Best vitamins for thicker hair & Longer Hair Growth

Are there vitamins to grow thick hair? What are the best vitamins for thicker hair and longer hair growth? Do vitamins for thicker fuller hair really work?

If you go about searching for tips on how to grow thick thicker hair, most authors will advise you to make use of vitamins. Are vitamins effective or are they just other over rated hair products? Some people swear by them. However, those who claim that they work also happen to be doing so many other things to their hair. Therefore, it becomes difficult to know really if the vitamins were behind their success for fuller hair or not.

In reality, vitamins from natural foods are essential to the normal functioning of the body. There are those who do not get enough of them from these foods though and find it necessary to supplement. Nevertheless, it is quite difficult to tell what vitamins they are deficient in without a proper test by a certified doctor.

Consequently, the best way to find out your vitamin deficiencies is from your doctor to avoid having too much of one type in the blood. Bearing this in mind, are there best vitamins for thicker hair? This article will explore some of the best vitamins to grow thicker hair. Your thicker longer hair could be just be a few dollars away from foods or supplements with these vitamins.

Are There Vitamins for Thicker Hair?

There are vitamins supplements, which are marketed as products for thicker hair. However, according to Jerry Shapiro MD, a professor of Dermatology on attachment at the New York University, who spoke to,  there are no studies to prove that vitamins supplements aid in growing thicker or longer locks.

Are there vitamins for thicker hair? The supplements are meant for people with certain vitamin deficiencies such as Vitamin D, Iron and Zinc, which are tested at the doctor’s office. When it comes to Biotin, a popular vitamin for thicker hair, Dr. Shapiro insists that he does not test for that deficiency because if patients were deficient in it, they would never make it to the clinic in the first place. This therefore, means that people do use biotin when they actually do not need it.

Vitamins to Grow Thicker Hair from Food You Eat

According to New York nutritionist, Lisa Drayer, MA, RD who spoke to, “Just like every other part of your body, the cells and processes that support strong, vibrant hair depend on a balanced diet.” Vitamins are part of any balanced diet.

When it comes to the vitamins to grow thicker hair, you require vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K.  Lack of vitamin A causes you to have an itchy scalp. While lack of vitamin C makes you have dry damaged hair that breaks off easily.  Vitamin D enables you to have healthy hair follicles, which grow hair strong strands.

You can get these vitamins from vegetables and fruits of all color types. Similarly, you can get them from nuts, eggs, whole grains and legumes among others. Apart from vitamins to grow thicker hair, your locks require plenty of proteins, zinc, iron, Calcium and omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids are responsible for keeping your scalp hydrated.  It is important to explore the best foods and healthy foods for hair growth before opting for vitamin supplements and prenatal vitamins after consulting with your doctor first.

Best Vitamins for Thicker Hair – Top Brands

There are various brands of best vitamins and prenatal vitamins for hair growth. However, the best depends on what your deficiencies are. It is important to have your blood tested for vitamin deficiencies before you start popping the supplements.

The use of prenatal vitamins for example may give you an influx of iron in the blood. In the end, that iron can be toxic and bring failure to some of your vital organs. Therefore, do not use the prenatal vitamins without consulting your doctor first or any other of these best vitamins for thicker hair.

The common brands of best vitamins for thicker hair include:

  • Viviscal
  • Phyto Phytophanere
  • Biotin
  • Dr. Dennis Gross Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA)
  • Total Bliss Give Me Strength
  • Toppik Hair Nutrition2-in-1
  • MDN Nutrihair among others

Do Vitamins for Thicker Longer Hair Work?

There are people who swear by the effectiveness of vitamins supplements.  However, as you have found out above, unless you are deficient in some of the vitamins for hair growth that is only when you can see any changes in thickness and length of your hair when using supplements. Otherwise, it would be just a waste of money to buy them if you have all the right nutrients in their correct levels in your blood. If you boost them, you would be even complicating the function of your body.

Do vitamins for thicker longer hair work? If taken in people with certain vitamin deficiencies, they certainly work. However, vitamins alone are not enough to give you thick and longer hair, you have to treat your hair with a lot of TLC.

For starters, you should wash your hair every 2-3 times in a week to remove any pollutants from the environment that would make it not grow. Furthermore, you should avoid combing your hair while wet and you should also desist from heat styling. If you must buy any hair thickening products, insist on those with natural or organic ingredients only, and then you can pop the vitamins for thicker longer hair and wait for results.

Vitamins for Thicker Fuller Hair

Just like the food you eat every day, the effects of it do not show instantly. Only the skin can show if you eat many sugary foods with a breakout. On the other hand, the scalp may react by itching if you do not have enough vitamin C in your body.

The results from vitamins for thicker fuller hair will be evident if you are deficient in the vitamins for hair growth. However, they will not occur overnight. It takes some time for your body to get nourishment and the hair takes even longer to show any success.

You should expect to grow your hair on its normal growth rate, which is at 6 inches per year. It would grow more than that with vitamins for thicker fuller hair if you really lacked some of the vitamins in the first place.

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