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Best Keloid Treatment – Cream, Injection, Natural & Cartilage Treatment

Keloids are not harmful in any way but they may become itchy, tender and painful with time necessitating removal. This post explores various keloid treatment options. Find out how to treat a keloid, the best keloid treatment, natural home treatment and scarring keloid treatment.

How to Treat a Keloid

Though keloids do not pose any health risks, they could be irritating and become itchy. Others tend to be painful and some people may find them unappealing. One can have them treated for cosmetic purposes. If you are wondering how to treat a keloid, below are some methods to achieve this.

A person wishing to have their keloids removed can seek medical treatments. One can consult a doctor for medical procedures to be carried out on the keloids so as to get rid of them. Below are some procedures that can help achieve this.

Cortisone injections: These are steroid injections which help to reduce any scars that are raised on the skin’s surface. They take up to a month before any observable change can take place. With time, the keloids become flatten up. These injections however do not let the skin to get back to its normal color.

Laser treatment results
Laser treatment results

Laser treatments: Laser is yet another way on how to treat keloids. It is not painful and not only helps to flatten the keloids but also gets rid of redness. A number of sessions may be necessary to have the desired effect. This may turn out to be a bit costly.

Silicone sheets: A doctor could administer silicone sheets containing silicone gel. Compression dressings also work in the same way. These are worn on the scarred area for a specific time until results are achieved.

Surgical removal: Surgical treatment is the most effective method on how to treat a keloid. In case the keloids impair your daily activities, it would be important to consider this. For a smooth and uniform end result, one can consider plastic surgery. Once the keloid has been removed, the doctor may apply pressure dressing or steroid injections to avoid a repeat of the same.

Best Keloid Treatment

Due to the many treatment for keloids that there are, it is important to put a few factors into consideration so as to settle for the best keloid treatment for a given scar. To start with, one ought to consider what type of scar is to be treated. The extent of scarring will help to determine how strong the method of treatment should be. For shallow scars, one can opt for natural removal methods or creams. Where the scar is bulgy, one can opt for medical procedures.

Silicone strips before and after on keloids
Silicone strips

The reaction that is bound to occur as a result of the treatment is something else to consider. One can learn these through a consideration of what medications they have been reactive to. Past experiences with laser treatments can also help in making a choice.

Also to be considered is the cost factor. One should be in a position to financially support the whole procedure and the after-care as well. This is because the effectiveness of the process will be dependent on how efficiently it is carried out.

To ensure that one makes the right decisions on the best treatment, it is important to contact the dermatologist before picking on any method. They will give their opinion on what they think about them and the most appropriate procedure on the best keloid  treatment. Of great importance is for people prone to keloids to avoid piercings and tattoos.

Keloid Treatment Cream

Creams can be used to treat keloids. This works best for newly formed keloids and those that have not toughened up. Before settling for any keloid removal cream, there are a few things to consider to help one pick the best.

Agnijith cream for removing keloids
Agnijith cream for keloids

  • One should first check the ingredients contained in the cream. This will help us avoid products with any harmful ingredients. It also helps us know how well the cream is likely to work.
  • With the right ingredients, one should then check out online reviews. These let consumers know what other users think about the cream. If it is not working, one can then explore other alternatives.
  • Another consideration would be if it is likely to cause irritation on the skin. This is closely related to the ingredients contained. From the list, one can tell if it as any compounds they may be allergic to.

With these considerations having been done, some of the keloid removal and treatment creams include:

  • Bio Skin Repair
  • ScarFormula
  • SCARprin
  • Mederma

Keloid Scarring Treatment

Keloid scarring treatment is available in different procedures. At times, treatment may not be effective with a single treatment. Those that can help flatten a keloid scarring include:

  • Steroidal injections
  • Wrapping up the area with a steroid impregnated tape overnight
  • Using nitrogen to freeze early keloids and stop them from growing
  • Laser treatment especially for shallow keloids helps to get rid of redness
  • Larger keloids require a stronger method such as surgery.

Natural Keloid Home Treatment

There are various natural remedies that one can use to get rid of keloids. Though these take some time before results can be seen, they are cheap, cause no allergies and are skin friendly. Among the natural keloid home treatment include:

Onion extract: Onions are a great scar treatment. It is known to reduce keloid formation which are scars that continue forming long after a wound has healed.

Onion extract treats keloids

  • Slice an onion
  • Place the slices on a cheese cloth and wrap it up
  • Put this in a bowl and press the onion with a clean item. This could be another bowl.
  • Apply the extracted juice on the keloid every day until results are achieved.

Aloe vera gel:    For relatively fresh keloids, this is the remedy for you. Use fresh aloe vera juice and apply it twice on the scar.

Lemon juice: This will lighten the top skin cells of keloid making it less noticeable. Rub some few drops of it on the scar twice daily.

Cartilage Keloid Treatment

Cartilage piercing such as that done on the ears can lead to formation of keloids. To carry out cartilage keloid treatment, it is important to have it done as soon as it appears. Injections can be administered on it for the purposes of elimination.

New Keloid Treatment

New treatment can be done by use of creams and home remedies. These simple methods manage to get rid of them as they are still soft and yet to become tough and hard.

Keloid Treatment Injection

It is possible to get a chemotherapy agent keloid injection. This method is normally coupled up with laser treatment for the best results. Your dermatologist will explain to you how to go about it.

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