Best Anti Aging Vitamins & Mineral Supplements for Men & Women

Anti aging vitamins are important in ensuring one has minimal folds and creases. This post explains how to achieve this using the best anti aging vitamins such as vitamins C and E as well as the role of anti aging minerals.

Best Anti Aging Vitamins

For great skin, our skin care routine requires to include some of the best anti aging vitamins. These could be ingested or applied directly on the skin. It has been proven through research that some nutrients are necessary for prevention of aging as well as reversing its effects. A balanced diet helps to keep the skin supple and glowing.

anti-aging vitamin food substances
best anti-aging vitamin food substances

With an all-inclusive diet that consists of vitamins, the body only releases a certain amount to the skin. It therefore becomes important to also apply the vitamins topically so that the skin can reap maximum direct anti aging benefits. Below are the best anti aging vitamins. These will help improve skin texture and tone, fade under eye circles and a number of other benefits.

Vitamin A

This has been said to be the best overall wrinkles fighter. They reduce wrinkles, smooth roughness and fade any brown spots. These can be found in foods. Night creams and lotions such as Professional Pro-X Deep Wrinkle Treatment which have its derivative known as retinoids can be a source as well. When used as a cream, it is best used at night since sunlight makes most forms of vitamin A inactive. It should be applied sparingly to avoid irritation.

Vitamin B3

This keeps off redness by boosting hydration. It helps to increase the production of fatty acids as well as ceramides. These two are important components that help to create an outer protective barrier on the skin. When this happens, the skin can keep out irritants and moisture in. This is most necessary for sensitive and dry skin. It also has yet another advantage of minimizing dark spots by inhibiting transfer, to the skin cells, of pigment. These great anti-ageing benefits help one to remain looking young.

Vitamin C

This fulfills a number of anti-aging purposes. It clears up free radicals that are responsible for triggering wrinkles, sagging of the skin and other ageing effects. It also fades brown spots, firms and makes skin smooth. This helps to achieve a perfection of the complexion.

Vitamin E

Apart from improving the skin’s defense against UV, it also quells dryness by moisturizing the skin. This is enabled by the fact that it helps the skin retain natural moisture. It is also capable of neutralizing free radicals. Used as a cream before exposure to UV, the skin becomes less dry, red and swollen. It should be applied before exposure to the sun.

Vitamin K

This gives younger and brighter looking eyes. It evens out under eye circles. This it does by controlling seepage of blood from fragile capillaries which is what leads to blood clots seen as under eye circles. It also thickens under eye skin thus making it hard to see the dark blood vessels.

Anti Aging Vitamin Supplements

Where one is not getting enough from food and topical applications, one can get anti aging vitamin supplements. These are readily available over the counter. One ought to know what vitamin they are having a deficit of to get the right supplements.

Vitamin C Anti Aging

Vitamin C best for ant aging
Vitamin C best for ant aging

Irrespective of how careful we are, the skin undergoes some wear and tear. It becomes more susceptible to sun damage, free radicals and other damages as may be caused by pollution, poor feeding habits, smoking and radiation. Vitamin C as an effective antioxidant helps prevent all this damage. It also helps in regenerating other antioxidants necessary in the body such as vitamin E. when it is applied topically; it protects the skin against harmful UV rays. Vitamin C anti aging power is therefore hard to ignore.

What people see on the outside skin relies on how the structure, shape and firmness of the underneath skin layers is. Collagen is responsible for providing firmness and shape to the skin. When one takes vitamin C, its production is enhanced. This improves the firmness of the skin as well as giving it a youthful appearance. With it, wounds also heal fast.

Also present in Vitamin C anti aging products are cancer preventing components. Some studies also suggest that it prevents macular degeneration and formation of cataracts which are age related. Vitamin C can be acquired from citrus fruits, potatoes and vegetables.

Vitamin E Anti Aging

Vitamin E anti aging components are fat soluble. Also known as alpha tocopherol, this compound repairs cracked and dry skin. It also helps to retain moisture and protect the skin against UV rays. Its effect can be felt even when applied directly in the form of creams and lotions.

As an antioxidant, vitamin E protects the body from the negative effects of free radicals. These tend to be molecules with unpaired electrons. As a result, they seek out electrons from other cells leading to oxidation which causes damage to the cells and tissue they form. It also betters the functioning of the immune system making one to look younger.

With vitamin E anti aging components, blood clotting is prevented. This lowers the risk of stroke and heart attack. It also controls the effects of cholesterol. Due to the effects it has on the brain’s neurons as an antioxidant, it is suspected that vitamin E may prevent or put off cognitive delay and decline in the elderly. It is possible to get it through green leafy vegetables, nuts and vegetable oils. Also available is a variety of vitamin E supplements as well as topical application products.

Anti Aging Vitamins for Men and Women

Vitamin E supplements
Vitamin E supplements

Anti aging vitamins for men and women are important compounds. They can be made to work from inside out by consuming them in food or supplements or directly through topical application. Either way, the benefits are enormous.

Anti Aging Vitamins and Minerals

Among the most important anti aging vitamins and minerals help to delay aging as well as reverse it with time. Vitamins A, B3, C, E and K are all important anti-ageing components. These can be consumed in the food we eat.

Minerals which are most important to keep away the signs of aging may be taken in small amounts to keep one looking young. Zinc is one type of mineral that is found in crab meat as well as oysters. A study conducted by the University of California showed that zinc regulates cellular aging.

When in appropriate amounts in the body, it contributes to one having functional healthy tissue. Zinc levels decrease with age leading to the skin losing its ability to maintain itself. This leads to visible aging. Consuming zinc in the diet or in supplements form helps to fight ageing.

Selenium is another essential mineral. It prevents cellular aging of the brain. With age, the brain accumulates toxic chemicals. These cause aging of the nervous system. Selenium prevents the toxicity from building up and slows down the ageing process. It can be gained by consuming crab meat, salmon and Brazil nuts.

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