Best Coral Lipstick in Blue, Red, Pink and How to Wear

Coral lipstick, a color that remains poppy every season. Find out the best coral lipsticks to use and how to wear the perfect coral orange lipstick. Also, discover the best brands such as Avon, Runway trends and shades you must try, such as bright coral below.

Coral lipstick can be a bit intimidating for some people, being the bright color that it is. It is definitely a much louder color compared to the traditional lipsticks such as red lipsticks and pink or candy lipsticks. So, what exactly is coral lipstick?

Coral lips on fair skin
It also looks great on fair skin.

Coral lip color, a nice blend of red, orange and tones of pink. It is quite a pop color to wear on the lips especially with brands such as Nars’ Coralisque Velvet Gloss. It can be a good choice for summer since it is a warm color that would look good when there is some heat. Can black women wear coral? Does coral look good on blondes? These are common questions people ask about wearing coral lipstick. Below, we not only list the best coral lipsticks in different shades such as perfect coral, bright coral and orange coral, but also how to wear coral lipstick.

Best Coral Lipstick Shades, Types and Brands

Coral lip color looks great, but you have to get the right shade, or one with the perfect undertones for your skin color. Girls with fair skin need to get a coral that is a bit lighter while those women with a dark skin tone can wear a more intense shade. Here are the different shades and who should apply them.

Orange Coral Lipstick

The coral orange trend on the runway has become a staple season in season out. Orange coral shades of lipstick are best for fair skin or white skin, although if you have a dark skin tone, you can wear it too. The brighter the better. Women with tan, golden or honey undertones will find orange coral a great pick of lipstick, and so will those with fair hair.

Bright Coral Lipstick

Bright corals are great for a summer fashion statement. Bright coral lip colors are can be worn by both people with fair skin, olive skin as well as dark skin. Bright coral shade is one of the great coral runway lipsticks today.

Perfect Coral Lipstick

The perfect coral lipstick is dependent on your skin tone. Not all corals look good on everyone. Read below on the section of how to wear coral lipstick to discover your perfect shade.

How to Wear Coral Lipstick for Fair Skin, Dark Skin and Olive Skin

Some drugstore brands are inexpensive yet perfect.
Some drugstore brands are inexpensive yet perfect.
  • What is the best coral for dark skin?
  • What is the best coral lip color for fair skin or white skin women?
  • What is the best brand of coral lip color for dark skin or African American women?

How do you wear orange coral without getting the pasty coral pink pout? Well, with a few tweaks to your makeup styles, you can wear any shade of coral and still look fresh. It all depends on your choices of color and your skin tone.

  • If you have a tan skin, coral will definitely look great on your lips. It can feel like both spring and summer at the same time. The best way to wear coral lipstick if you have tanned skin is to swipe on some bronzer when you have a coral lip just to make your skin warmer. You will get a beachy fresh look.
  • For women with a fair skin tone, go for coral lip color with pink undertones. This will complement most people with lighter complexions. Some of the best picks for fair skinned people include Nars’ Coralisque Velvet Gloss, Tom Ford Lip Color 08 FLAMINGO coral lip color and Sephora Rouge Cream in Jealous.
  • For women with dark skin tones to medium skin tones, orange coral lipsticks are the best. This will look good because most of the orange coral lipsticks look great on black skins due to their generally warm brown undertones. Some of the best orange coral are Tom Ford True Coral, Aveda Star, MAC Vegas Volt.
  • Avoid shimmery shades of coral lip colors. Those metallic lip makeup stunts can be left to gold lipsticks and other metallic lipsticks. Learn how to wear coral lipstick and traditionally stick to creamy or matte finishes.
  • What if you want the perfect coral lipstick for a daytime look? Well, go for some bright coral lipstick and mix it with some coral lip gloss to liven up the color. This will transform your lips from just a bright color to statement mouth. Take a bright coral lipstick shade and apply. Try to avoid lip liner because it will make the whole makeup look so heavy. The best coral orange lipstick pick here is Vegas Volt from MAC.
  • Warm skin tones, as a general rule, look great with fruity shades such as apricot, tangerine and peach.coral trend for spring

Best Coral Lipstick – Drugstore Overall Top Rated

Now that you know the best coral lipsticks to wear in different styles, and for different skin tones, it is time to check out the best overall drugstore coral lipsticks that are inexpensive.

  • Avon: Avon Ultra Rich Lipstick Kicked Up Coral
  • Best Runway Coral Lipstick: Clinique Long Last Lipstick in Runway Coral
  • Urban Decay Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color (for dark skin with cool undertones)
  • Tom Ford Flamingo Stick
  • DuWop Private Lipstick in Coral (good for light skin with cool undertones)
  • Laura Mercier Crème Smooth Lip Colour in Palm Beach (with yellow undertones for medium skin with warm undertones)

    How to wear coral lipstick for dark skin
    Dark skinned girls can also wear it.
  • M.A.C, Amplified Lipstick in Morange
  • Lipstick Queen Endless Summer in Stoked (for dark skin tone with warm undertones)
  • Chanel, Rouge Allure Lipstick in Pimpante (tangerine shade of coral)
  • Kjaer Weis, Organic Lip Tint in Sweetness (coral with pink undertones)
  • Revlon, Moon Drops Crème Lipstick in Orange Flip (great for fair skin tones)
  • Maybelline, Color Whisper in Coral Ambition (peachy orange shade)
  • L’Oréal Colour Riche Colour Caresse in Sunset Angora

Now, your turn. Which celebrities wear orange coral lipsticks? Emmy Rossum, Leelee Sobieski, Candice Accola (of Vampire Diaries), Jessica White, Ke$ha, Emma Stone (coral with blue undertones), Sami Gayle, Busy Philips, Sofia Vergara, Crystal Renn, Coco Rocha, Natasha Bedingfield, and Sarah Silverman are some of the celebrities wearing coral lip colors.

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