5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Apply Makeup While Driving

You’ve probably done it many times.  You’re running late for work or an important appointment, and you utilize the drive to your location for makeup application.  You already know that it’s not a safe practice, but it’s important to take the time to really understand why it’s dangerous.  

Read through this brief discussion, highlighting a few direct reasons why it’s not a good idea to apply your makeup while you’re driving down the road.  

The most obvious reason 

The most obvious reason not to do your makeup while driving is because it requires you to take your attention off the road.  When you’re busy looking in the rearview mirror to check your makeup application, you’re not looking at the road.  

Taking your eyes off the road for just a few seconds could come along with some pretty terrible consequences.  There are thousands of 18-wheelers on the roadways that can’t just stop on a dime.  

If you get in the way, you could be injured in a truck accident.  Thousands of dollars in medical bills and months of pain are not worth getting your eye makeup just right.  

You could be fined 

Some states have direct laws regarding the application of makeup while operating a motor vehicle.  In California, you’ll face a fine no less than $160 for a moving violation charge if you’re caught applying your makeup while driving.  

If you already have a moving violation on your record, the penalties for being charged for applying makeup while operating a motor vehicle will be stiffened.  

You’re placing your eyes in danger

If you have to stop suddenly while applying mascara, you could easily stab yourself in the eye with your application tool.  You could damage your eye or even suffer from a loss of vision.  It’s best to apply eye makeup in a more stable environment.  

Your hands aren’t free to react

You have just a couple of seconds to react when a situation on the road requires you to brake or redirect your vehicle.  If you’re busy doing your makeup, your response time will hover around six seconds.  

While driving with one hand is an everyday occasion for most drivers, you need two hands to apply certain types of makeup.  Keep your hands on the wheel, and do your makeup before you leave.  

It’s a long process 

It may not take you more than a few minutes to apply your makeup, but that is quite a long time to allow yourself to be distracted from driving.  Take a few moments before you leave to do your makeup, or leave a few minutes early. You can apply your makeup in the car before you go into your destination.

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