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7 Awesome Gifts for the Health Buff

Everyone knows that one person that needs a special dinner plate for Thanksgiving and other food-heavy holidays. This particular friend, relative, or coworker, seems to spend all free time in the gym rather than relaxing with a movie and unhealthy snacks.

Although their quirks may slightly challenge the flow of a collected dinner or event, we still love our health buffs. After all, they are always happy to train us, workout with us, and make us reconsider our priorities in regards to health.

While one of the most fabulous presents to give a health buff is to offer your commitment to working out with them, some other gifts could make them happy.

Since their interests in health and fitness are well-known, choosing a gift that a health buff would like is not a difficult task.

Here are six awesome gifts for the health buff in your friend group.

  1. Gym bag

Our healthy friends need to bring plenty of supplies when making their daily trip to the gym. Water, mobile phone, change of clothes, and headphones are only some of the objects needed routinely.

A Kuston Sports gym bag can be a practical and stylish present for your healthy friend. Different colors and designs are available to capture the health buff’s positivity and motivation needed for a run.

Either before work or after class, the fitness buddy can pack all the necessary things to make the entire day go by smoothly in a compact gym bag. 

This gym bag has a shoe compartment. They can wear sneakers on their way to the gym and carry a nice pair of dress shoes or loafers for the later part of the day.

A Kuston gym bag is full of quality due to its durability, lightweight oxford fabric, and plenty of storage. A health buff will sincerely appreciate this gift.

2. Protein Coffee

The new trend of a health buff revolves around the consumption of protein in any way possible. 

       According to Healthcare Weekly, protein coffee accelerates metabolism and promotes weight loss, especially when taken simultaneously with multi-vitamin supplements.

Drinking protein coffee contributes to a more energized workout. Protein coffee has made its mark in the health and fitness industries.

My personal all-time favorite is Complete Nutrition. It is a tasty, healthy, and protein-packed drink, fit for the health buff in your circle. Various flavors are available, and all are scrumptious, but caramel has to be my favorite.

3. CBD Oil

A health buff wants to exercise as much as they can — but unfortunately is restricted by the limits of the human body. One of the primary reasons people are not able to exercise when they want to is muscle fatigue. 

Fortunately, CBD oil is a cure for just that! Known for its effect on muscle fatigue and spasms, CBD oil is useful for athletes, and ensures that they can spend as much of their time where they want to — the track or the gym!

What’s more, CBD oil has also been shown to have a positive effect on sleep patterns, another factor key for athletic success. With your gift, your friend will no longer have those nights after which they feel too energy-sapped to exercise.

CBD oil can be found at most health stores, and is an extremely thoughtful gift for the active.

4. Acupressure Mat

While a health buff loves the rush of lifting weights and running a couple of sprints, it can be challenging to get up the next morning. Sore muscles and general weakness can be the after-effects of heavy workouts.

A great solution, and hence an excellent gift, is an acupressure mat that serves to alleviate pain induced from exercise

The mat stimulates the body’s production of endorphins, ultimately providing a soothing and calming effect. One can continue the release of their endorphins by finishing their successful workout and move on to an acupressure mat.

This product can be used to treat back pain, sore muscles, fatigue, pain in the joints, and other side effects of exercise.

An affordable present, the acupressure mat is a gift that every health buff should have.

5. Smart Watch

While health buffs never want their workout to end, they still need to keep track of how many reps they bench-pressed and how long it took them to run a marathon. 

A smartwatch performs multiple functions, including measuring workout intensity with a heart rate monitor and using the watch as a recovery tool. Besides, every person can benefit from having a watch for the sake of keeping time.

A person interested in health and fitness wants to be healthy all around, not just in shape. With that in mind, smartwatches are potentially portable heart monitors and keep things in check.

According to Healthcare Weekly, cardiovascular health is vital to keep track of. A smartwatch doesn’t only serve its fundamental purpose, but it can also be programmed to follow a healthy regime.

Your fitness pal can benefit from a smartwatch to continue to improve on a healthy lifestyle.

6. Epsom Salts

Athletes will take any remedy to recover after a severe training session, and being given a present under that category is a sincere and friendly gesture they will not decline.

Epsom salts have shown results in treating the side effects of intense exercise at a quick rate.

Baths are calming after a heavy workout. An Epsom salt bath reduces inflammation, soothes muscle aches and joint pain, and relieves minor sprains.

Inexpensive and useful, Epsom salts are a great gift to those health buffs that may go a little too far with their workouts.

7. Water Bottle (Kool8)

Water is an essential part of everyday life. Having clean water to drink all day is necessary.

The Kool8 water bottle is a sleek, stylish, durable, and environmentally-friendly portable water bottle that is guaranteed never to leave a health nut’s side.

With a choice of colors and designs, the water bottle can withhold both hot and cold drinks. Therefore, your athletic friend can drink hot protein coffee in the morning, and drink chilly water during breaks of their workout. 

Out of all the great water bottles in the market, the Kool8 water bottle was rated as the best in 2019.

Moreover, the Kool8 water bottle has a double-walled vacuum and a large volume fit for what seems an endless amount of water. Any workout requires as much water as possible, making this water bottle the best present for a health buff.

To top it all, Kool8 as a company believes in social causes. Twenty percent of Kool8’s profits are donated to projects that deliver fresh and clean water to underprivileged parts of the world. Ultimately, you are giving back to the world, and your friend will appreciate contributing to saving the planet. 

Your fitness pal will appreciate any of these gifts mentioned, as all of them are specifically tailored to support their daily lifestyle. Give them the gift of health by getting them one of these fantastic products.

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