3 Safety And Beauty Tips For Spending Time Outside In The Summer

Although summer might still feel like a lifetime away for some people, it’s never too early to start planning and preparing for a safe and enjoyable summer. But while many people are worried about how they’re going to look in their bathing suit, there are other things to be more concerned about when it comes to your safety and beauty routines this summer.

To help you figure out just what these things are, here are three safety and beauty tips for spending time outside in the summer months. 

Pick The Right Clothes

When it’s hot outside, you might feel like the fewer clothes you have on, the more comfortable you’ll be. However, you’ll want to think long and hard about what kind of activities you’ll be doing and where you’ll be spending your time before you decide what to wear during the summer months.

According to Alex Watt, a contributor to RedBookMag.com, if you’re going to be out in the woods or close to water, you may want to consider wearing long pants and sleeves rather than showing off too much skin. Brush, bugs, and other pests can easily get to you when your skin is exposed. But if you’re covered up, you’ll have much more protection for your skin, even if you may be a little warmer than you otherwise would be. 

Be Careful With Your Scents

Another thing that can cause bugs to become very attracted to you when you’re outside in the summer is wearing heavy or strong scents. Knowing this, you might want to be very careful about when you choose to apply perfume.

While you can still use the type of beauty products that you know and love, you may just want to look for ones that don’t have a strong floral scent. Because according to Helena Negru, a contributor to LifeHack.org, mosquitoes and other bugs are often attracted to things that smell like flowers. So rather than spritzing something with this smell, you might choose to use bug spray or another form of pest control instead. 

Always Opt For UV Protection

Even though most people know that it’s wise to wear sunscreen when they’ll be outside in the summer, it’s not only what you put on your skin that should be protecting you from the harsh rays of the sun.

Ideally, Dr. Stephanie S. Gardner, a contributor to WebMD.com, shares that you should try to always opt for something that has UV protection in it, be it the makeup you’re wearing, the sunglasses you have, or even the contacts you use. If a product comes with UV protect, always opt for that version of the product, especially in the summer. You don’t want to get to many wrinkles when showing off that summer smile!

If you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors this summer, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you have a safe and beautiful time outside.

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