All About Vaping: 7 Vaping Truths to Know

Vaping is an immensely popular pastime in the US!

Indeed, 1 in 20 adults from all around the country now smokes e-cigarettes. That’s almost 11 million people happily vaping away every day.

Clearly, vaping has gone well and truly mainstream.

However, there’s a lot of misinformation out there about the practice. As a result, there’s often a misunderstanding of everything from the substances used and their effects, to the relative benefits involved.  

We wanted to address the issue. Want to know more about the reality of smoking e-cigarettes?

Keep reading to discover 7 essential truths all about vaping!

1. There are Different Types of Vaporizer

First off, not all vaporizers are created equal!

Many people lump the term into one big ‘hold-all’ category. They assume all vaping is the same.

And, in a way, it is. However, there are actually a wide array of vaporizers available. Everyone may be vaping, but they can be doing it in different ways.

For example, e-cigarettes are your most basic way to vape. They look and feel more like actual cigarettes. They’re most often disposable and come pre-filled with e-liquid that gives the vaping experience.

But then you’ve got vape pens (a step up from an e-cig in terms of style and power) and vape mods (another step up and the most powerful portable option out there). The best vape pen is Durban poison by Secret Nature. Finally, desktop versions are akin to modern-day shisha pipes. They’re non-portable and can be far more expensive.

2. It Absolutely Can be Cheaper

There’s a bit of debate on this one.

Proponents of vaping believe it can be far cheaper than cigarette smoking. Cynics say that isn’t necessarily true.

However, what’s undeniable is the extreme expense of ordinary tobacco smoking these days. As governments strive to cut smoking in society, regulations mount and so do the prices.

Of course, the more you vape the more you will spend (on e-liquid refills and replacement parts for mods etc). However, the opportunity is undoubtedly there to cut costs dramatically.

Vaporizers are typically reusable, e-liquid cartridges take longer to deplete, and replacement cartridges are inexpensive.   

3. E-Liquids Can Contain Nicotine

Vaporizers have long been marketed as a healthier, non-addictive alternative to smoking.

However, critics are quick to point out that the e-liquids still contain nicotine. This is the key addictive substance found in cigarettes.

It would be an outright lie to claim that e-liquids don’t contain nicotine. The majority of them do! But that isn’t something they’re trying to hide. They’re obligated to label the fluid with the nicotine content involved.

Nicely, you do find e-liquids with varying levels of nicotine too. From full-strength versions to zero-nicotine options. That’s right, not all e-cigarettes contain nicotine. If you don’t want it in your system, you don’t have to have it.

Here’s a useful resource to learn more about what’s actually in e-liquid.

4. It Can Be Used to Quit Smoking

Again, vaporizers are often discussed in terms of their support in quitting smoking.

They’re often seen as a stepping stone in the quitting process. By transitioning to vaping you get a hit of nicotine without the same negative repercussions from tobacco.

And, indeed, it works for many people! There’s a mass of anecdotal evidence for its efficacy in stopping smoking.

However, it’s worth emphasizing that non-smokers vape too. Vaping isn’t the reserve the people quitting smoking. Far from it. It’s a popular activity for all manner of people- many of whom will never have smoked a cigarette before!

And, equally, it’s reported that smoking e-cigarettes can, in fact, be a gateway to ordinary cigarettes.

In reality, it’s entirely dependent on the particular person. It seems like a case of everyone being right, depending on the particular circumstances!

5. There’s Disagreement about the Health Effects

The debate about the health implications of vaping rages on.

Many argue it’s far healthier than smoking. Some say there’s nothing at all wrong with it. Critics say the absolute opposite.

Indeed, there’s a general consensus that it’s physically healthier for you than normal smoking. But that’s a far cry from something being actively good for you!

You’ll find mixed answers in the research. Some studies find no harmful substances. Others find known carcinogenic substances and so on. It’s hard to know exactly who to listen to on this one.

Ultimately, it’s a personal choice.

6. Vaping Is for Everyone

You don’t have to be a certain person to enjoy vaping.

Sure, there’s a stereotype that goes around of mod-wielding, mustache-sporting, thrift shop-wearing types. But, in reality, people of all backgrounds and demographics partake in vaping.

In fact, the community side of vaping is worth noting too. There’s always been a social side to smoking. However, vaping has an actual community that’s build up around it. To enter the world of vaping is to enter into it.

7. The Legality is Changing

E-cigarettes haven’t always been regulated.

Not all that long ago, every man and his dog could go and buy them. However, more research has been done and the subject has become more widely discussed. New regulations are being enforced as a result.

For example, many countries around the world are banning vaporizers altogether. Others are moving in that direction, but are yet to create hard and fast laws. In the US, for example, the sale of e-cigarettes is now limited to adults only (minors can no longer buy them).

However, each state has its own approach. Many are treating vaporizers in line with ordinary cigarettes. Others don’t. Time will tell what the legal side of things will look like in the future!

Now You Know All About Vaping!

There you have it: 7 knowledge-enhancing facts all about vaping.

Vaping is now a hugely popular thing to do in the US. Millions of people are the world now regularly smoke their e-cigarettes. However, vaping misinformation and misunderstanding seems as ubiquitous as the e-cigs themselves.

It’s hard to know exactly what to believe. Hopefully, this article has separated truth from fiction to provide a realistic insight into vaping.

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