3 Essential Summer Skincare Tips

The weather is warming up and although quarantine may be in effect, you can still find ways to have fun in the sun. Our bodies crave vitamin D and sunshine is good for the soul—but, unfortunately, it’s not so great for your skin. You might be after a golden glow, but you should know that a bronzed tone may come at a cost.

Unprotected sun exposure can accelerate the signs of aging, leading to premature wrinkles, fine lines, sunspots, and sagging skin. But the consequences of UV radiation can extend far beyond superficial appearances, and in worst case scenarios, may even lead to life-threatening skin cancer.

Here’s the thing: the sun isn’t the only contender your skin is up against this season. Heat tends to dry out pores, leaving your dehydrated complexion cracked, brittle, or rough to the touch. Sweat and humidity can clog pores, which triggers breakouts and worsens acne woes. And when the sun never sets on those late summer nights, lack of sleep will take its toll on your morning reflection—but that tired appearance might last for many months to come.

If you’re social distancing, stuck at home, you might be tempted to slack on your skincare routine, but you don’t want to emerge from the darkness looking 10 years older once the dust has finally settled. With or without a pandemic underway, these three tips can help you maintain skin vitality at this time of year before tailoring treatments for the colder months on the horizon.

  • Tip #1: Always Apply SPF before Going Outside

Hopefully, your sunscreen game is strong throughout beach days, pool parties, and family BBQs—these prolonged outdoor outings can take a serious beating on your complexion. But few are fully aware of how quickly UV radiation can damage skin cells, and that SPF protection is essential for even a small dose of sunshine.

Just 15 minutes is all it takes for ultra-violet rays to create cellular damage. UVA light penetrates deep into the skin, altering DNA and forming harmful free radicals during the process. On the other end of the spectrum, extended UVB exposure results in painful burns and blistering that looks (and feels) less than ideal.

That’s why it’s critical to apply broad-spectrum (UVA/UVB) SPF anytime you head out the door. Even while commuting in the car, radiation can penetrate through the glass on your dashboard and windows. A bronze tone at-present is hardly worth pre-aged skin in the future—so always, always, double up on sunscreen before walking out the door.

Pro-Tip: If you can’t let go of that coveted, sun-kissed glow, Jergens natural self-tanners offer a safe alternative that can achieve the same result.

  • Tip #2: Practice Pro-Action vs. Reaction

Sun-filled summer days can end with nights in two ways: a cooling application of aloe vera to soothe skin, or a quick dab of moisturizer before falling asleep. You should make it a goal to prevent burns rather than treat them, and to moisturize skin before it becomes dehydrated—but that may be difficult when the beach is calling and you feel captive to coronavirus.

Supplements can help you stay on top of skincare without dedicating a ton of time. Biotin and collagen pills are well-established heroes, but new research shows that cannabinoids (chemical compounds derived from marijuana) offer another anti-aging, acne-fighting solution. CBDfx makes full-spectrum CBD capsules that you can swallow along with your morning vitamins to reap these natural benefits without smoking or “getting high”, as there are no psychoactive properties that could affect your impairment.

  • Tip #3: Exfoliate and Hydrate Every Day

You should exfoliate and hydrate all year, but it’s even more important throughout this sun-kissed season. Amp up exfoliation to slough off dead, dehydrated cells and reveal a youthful glow hidden below. Moisturization is also critical to maintaining a baby-soft complexion and a strong skin barrier that helps prevent UV penetration from causing cellular damage.

Pro-Tip: In the wintertime, a thick moisturizing cream can be a great tool in your arsenal but try to avoid heavy topical treatments in warmer temperatures. A light oil serum will get the hydration job done—without clogging pores that are already challenged by sweat, dirt, and debris.


Keep these three tips in mind so skin can effectively withstand the test of time—no matter how social or secluded your situation might be.

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