Consider Your Home a Sanctuary and Improve Your Life

Summer can be a whirlwind of activity and excitement, and as they fade, you can look upon winter with a sense of dread.

The following three tips can help you get through the colder months without succumbing to depression or malaise.

When you create a sanctuary within your home, you will improve your outlook and wellbeing, and ultimately improve your life as well!

Upgrade Your Bedroom

Keep your eyes on the sales, or visit a discount designer store to score some high thread count luxury sheets. It may sound like a small change, but high-quality bed linens can make a significant difference in your life. Add some lavender sheet spray and you will be nothing short of transformed at bedtime!

We also love having a full-spectrum light in our bedroom that helps us keep the blues at bay. A favorite print or scented candle will increase the soothing environment that you are creating for yourself. Allowing yourself to have a bedroom that contains sights, sounds, and smells that soothe you is pivotal to creating your sanctuary.

Create a Zen Corner

Many times we design our homes based on the functions that we need the space to provide. While function is of utmost importance, it is equally necessary to have space dedicated to the art of relaxation! A Zen corner can be anything you want it to be.

Fluffy pillows strewn on the floor where you can fully relax and recharge, or it can be a space dedicated to your yoga and meditation practices. Incense, gongs, and plants can increase the soothing atmosphere as well. The key is to carve out an area in your home where you can embrace mindfulness and let go of the day’s stresses and strains.

If you love music or certain scents, or are just want a quiet place to sit and think, think of your Zen corner as your own special space where you can meditate, journal and relax. Alert family members to the sanctity of your space, and request that you not be disturbed when you are there. 

Spa-ify Your Bathroom

Who doesn’t love a day at the spa? If you don’t have the time or the funds to spend as much time as you would like at the spa, why not create a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom? A fresh coat of paint and some new linens create the foundation for relaxation and restoration.

Even on a budget, there are many ways to pamper yourself with some lovely bath products that help you feel like you are a world away from your worries. Oils, lotions, and soaps can transport you to a beautifully scented garden where your biggest concern is your bath water becoming too cool! 
We love to take a cup of herbal tea with us into the bath, add some bubbles, turn on some soothing music and just drift away. Showers can become more special with body brushes, luxury shampoo and conditioners, and revitalizing body gels.

Even when you are pressed for time, you can take an extra minute or two to enjoy the way the steam makes your skin feel while deeply inhaling the scents of your specialty soap.

With enough planning, research, and forethought, these three tips can be achieved on a budget and over a weekend and the results may astound you! When your home is your sanctuary you are allowing yourself to enjoy a special place that puts your needs first and provides the necessary space to breathe, revitalize, and rejuvenate that we all need!

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