What Women Want on a First Date

Figuring out what women want at any point in time can be difficult. When it comes to pinning down their expectations on a first date, it’s actually more straightforward than you might think. As we get older, often, the initial date is the first opportunity we have to meet the other person face to face. Whether our friends have set us up on a blind date, or we’re using online dating sites to chat online with women in the USA can seem a bit intimidating. You want to make a good impression on the first date, or you may significantly reduce your chances of continuing that potential relationship.

Be on time.

It sounds fairly obvious, but being late absolutely doesn’t sit well with women. When you’re on a blind date and speaking or meeting for the very first time, she may assume you’re only there to humor your friends. Make the extra effort to show you’re interested in getting to know her with a goodwill gesture of being punctual or even early. If you’ve already communicated and you showed up late, she could take that as a sign that you aren’t as invested in the date. Think of how you’d feel if your date was late and didn’t contact you to let you know she was delayed. Be sure to give your date the same courtesy you’d expect.

Get to know each other.

If one person is talking more than the other, it isn’t a good indication that the date is progressing well. There are so many signs to be conscientious of, so be attentive. While you can impress her by asking questions and attempting to learn more about her, be careful not to constantly deflect attention away from yourself. You don’t want to appear evasive, and it won’t be fun for you if she monopolizes the conversation. It will become evident if you ultimately aren’t enjoying yourself at the expense of trying to indulge your date, and you’ll end up sabotaging the rendezvous.

Act like a gentleman.

Ideally, you’ve had the opportunity to reach out before meeting up, so you already have an idea of what she likes. However, if you’re unfamiliar with her preferences, the safe bet is to default to chivalry. Dress the part and groom yourself to the point where you feel amazing in your own skin. How good you feel can often translate into a significant confidence boost. Admittedly, these days, it can be tough to detect if a woman wants to behave more independently and open the door for herself or pay for her own meal. Know that when you do these things for her, it isn’t because she’s a lady. It’s because you’re a gentleman. If she makes a fuss about you doing any of these activities for her, don’t be offended.

Putting forth an effort on the first date is really what all women can ask. They like to feel as though you want to be there with them, and you enjoy their company. When you feel like there was chemistry between the two of you, be sure to follow up for a second date. Just don’t assume you can ditch your good manners from the first date.

It’s not that hard to figure out what women want from their date. It’s actually quite similar to what you are probably looking for. Just make sure you are timely, know to keep a conversation going, and are well-mannered. If you want to know how to find a date through an online dating platform, check out this short guide to flirting online.

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