Big Pores Causes & How to Get Rid of Big Pores

What are the causes of big pores? How do you get rid of big pores? Here’s a guide for large pores on face and breasts to help you close visible pores on your nose, face, legs, cheeks and other parts. Also, see the best home remedies for large pores on face, with the best makeup tips as well.

Every life with hair growing on its skin has pores. This is because the pores are actually hair follicles from where hair growth is experienced. In human beings however, although there are pores all over the skin, hair only grows on the head, eyebrows, eyelids, legs, arms, chest and chin in men, and on arms. The face has pores without hair growing in them.

Big pores on the face are common for people with oily skin with large pores
Big pores on the face are common for people with oily skin with large pores.

It is common for some people to have small pores while others have bigger ones. The sizes of the pores determine how much sebum the sebaceous glands produces. Sebum is responsible for keeping the skin supple.

However, when you have large pores on skin, the sebaceous glands may get overactive in producing the sebum. Consequently, the skin ends up with too much oil, which in turn may clog the big pores as dust and bacteria from the surroundings deposit on it.

If the pores remain unclogged for long periods, acne breakouts are inevitable. Furthermore, too much gunk in a big pore may lead to an infected pore. It is important to understand what causes them and how to get rid of them to avoid infections and acne. Read on for more.

What Causes Big Pores? Oily Skin?

The real cause of visible pores is genes. You have large pores on face because you inherited them from your parents. Similarly, any of the following could be causes:

  • If your pores are blocked they will appear big
  • If you use cosmetics for along time in the wrong way they will clog your pores
  • When you do not wash your face, clogged pores will appear enlarged
  • Washing your face too often ,which promotes the skin to produce more oils and hence dirt clogs the pores making them appear large

How to Get Rid of Big Pores

The big question is how to get rid of big pores. No treatment can make the large, visible face openings decrease in size. They will forever remain in the same size as you were born with. However, you can make use of various DIY home remedies to make bigger pores appear smaller.

Washing your face too often will cause large visible pores on your face
Washing your face too often will cause large visible pores on your face

Similarly, you can also close big pores naturally at home. This does not mean that you shut them for good. However, you fix big pores to make them appear small. While the treatments at home treat them without causing any damage to your skin, some of the over the counter pore minimizing products may add toxins to your skin.

It is therefore important to look at the ingredients label of the over the counter products before purchase. Furthermore, if you can avoid some of the pore minimizing products like makeup, even the better. Some makeup not meant for such pores can clog your pores and leave you at risk of skin flare-ups.

Learn to treat big pores at home with natural methods and you will not have to cough extra for products that will leave your pores in a worse condition. You can use these tricks to fix large pores so that they appear smaller after removing all the dirt inside them:

  • Make a habit of steaming your face every week to remove all the residue of dirt from your big pores. A good steam to keep the visible openings clean should last for 10 minutes. If you do not have the 10 minutes, for a few seconds you can soak your face towel in hot water, wring off excessive water and dab the skin with visible pores before drying it.
  • Ice cubes when rubbed on your skin with this problem can make the surrounding skintight. As a result, they will appear smaller. 
  • Homemade masks such as beaten egg whites help remove gunk from the skin pores and leave your skin tighter than before. The egg whites should be massaged on all the areas of skin with huge pores, left on skin for 20 minutes and rinsed off with lukewarm water.

Getting Rid of Big Pores on Face

The face should always be kept clean by cleansing, toning and moisturizing with pore minimizing products. This way, dirt from the pores will be removed and the pores will close. Most people remove them from the face by washing with warm water and splashing a final rinse of cold water to tighten the skin tissue surrounding the big pores in order to make them smaller.

Others have made steaming face a weekly habit as well as masking with clay masks in order to get rid of face pores. When such treatments for large pores are followed with toning and moisturizing, the visible pores appear smaller. If you find you are still conscious about the big pores on face apply a makeup primer, a liquid matte foundation and finish with loose powder for a flawless facial skin.

Big Pores on Breasts

Big pores unfortunately even appear even on breasts on women. This is because around the breast some hair growth is experienced. If you find yourself with visible pores on the aureola, ensure that you keep the area clean and avoid clothes that will irritate the area. Some zits may occur if you do not wash the excessive oil there.

How to Close Big Pores with Makeup

You can close big pores with makeup. However, before you do that you must cleanse, tone and moisturize with pore minimizing facial products. Furthermore, you will need the following for best results on how to close them with makeup:

Big clogged face pores are prominent on the nose
Buildup and toxins can cause oily skin to breakout and have bigger looking pores especially on nose.
  • Best makeup primer for large visible openings
  •  Foundation for big pores that is in liquid form, avoid creamy and powdered foundations that can clog pores. The best foundation should be water based and be able to control oil on skin.
  • Apply little foundation in circular motions and finish with minimal face powder. The idea is not clog your big pores by wearing heavy makeup.
  • When you get home from work or the event where you needed to wear the makeup, remove it from your face to avoid clogging your pores.
  • Throw away makeup after six months to avoid transferring bacteria to your skin. You are learning how to close big pores with makeup that is free from bacteria.

Home Remedies for Big Pores

The following home remedies for big pores will save you the embarrassment of enlarged pits on your face. The good thing about these home remedies is that they are made from things that are readily available

  • Soak a clean pad of cotton in lemon juice and dab it into your face to reduce pores. Then leave the juice on for duration of five minutes and rinse your face with cold water. Thereafter, apply oil-free moisturizer to avoid dryness. Lemon juice is used in most home remedies for big pores because of its vitamin C, which is astringent in nature.
  • Application of almond meal on the skin also helps to reduce pores. Apply the mixture on your face and relax for about 30 minutes. After that, rinse your face with cold water to keep your skin dry. Do the treatment at least 2 or 3 times a week for better results.
  • Use herbal compress of papaya, banana peels or aloe vera to reduce the size of pores on the face. Apply any of these and leave for about 15 minutes on the areas with the symptom. This home remedy works wonders when used once or twice in a day.
  • Egg whites reduce big pores on skin. You should beat the white of an egg mix it with one tablespoon of cornstarch in a bowl and beat with a whisk until it is frothy. After completing, apply a little of it on your face and relax for 15 minutes until the face dries up. When the face dries up, rinse with warm water and keep practicing the same once or twice a week for good results.

These home treatments should give you smaller pores with continued use.

Best Makeup for Big Pores – Dos and the Don’ts

When you want to wear the best makeup for large visible pores, you have to bear in mind the following rules if you do not want to clog your pores with makeup.

  • Do use a liquid matte foundation it will control oil shine
  • Do wear a makeup primer after moisturizer and before foundation
  • Do apply foundation with a brush for best results
  • Do not apply too much foundation
  • Do not use creamy or powdered foundations they will clog them
  • Do not use a concealer to hide the pores and if you do make sure its oil free and wash it off after use
  • Do not touch-up your T-zone when wearing best makeup for large pores instead use blotting papers on the area if shine occurs.

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