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About Us

eTopical is made of up a growing group of passionate individuals who work each day to make the people of the world healthier and beautiful through the power of information. If you share our passions, join us! We’d love to welcome you to the team which comprises of the following contributors:

  • Tasha Lynn
  • Hurbert Michael
  • Ryan Spector

We currently invite more contributors, and you can submit your own article as well on any topic relating to health, home remedies, self help, product reviews, beauty How-tos and makeup tips. So, who are we and what do we aim to do?

We are a group of specialist writers who contribute to this website besides our careers, during our free times. We started eTopical – Precious Finds back in 2011. Our idea was simple – to make it easy to share information and make the world a better place in our own simple, sharing ways. We want to make it easy for people to live a beautifully healthy life.

Our writers commit to writing interesting, HELPFUL articles that guide our readership do something they are looking to do. Therefore, we commit to writing high quality articles, guides, informational pieces and How-To articles to help our readers in the best way possible.

You can easily contact us here.

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