is working, you can request for underarm laser hair removal before and after photos to be taken.

How Many Sessions for Underarm Laser Hair Removal

Individuals respond differently to hair laser removal. How many sessions for underarm laser hair removal will be necessary depends on how well a person responds to treatment, the amount of hair they have and their skin and hair type. Some people will get desired results within three sessions while others require up to six sessions.

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