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Essential Tools for an Active Lifestyle

The benefits of an active lifestyle are unending. Whether you started a new sport or workout routine to lose weight, to ease anxiety, or to simply have some fun, chances are, the benefits of physical activity transcend your original reasons for starting in the first place. Being physically active boosts energy and mental health. It can even alleviate symptoms of clinical depression. Physical activity also improves muscle and bone health, stress management, and can prevent such things as diabetes, heart disease, and osteoporosis. An active lifestyle helps to control weight. Most importantly, it boosts confidence, helping us find strength and power in everything that we do.

The Online Platform for Active Individuals

No matter whether you’re an endurance runner, a yogi, a rock climber or a graceful dancer, physical health is likely at the heart of everything in your day-to-day life. You are also likely to be on the lookout for ways to enhance your performance and active lifestyle everyday. It is for this reason why Active Life Solutions was created.

Drawing from a pool of like-minded physicians, trainers, innovators, and athletes, Active Life Solutions provides an online platform to discover the best products in health and wellness. Established in 2013, by physicians to create an online store for health and wellness, the company has now grown to include the most innovative fitness products around the globe. Each product is tested by the Active Life Solutions team of experts, ensuring quality, authenticity, and tangible results.

Bringing the World’s Best Fitness Tools to Your Doorstep

Many athletes are limited in the kinds of tools available to them. Often times, the best fitness innovations are be found halfway across the world. With the mission to ‘help you live your best life, everyday’ Active Life Solutions brings the best of the best to your doorstep, even if it comes from around the globe.

Hailing from Germany, one such product comes from fitness and rehabilitation company, BLACKROLL. BLACKROLL offers products for every discipline, and every active individual out there. It provides high-quality foam rolling products to aid in effective self-massage as well as strength training and conditioning.

The Benefits of Self Massage

Foam rolling, for example, is a popular choice among elite athletes and active individuals. Considered a form of Myofascial Release, the technique is intended to, quite literally, bring a sense of release to the body. Using a foam roller, you can work through those stubborn ‘knots’, as well as the aches and pains that come with regular physical activity. Ultimately, foam rolling provides relief from soreness enabling you to keep doing what you love most.

Performance and Injury Prevention

There are numerous studies that vouch for the effectiveness of a foam rolling practice. According to a study published in Sports Medicine, the practice can be especially effective prior to a workout. According to lead researcher, Dr. Lewis Macgregor, research suggests a positive relationship between pre-workout foam rolling and physical performance. “Our research—for the first time—suggests that foam rolling offers a viable alternative warm-up technique that does not result in diminished muscle strength, which is often associated with static stretching. It shows that foam rolling may be a useful technique in helping to reduce stress and strain on muscles during exercise and, therefore, could reduce injuries,” says Dr. Lewis Macgregor.

Enhanced Range of Motion

In another study, researchers discovered that foam rolling is the perfect complement to traditional stretching. According to research published in The Journal of Sports Rehabilitation, incorporating foam rolling with static stretching may lead to greater range of motion in the hip, more so than static stretching alone.

Active Life Solutions and BLACKROLL understand that a little foam rolling can go a long way. Their products are intended to complement traditional methods, including physiotherapy and osteotherapy, thus getting you closer to your fitness goals. For some of you, this may mean healing faster, in order to get right back to your active lifestyle. For others, it may mean challenging yourself to grow even stronger. BLACKROLL products are intended to meet both of these needs.

In addition to providing regenerative healing through self-massage, BLACKROLL products also challenge athletes to actively engage different muscle groups through various exercises. Using the BLACKROLL® app, you can now find the right exercises to meet your goals and to delve fully into the potential of the foam roller. And with a tool like Active Life Solutions, you will continue to find the right products to get your fitness journey on a roll.

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