Beyonce Skin Bleaching Controversy (4 Album Cover, L’Oreal Ad)

Have you heard of Beyonce skin bleaching? What of Beyonce skin whitening digitally? This article will digest the Beyonce skin lightening controversy. Did she use some skin whitening creams? Did she bleach her skin with pills to change her complexion? Find out more as we dig deep into the truth of celebrity skin whitening and whether the bleaching is real or digitally done on Photoshop.

Celebrity skin lightening is not something new. News of Beyonce skin lightening or skin bleaching by Beyonce is something that has been doing the rounds in the media for a long time now since she showed up in various promo ads with a skin lighter than her own. The questions we keep asking are:

  • Did Beyonce lighten her skin?
  • Is Beyonce skin bleaching digitally done or is it real?
  • Did Beyonce lighten her skin in 2012 for her album covers?

    Beyonce Skin Lightening, Beyonce Skin Bleaching
    4 Album Cover

Skin whitening pills such as Gluta-c Glutathione and Ivory Caps are commonly used for skin bleaching. Are these the case with most of the celebrities we see turning almost snow-white? Let’s find out exactly what happened with Beyonce in her album promo ad and in the promotion of L’Oreal products.

Accusations of Beyonce whitening her skin came after a photo of the ad promoting her album titled “4”. In the photo, the female celebrity is seen lying on a leopard print couch with her obvious great figure on display. It is true that this image was shot before she became pregnant.

Wearing that bodysuit, Beyonce’s skin tone appears much lighter than what is normally seen as her skin tone or complexion. Thus, the accusation of Beyonce skin lightening. See the pictures of Beyonce after her alleged skin whitening.

Beyonce Skin Lightening Controversy

According to Huffington Post, there has been an increase in photoshoped magazine covers and advertisement copies carrying a clear misrepresentation of realities. Dark skin colors are being lightened with some celebrities who are of African American ethnicity appearing as though they have taken to skin whitening for African American women services.

To change the skin color of a model, actress or celebrity makes her look like she has gone for skin bleaching, skin lightening or dark skin whitening. For Beyonce, such celebrity black skin whitening accusations are not new.

In 2008, L’Oreal, a renowned beauty products company was accused of digital skin lightening of Beyonce in an ad that was promoting Feria hair color. Many bloggers became furious at Beyonce for not representing her own African American skin color and ethnicity.

Beyonce Skin Bleaching from African American Skin?

But what is the real source or reason for all these Beyonce skin lightening sagas? Beyonce’s fairer skin in honey blonde hair color is quite a good choice for most promotion companies that are looking to appeal to a much wider audience.

According to Huffington Post, “Though she is a black woman–white women can also identify with her.” The post goes on to quote Bill Duke, one of the co-producers of a renowned documentary called Dark Girls, saying, “Colorism is unfortunately still an issue today. Dark skin is considered less than light skin in the in the minds of many in our community and in the media”

Skin Lightening for African American Women

The craze does not start and end with celebrities. Skin lightening creams for black women are quite a hit in the market. Most of the skin brightening, skin bleaching creams for African American women contain bleaching agents that can lighten the skin one or two shades lighter.

Other skin whitening options for black girls include the use of the best skin whitening soaps. One such soap for bleaching dark skin is known as Kojic skin lightening soap. Beyonce might not have used skin lightening soaps or creams, but it is said that hers is a digital skin whitening case.

Celebrity Skin Lightening Pills – Black Skin Bleaching Pills

Beyonce 4 Album Cover
Beyonce 4 Album Cover
Beyonce L'Oreal Ad
Beyonce L’Oreal Ad

So, could Beyonce be using Ivory caps pills for skin lightening? Does Beyonce use skin-bleaching pills such as Glutathione? Black skin bleaching pills are quite a booming business today in the United States. Most dark skinned young women are turning to skin bleaching because they want to emulate the skin colors of their dear celebrities.

Most people have warned of the dangers and side effects of using skin lightening and bleaching creams, pills and soaps on the skin. To achieve a fair skin tone, one can take to these soaps, pills and creams to lighten skin, but a dermatologist’s guidance is important.

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