NovaBelle Cream: 100% HONEST Truth on this New Skin Care Cream!

In an ideal world, most of us would love to stay in our early 20s. We are still old enough to do many of the things we enjoy, but there is no true sign of aging setting in quite yet. Unfortunately, there is no magic button for that, so we are stuck with trying cream after cream.

NovaBelle Cream promises to be a little bit different than the rest, and they have garnered a lot of buzz and reviews online. I decided to finally give it a try at the beginning of this year, and this is my review about three months in.

NovaBelle Cream Basics

Before I really talk about what I liked and didn’t like, the basics do need to be covered a little bit. This cream is pretty easy to use, and the ingredients in the cream are relatively straightforward as well. Basically, if used on a daily basis, a person can start to eliminate dark circles, reduce the overall appearance of wrinkles, and tackle stress in new ways. Every year that goes by, more and more signs of aging start to kick in, so having something to battle against it is always beneficial.

The main ingredients that really do the work include collagen, aloe vera, and retinol. All of these help with the overall look and feel of a person’s face. Collagen in particular is going to be the main reason why the skin starts to look a little bit younger very quickly. All the ingredients in the products are safe to use, and, based on other reviews, there are really no signs of anyone having bad reactions to it.

What I Liked About NovaBelle Cream

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What I like most about the cream is that it left my face feeling very moisturized and refreshed throughout the day. I was a little bit worried that I would not have the best reaction to it, and it would become very difficult to use on a consistent basis. There are certain facial creams out there that do dry out faces and make it very difficult to use even though it is helping. I have no problem using this on a daily basis, and the results are icing on the cake.

What I Disliked About NovaBelle Cream

There is not really a true negative in my opinion, other than the fact that it is somewhat difficult to purchase. The only way to do it is to go to the official manufacturer’s website. It is currently not being sold in stores, and it’s probably a reason why the cream is a bit under the radar. However, the good thing about buying online is you can try the product for just $4.99.

Pricing is also something that might turn a few people away, but considering how costly injections and other anti-aging products can be, $100 isn’t a lot to spend on a cream that performs well.

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My NovaBelle Cream Product Review

After giving it a try in the beginning of January, I was anxious to see just how quickly this product would show results. Within the first week, I definitely noticed that I was no longer having issues with dark circles under my eyes. It was something that really was never that bad, but there was definitely a difference from the first day to the seventh.

The next thing to go were the fine lines on my face. I am not old enough to have a lot of wrinkles, but I was definitely noticing that there was some aging going on. That no longer is the case, and the fine lines are fading away more and more each week.

With a better looking face, I no longer feel stressed. It is just one of those byproducts of seeing results on a consistent basis. That is why I can’t say enough positive things about NovaBelle Cream at this point!

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