5 Ways To Avoid Hobby and Sports-Related Injuries

Hobbies and sports are something that people enjoy as a way to burn off steam and let loose in their downtime.  As many as half of all Americans say that they partake in some kind of sports or hobby when they’re not working.

Even though hobbies and sports are intended to be all fun and games, sometimes they can lead to injuries.  While minor injuries may be common depending on what your pastime is, many serious injuries can be avoided by taking simple precautions. 

Take a look at some of the most practical ways to enjoy sports and hobbies and reduce your chances of getting hurt.

Wear Protective Gear

Whether you’re playing football or riding a motorcycle, it’s important that you wear the right protective gear.  Wearing a helmet or other protective equipment decreases your chances of getting seriously hurt if you fall.

Dressing for the occasion is a relatively simple action that can save your life.  Don’t worry about getting the most expensive brand or model.  The important part is wearing adequate protection from injury.


It’s important that you fully understand how to do something before doing it full out.  Gradually work your way into something rather than doing it full force too soon.  Make sure to give yourself enough time to get the hang of something before you take any risks.

Something as simple as knitting can cause injury if you don’t know your way around the hobby.  Always err on the side of caution to protect yourself and others.


If your hobby is a sport, you should always warm your body up first.  Take the time to get your muscles ready for the activity you’re about to take part in. Moving too intensely without getting your body ready first could cause injury. 


On occasions when you’re overexerting yourself, it’s critical to hydrate.  Your body needs water to function its best.  If you don’t give yourself enough water, you could fatigue yourself or become dehydrated. It’s recommended to drink at least sixteen ounces of water before your activity and continue sipping as you sweat.

Stop If You Feel Pain

Listening to your body is critical any time that you feel physical stress.  If you feel anything hurting while executing a movement, you should stop right away.  

If you continue to put stress on the same muscle that’s causing the pain, you could continue to worsen the injury.  Back off at the signs of any discomfort or pain and avoid using that part of your body.  You may have to sacrifice doing your hobby for a short while until you get better.  However, it’s better than the alternative of potentially injuring yourself so badly that you can’t do your sport or hobby ever again.

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