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Right and Left Eyebrow Twitching – Causes, Superstition and Meanings

Right and left eyebrow twitching is a very common occurrence. It is the involuntary, repetitive shaking or spasm of the eyebrow. If you experience eyebrow trembling, here are causes, meaning and relative superstition linked to right and left eyebrow tics. Also, find out how to stop spasms of the eyebrow.

Why Is My Eyebrow Twitching?

Why is my eyebrow twitching? Spasms around the eye is a very common occurrence. It is the shaking or trembling of muscles around the eyebrows. This kind of twitching is also called a fasciculation. It is an involuntary contraction of a bundle of muscle fibers, which happens because of a spontaneous action potential. Because these spontaneous contractions are limited to one bundle of muscle fibers they will not cause movement in the joints. See also left eye jumping superstitions and meanings.

Eye twitching can be a disturbing feeling
Eye twitching can be a disturbing feeling

They are not dangerous in any way, but can be annoying if they last a while. Fasciculation can occur in every muscle of the body including the eye muscles. Eyebrow twitches are harmless and usually end as fast as they began. They are usually mild and last for a few minutes or seconds.

Some may however take up to several weeks and may require medical attention as they might be a sign of a serious underlying medical disorder. When it becomes constant and long lasting, eyebrow twitching turns from being mild to an annoying condition that probes people for answers on causes and how to stop eyebrow twitching. Medical conditions known to trigger eyebrow spasms include; anemia, Influenza, sinusitis, Cushing’s syndrome, hypo-thyroidism and food poisoning.

There are many reasons as to why eyebrows twitch. Ranging from the harmless muscle fatigue to serious conditions of the nervous system. Brow twitching commonly occurs due to stress, fatigue, lack of sleep, and overuse of stimulants -caffeine and decongestants. Allergies, dry eye, plepharitis or any other condition that may cause local eye irritation can be a trigger to eyebrow spasms. Note that most triggers to eyebrow spasms are similar to those that cause eyelid spasms; a condition known as blepharospasm. Diagnosis, management and interpretation is almost similar when handling cases of eyebrow and eyelid spasms.

Eye fatigue and reduced energy in the cases of lack of sleep, eye strain and hunger, eyebrow twitching is usually self-limiting and should be no cause for alarm. Reversing the occurrences and compensating for the cause is enough to stop eyebrow spasms. Drinking alcohol, coffee and other stimulating drinks may cause your muscles and nerves to be overstimulated hence involuntary twitching. Caffeine and alcohol intake goes hand in hand with fatigue and stress. Therefore, management would go in the same line.

Water is very essential in muscle and nervous system functions. Water supplies electrolytes such as magnesium, sodium, calcium, potassium among others. Electrolytes are responsible for, among other things, controlling muscle action, including the muscles of the eye (Livestrong.com). A supply of too much or too little may cause muscle spasms. Deficiency may occur in conditions such as diarrhea, vomiting, irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis. Heavy sweating, exercise and frequent urination can be other possible causes. Right and left eyebrow twitching that is as a result of lack of these minerals can be easily reversed by intake of foods or supplements with these elements.

Vitamin D has many important functions in the body among them absorption of calcium. If you have low levels of vitamin D, absorption of calcium may be hindered leading to weak eye muscles and twitches because of the role it plays in muscle contraction. It can be obtained by exposure to sunlight, intake of foods and supplements with vitamin D.

Pulsating or shaking eye can have some meanings according to different cultures
Pulsating or shaking eye can have some meanings according to different cultures

A study done by Neurology India published by the Neurology Society of India reveals that a deficiency in vitamin B-12 can cause dystonia and other neurological problems. It is common for infants with low B-vitamins to present with chorea and twitches but cases of adults with the same have not been reported. This leaves a possibility that eyebrow twitching may be as a result of vitamin B-12 deficiency.

Allergies can trigger eyebrow spasms. People with allergies almost always experience itching. This can also happen when one has influenza or any type of flu. Eye itching stimulates release of histamine into the eye tissue. This commonly affects the eyelids but if it involves a bigger muscle, it can include the surrounding area such the brow.

What Causes Eyebrow Twitching?

There are many triggers of eyebrow twitching and spasms just like those of lip twitching. Some are benign while others are grave and require medical attention. Some are medical while others are physical or related to fatigue and computer vision syndrome. Here is a list of what causes eyebrow spasms; listed under medical and non-medical causes of eyebrow tics.

Medical causes of eyebrow twitching

  • Cushing’s syndrome
  • Orofacial dyskinesia
  • Side effects of anti-psychotics
  • Sinusitis
  • Influenza
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Diabetes
  • Food poisoning
  • Lupus
  • Anemia
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Excessive diarrhea and vomiting
    What does it mean when eyebrows twitch
    What does it mean when eyebrows twitch?

Non- medical causes of eyebrow twitching

  • Stress
  • Caffeine
  • Dry eyes
  • Eye strain/ computer vision syndrome
  • Fatigue/lack of sleep
  • Alcohol and marijuana
  • Allergies
  • Nutritional deficiencies

Right and Left Eyebrow Twitching Superstition and Meaning

In most cultures around the world, there are different myths and eye twitching superstitions that try to give explanations on why eyebrows twitch. There are many superstitions that are associated with eyebrow tics. Some are said to be good omen while others tell of bad things and misfortunes to come. Right and left eyebrow twitching superstition and meaning is a very ancient practice that has been carried on to some present generations. Most cultures believe that twitching of the left eyebrow is good for women while the opposite brings good luck to men.

  • Right Eyebrow Twitching Superstition: In China right eyebrow twitching superstition is linked to bringing bad luck and misfortune Indians believe that right eyebrow spasms are considered good omen for men.
  • Left Eyebrow Twitching Superstition: Left eye twitching superstition in India and China is deeply connected with astrology and is presently practiced. Note that these are the two biggest champions of culture and astrology.

