3 Fantastic Reasons Why You Should Visit Your Local Physiotherapist

We are a sporty crowd here in Australia, and many of us love to take part in many different kinds of outdoor activities, including many sports. We all love to have a game of footie on the weekends and then a few cold drinks afterwards. Unfortunately, many of us do not do the necessary warm-ups or stretching before and after taking part in physical activities. As a consequence, we end up damaging ligaments and tendons which mean that we must recover, before we can take part in any sports activities again.

The road to recovery.

We are blessed with fantastic weather here in Australia, and being stuck at home injured and not being able to go outside and play sports with your friends, is a huge disappointment. The advice that you will be given is to stay at home and rest the affected part, but when it starts to feel better, there are other things that you can do, to get you back onto the road to recovery much quicker. If you visit your local physiotherapist, he or she can help you to gain the right mobility, and they can also advise you on various exercises and stretches that will allow you to recover faster.

The reasons.

If the above describes a situation that you are currently in yourself, then you probably need to visit a Rouse Hill Physio who will get you back into shape in no time. There are many reasons why you should take the time to go see a physio and we will explore some of them here.

  1. Reduction in pain – If you are currently experiencing pain from a recent injury, or discomfort from an injury that you have for some time, then a visit to your physiotherapist can address some of these issues. They use various methods like massage, exercises to give you better strength, manipulation of muscles and tissue, and tips for reducing inflammation in the affected part.
  • Better mobility – After an injury many of us are no longer able to twist and turn, and this definitely does affect your quality of life. There is no reason why you should stay like this, and your physiotherapist will teach you all about the different stretches and exercises, that will help you gain the proper mobility in these areas.
  • Avoid surgery – In some cases, your doctor might want to refer you to a surgeon for an operation that they deem to be necessary. However, this might not always be the case, and on a number of occasions, a physiotherapist can strengthen your muscles and greatly improve your mobility. This may leave you feeling much better physically and so you might decide not to go ahead with an invasive operation.

It is important to remember that you just don’t have to go to a physiotherapist only when you’re injured. If you visit your local physiotherapist on a regular basis while playing sports even though you are not experiencing any injuries, this will help you to avoid injuries altogether, and everyone can agree that this would be the best outcome for everyone.

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