Why I Choose a Vape Shop Near Me

Today, vaping is more of a culture rather than something that people do once in a while. Visit any of the social media platforms, and it won’t take you long before you come across a cool vaping video with hundreds of thousands of views – some even manage to get millions of views. For most newbies getting into this culture, the biggest challenge may be deciding on whether to rely on a vape store for supplies or go online.

There are a couple of factors that come into play when making this decision. I chose a vape store near me rather than an online store because it worked better for me. Below are some of my reasons for choosing a vape shop near me and also why you might go for an online store instead. Before I dive into that, it is essential that you understand what a vape store is.

What Is a Vape Shop?

A vape store is a dedicated shop that specializes in selling vaping products, including mods, e-liquids, and accessories. Today, there are numerous vaping shops spread across the country, and if you are lucky like me, there might just be one near you. Here are the reasons why I chose a “vape shop near me” rather than online stores.

Reason Why Is Prefer Going to a “Vape Shop Near Me”

Getting well introduced into the vaping culture

This was when I was primarily a newbie in vaping. I chose to go to the vaping store around me so that I can be better introduced to vaping. The truth is, vaping can be quite challenging to get your head around if you are doing it by yourself. When I went to this shop, the attendants showed me how to set up the device. Additionally, they taught me how to take care of it and clean it so that it won’t get damaged or break. I swear I would have broken my device if the attendants at this shop hadn’t guided me.

An opportunity to sample the flavors

You can agree with me that knowing which flavor you prefer without trying them all is not possible. You might think you have found your favorite e-liquid flavor, only for you to try another one later and find it better than your usual. I went to the vape shop around me so that I can get a chance to try the different flavors available before settling on what I preferred.
While I was doing the sampling, the attendant helping me out was busy getting into the details of the different flavors. I honestly can’t remember what he said. I only know that it really changed my vaping experience and put me on another level. You should give this a try if you haven’t before, and I can promise that you are in for a thrill. 

To get to understand the best add-ons

Vaping add-ons – you might not know that you need them until you try them. Getting the add-ons will change how you experience vaping and will make you fall in love with the culture if you were still on the fence. It is the attendant of the vape shop near me that introduced me to add-ons, and ever since I discovered them, I have never looked back. 

Get to have a personal interaction with the community

Most of the vaping shops, including the one that I go to have lounges. Here, you will get to interact with other vapers. These interactions create a sense of community that is very good for any culture. I can’ deny, I have met some of my friends at the lounge of this vaping shop.

No waiting

The most significant advantage of relying on a vaping shop around for your supplies is that there is no waiting. As compared to shopping for your vaping supplies online, depending on how far you live from the supplier, it might even take a week. On the other hand, the vaping store near me is just within walking distance or just a short drive. You can quickly satisfy your immediate needs if you choose not to go online. 

From my experience, choosing to go to a shop near me was very fascinating. Online vaping shops also have their benefits over brick and mortar stores. Here are reasons why you might choose to buy your vaping supplies from an online store. 

Advantages of Online Vaping Shops


Not all of us are into doing our stuff in the open. For one reason or another, you may want to enjoy your vaping privately and not let the information get out in the world. In such a case, online vaping shops are your best bet as they guarantee a high degree of privacy. While shopping on an online vape store, you don’t have to worry about bumping to someone who might know you. 
More friendly prices

If you compare vaping supplies from the corner store around you and an online shop, their prices can widely vary. Brick and mortar stores usually sell their supplies at a higher price. The reason behind this is that they have high running costs and don’t enjoy the benefits of economies of scale. On the other hand, an online shop can efficiently be run out of someone’s garage with no rent costs or any additional costs. The online stores can cut the expenses saved from their prices, making their offers much cheaper. Some online stores also offer attractive discounts, which save you more money.

A wider variety

Most online shops have a wider variety of vaping products than the vape store near me, and this is what might attract you to them. The brick and mortar stores only tend to stock up on fast moving products. This means that if you have a unique taste, then it might be hard for you to get what you are looking for. Going online is, therefore, the only surest solution to your needs. If you want to spoil yourself with choice, then an online vaping store is where you should buy your supplies.

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