Left Eye Twitching Meaning in Chinese and India

Chinese: The Chinese believe that left eye twitching signals good fortune and bad omen for men. This is however the complete opposite in women in that left eyebrow tics brings good news and birth of a baby. The Chinese however interpret left eyebrow spasms according to the time of the day they happen.

Left eye twitching meaning in India: The Indian interpretation of left eyebrow twitching is the complete opposite of the Chinese version. Indians, specifically the epic Ramayana, when the left eyebrow shakes, it is said to bring bad omen to men but means good for women like the birth of a child.

Eyebrow twithing causes, meaning and superstitions
Eyebrow twitching causes, meaning and superstitions

In some parts of Africa, left eyebrow tics is believed to be a sign of sorrow, shedding of tears or meeting someone unexpectedly. In Hawaii, arrival of a stranger or mourning related to a family member is believed to happen soon after the left eyebrow starts twitching.

Left Eyebrow Twitching

Left eyebrow spasms is commoner of the two. It is most of the times associated with a weaker muscle line of the left hand side in those who are right handed.

This is however not scientifically proven. In many cultures left eyebrow spasms is believed to be a signal bad omen, extreme weather changes and defeat in those still practicing ancient astrology.

Right Eyebrow Twitching

In astrology, right eye twitching is believed to be a bearer of good news and fortune. In his shankerstudy.com, Dr. Shanker Adawal, a Hindu astrologer, interprets the twitching of the right eyebrow as an indication of money gain.

The causes and management of right eyebrow twitching does not differ from those of the left eyebrow. The medical approach to right eye twitching is similar to that of left eyebrow. If it occurs suddenly, a simple massage or rest should be able to relieve it. But if the tics remain constant or persist for longer time, you should visit a doctor for more examination and management.

Eyebrow Keeps Twitching

Eyebrow spasms are considered mild and benign. They should resolve fast without causing you any discomfort. Once the spasms begin, they should be able to disappear in no time. If the eyebrow keeps twitching for a day or week, try to rest more, get enough sleep, reduce caffeine and take plenty of water for rehydration. However, if your eyebrow keeps twitching for days, that it causes discomfort, you should seek medical attention promptly. This might be a sign of a serious underlying condition causing the problem.

The doctor should be able to consider a CT or MRI scan to rule out nerve compression or damage. Other lab tests can be done to eliminate systemic conditions such as diabetes and magnesium deficiency. A prescription of valium, may be given to help you relax the eye muscles and calm the spasms. When the underlying cause is anxiety or stress related, anti convulsants and tranquilizers such as tegretol can help calm he nerves and relieve eyebrow twitching.

Botox is said to be very effective in numbing muscles if your eyebrow keeps twitching. It has been used successfully in treating muscle spasms of the face including the eyebrows. This especially in those who are aging with weak facial muscles. It numbs the surrounding eye muscles and help reduce stop the spasms. It is important to note that eyebrow and eyelid trembling might be a side effect of Botox injections. You should be careful not to take the jabs from inexperienced practitioners.

When to see a doctor if your eyebrow keeps twitching;

  • Persistent eyebrow twitching for 2 more days
  • If it causes any discomfort or distraction when working
  • Spasms associated with any kind of pain following a nerve line
  • If the twitching spreads to other parts of the face
  • If on medication for mental disorders

How to Stop Eyebrow Twitching

Even if not considered a grave condition, eyebrow twitching can be a sign of a serious systemic or organic illness. Sudden onset of eyebrow tics is almost always mild, short lived and benign- this means that the condition is not serious at all apart from the fact that it can be really annoying and a distraction from your daily normal activities. There is no specific treatment for eyebrow shaking. Simple therapies such as eye massage to improve blood circulation to complex Botox injections may help relieve the condition.

Massage and applying light pressure can help stop left eyebrow twitches
Massage and applying light pressure can help stop left eyebrow twitches.

Dealing with right and left eyebrow twitching can be very tricky. If not associated to any medical condition eyebrow spasms should be treated depending on the root cause. Find out what might be cause and deal with it. Take some good rest, get enough sleep, drink plenty of water, reduce alcohol intake and ensure that your body has the right supply of all the required essential nutrients.

On rare occasions, non-medical right and left eyebrow twitching might stay on longer. In some of these cases Botox has been known to help cure the eye spasms. According to the daily mail UK in the mail online, Botox was originally meant to treat muscle spasms around the eye. Today Botox remains one of the most effective treatments for the distressing eye condition blepharospasm. Botulinium toxin commonly known as Botox has successfully helped calm twitching eyebrows and eyelids especially in those who are older with weak facial muscles.

According to Daniel Ezra, a consultant ophthalmologist and surgeon at a leading eye hospital in London, “It is an extremely effective treatment for blepharospasm.” Most people do benefit from this treatment as only a few doctors know how to give the injection correctly.

Eyebrow twitching due to nerve compression may be effectively managed by acupuncture. There have been cases of eyebrow spasms related with back and neck pain. These kind of spasms can be treated by chiropractic adjustment-relieving pressure from the back and neck along the nerve lines if the spine.  When certain nerves are compressed or injured, any nerve along the same nerve line can be affected. This is to say, that muscle twitching can be a symptom of nerve compression or damage elsewhere in the body.

Generally, right and left eyebrow twitching should not be a cause for any alarm. It should be able to resolve on its own soon enough. You should only consider the doctor’s visit if the eyebrow keeps twitching for 2 or more days. Otherwise, engage in a healthy lifestyle; eat a balanced diet, stay hydrated, get enough sleep, moderate alcohol and caffeine intake.

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