Beauty Tips for Women: Five Reasons to Consider Mink Lashes

Long eyelashes are something most women wish for, and if you research various brands of mascara, you’ll quickly learn that most of them promise long, thick eyelashes. If you don’t wish to wear mascara for one reason or another, you can always choose mink lashes, which are continuously growing in popularity and are a type of fake eyelash. If you’ve never heard of these eyelashes and you’re wondering what makes them so unique, you’ve come to the right place. Below are some of the reasons you should consider wearing these types of eyelashes.

1. They Are Super Soft and Smooth

Being made from real mink fur, these eyelashes are soft and smooth and look very natural. Mink fur is nice and fluffy, so when eyelashes are made out of them, you get lashes that feel completely natural. Minks are native to North America and Europe, and companies are even discovering ways to create these types of eyelashes in a cruelty-free way. How? By gathering up the loose fur that’s already fallen off of the animal to create the eyelashes because there are a lot of those.

2. They Are Very Realistic-Looking

Mink lashes are very realistic-looking, which isn’t a surprise because the furs that come from minks are natural. In fact, these lashes are so realistic that most people won’t even know that you’re wearing false eyelashes. And because they’re made from real mink fur, they tend to be a lot more durable and long-lasting than synthetic eyelashes. Because of their natural look, you can also wear them to any occasion, both dressy and casual, any time of the day or night.

3. They Are an Investment in Yourself

While these types of eyelashes are a little more expensive than synthetic eyelashes, you’ll find them well worth it in the end, especially if you wear false eyelashes regularly. Synthetic eyelashes often don’t last more than just two to three wearings, but eyelashes made out of mink fur last much longer. If you love your false eyelashes and you wear them regularly, it’s worth the money you’ll spend to go ahead and buy this type of all-natural lashes.

4. They Are Super Comfortable

This is one of the best perks of wearing mink lashes. Because they are so soft and made out of natural materials, they are also extremely comfortable. They are easy to put on and won’t clump whenever you blink like many synthetic eyelashes on the market. This is especially advantageous for women who like to wear false eyelashes all day long, every day of the year. The fact that they are incredibly comfortable to wear is one of the reasons they’re so popular.

5. They Will Adjust to the Shape of Your Eyes Synthetic eyelashes tend to be a little on the stiff side, which means it is difficult for them to adapt to the shape of your eyes, but mink eyelashes don’t have this problem. They’ll adapt to the shape of your eyes simply because of their softness, and they’re so close to your natural eyelashes that they’ll be both comfortable and natural-looking every time you wear them.

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