Electrolysis Hair Removal Cost – How Much for Face, Back, Chin & Underarms

This post explores extensively electrolysis hair removal cost. Get an answer to the question; how much does electrolysis hair removal cost: this is further expounded through electrolysis hair removal for face, back chin and underarm.

How Much Does Electrolysis Hair Removal Cost?

The process of electrolysis hair removal involves directing some current which then destroys the root of the hair. A fine electrolysis probe is used to penetrate the hair follicle. The current passed through the probe is then converted into heat energy which helps in deactivating the hair root and hair germinating cells. The whole process does not harm the skin’s surface. With some knowledge about what it is, the question that is likely to follow is; how much does electrolysis hair removal cost?

Electrolysis being the only method that has been approved for permanent hair removal is a cost effective and excellent method in the long run. It can be used on both large areas such as the chin as well as on larger areas such as the back. For the large areas, it will take more time and cost more while smaller areas take less time and cost less.

The hair removal treatment programs are normally custom tailored to suit the needs of each client. The cost of treatment can therefore vary from one individual to another. There are various factors that determine the length and number of treatment costs and thus the cost.

For people with sensitive skin, more short sessions may be necessary. This may prove more costly than a person who gets longer sessions at a single treatment. The hair density of the area to be treated also affects cost. The more hairs there are that need to be removed the higher the cost will be. A person’s hair growth cycle, certain medication, hair growth cycle as well as stress levels also affect electrolysis hair removal.

Although electrolysis may seem like an expensive method, it is not. This hair removal option tends to decrease in frequency and length as the treatments progress. Once done, the hair does not grow back. The process is therefore a permanent solution to unwanted hairs. It is a lifetime investment and will in the long end save you the spa removal costs. It also helps to save one the psychological trauma of having hair in unlikely places such as women growing beards which saves them the frustration of temporary removal.

The billing of electrolysis is done differently. Where one gets their electrolysis done will also affect the cost. Generally, highly populated areas tend to have higher rates than those with lower populations. There are clinics that do it in terms of session lengths. The costs of each session can differ as shown below.

  • 15 minutes -$20-$70.00
  • 30minutes -$30-$85.00
  • 45minutes-$50-$95.00
  • 60minutes-$70-$130

While going for consultations, it is important to know that it is impossible for the person conducting the electrolysis treatment to determine how much your electrolysis hair removal will cost. This is because it is hard to tell how many sessions and of what time duration will be suitable for you. This is because of the factors discussed above which affect treatment. In case a specific as opposed to an average number of treatments is given, consider this as a red flag.

It is important to follow the elecrologist’s recommended treatment plan while scheduling treatments. This will enhance better results in terms of time taken to complete the treatment. The various factors affecting the treatment can be factored in with time.

Electrolysis Hair Removal Cost for Face

Electrolysis for facial hair remains a great choice for most people. Men who are tired of shaving their beards can get rid of the facial hair permanently. Women who have unwanted facial hairs could also get rid of them. For women who no longer want to spend time threading and trimming their eyebrows, they could have them permanently shaped as they so wish.

The electrolysis hair removal cost for face will differ. Removal from the eyebrows, upper lips and side burns could take up to 30 sessions of between 15 to 20 minutes. The smaller areas take the least amount of sessions and are therefore cheaper. The number and duration of the sessions will depend on each individual. This could cost anywhere between $300 and $600.

Electrolysis Hair Removal Cost for Back

Electrolysis for large body parts such as the back could take a number of years to complete. It may take between 75 to 200 sessions of one hour each. As a result, the electrolysis hair removal cost for back is likely to be enormous with $4000 being on the lower side.

Given the cost and time, electrolysis is best used as a method of hair removal on smaller parts of the body. However, where the psychological trauma of having excess back hair is high and one is in desperate need of getting rid of back hair, the cost may not be as huge as the daily hassles of having temporary hair removal. Opting for electrolysis will put an end to all this.

Electrolysis Hair Removal Cost for Chin

Hair found on women’s chins is an embarrassing situation. This tends to happen as women age. Hair on the chin can take between 15 to 30 sessions to remove. This makes electrolysis hair removal cost for chin to range between $300 and $600. Since hair growth is a continuous process, new hairs are likely to appear in different places on the chin within after treatments. One will keep on receiving treatments until there is no further hair growth on the chin.

Electrolysis Hair Removal Cost Underarms

Underarms electrolysis hair removal can take between 15 and 35 30 minutes sessions. The exact number will be determined by the texture and density of the hair, the healing ability of the underarms skin among other factors. The size of the underarm as well as the location of the clinic from which removal is being done also have an effect on the total cost. The electrolysis hair removal cost underarms for the whole treatment could range between $350 and $1000.

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