Best White Lipstick: How to Make and Wear 1960s White

White lipstick – not so common, but you have seen some celebrities dare to wear white lip color. Here are the best brands, types such as black and white, snow white lipsticks. There are also tips on how to wear white lipstick and where to buy it below.

White lipstick is a bit odd. Although many people find metallic lip tints such as gold lipstick, and even normal lip colors such as browns and black, you will still find occasions when wearing white lip tint very cool. For example, when it is for parties and festival seasons such as Halloween, you can wear snow white lipstick or even black and white lipstick as part of your costume.

How to wear it and look fashionable.
How to wear it and look fashionable.


But how exactly do you wear white on your lips? We’ll discuss that a little bit later below just before suggesting where to buy cheap lipstick such as in drugstores. Before that, what is the best white lipstick? Are there types and brands top rated for white lip colors or lip stains?

Best White Lipstick Shades, Types and Brands

  • NYX Round Lipstick: Snow White
  • L.A. Colors Moisture Lipstick in Angel White (a white pale lipstick)
  • Manic Panic Lipstick Opalsecent White Cobweb Vampire Goth Makeup Ghost Costume
  • L’paige Lipstick “Basic White” Aloevera Long-Lasting Moisturizing
  • L’paige Lipstick #11 Black/White Lead & Aluminum Free
  • Bourjois Rouge A Levres Lipstick # 57 Blanc (White)
  • Limited Authentic Matte Lipstick in White Rare (Eclipse)

Black and White Lipstick

You have seen celebrities such as Rihanna and Nikki Minaj wear black and white lip stick. You too can make a statement with black and white lip color. Not so common a trend, but in summer, you can wear this as part of your festival costume.

You can wear white lip color and line it with black so that you have a lip outline in black but your lips turned white, courtesy of the best brand of lipstick in white. You will have to work hard on your hair, probably dye it so that you look perfect like some celebrities do, such as Anne Sudworth.

Snow White Lipstick and White Pink

Snow white lipstick is actually snowy. Most people who wear snow lips look as though white snow has settled on their lips. It is equally as good as candy lipsticks although it would be a great pick for costume and not as a regular office wear lipstick.

Snow white is a lipstick trend that traces back to the 1960s when girls could wear it with their white boots. There are shades of white lipsticks that one can choose from, including white pink lipsticks, white and black lipsticks and many others.White lip color was fashionable in 1960s

How to Wear White Lipstick

There are two challenges of wearing white lipstick: one, you must have very white teeth, and two, you will find it hard to get other lip cosmetics such as white lip primer or foundation, white lip balms, white lip liners and white lip gloss. There is definitely nothing wrong with wearing snow white lipstick, so if you really want to try it out, here are tips to use.

  • White lip makeup will definitely go well as part of a costume, for instance, Halloween costume.
  • When you wear white lipstick, you can try it with other white accessories such as white sunglasses, white shoes and even white handbags. It will definitely go a long way to help you look good.
  • This makeup would definitely look good on any type of lips. Whether you have small lips, big lips or even large lips or full lips, white lip stick will definitely be just fine on your lips. However, if you want to downplay large lips, white lip color is definitely not the best to try because it will attract even more attention.
  • It does not matter your skin color or complexion. Both white women and black women can sport white lip makeup. If you are wearing it as a costume, you can easily achieve a zombie look especially when you couple it with cosmetic white contact lenses.
  • When putting on or using white lipstick, remember matte is the order of the day rather than sheen glosses on top.
    Snow White Lipstick
    Snow White

Where Can I Buy White Lipstick?

Since it not so common, I have had quite a good number of people ask: Where can I buy white lip stick? Well, not so many brands of white lip color are out there, and that is to include white lip stain. Therefore, you will have to learn how to make lipstick of your own or get down to shopping around Amazon and eBay to find white lip tints and colors. If you have bought white lip makeup, comment below and let’s know the brand you prefer and where it is found on sale.

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