Healthy Foods To Eat After Addiction Recovery

If you’ve made the brave decision to seek help for your addiction, then you’ve already conquered the most difficult part of your recovery.  

It’s hard to go through the initial withdrawal and emotional pain of getting sober, and it will take some work to get your body back to where you want it to be.  Eating a healthy diet is a great way to get a start on your new life.  

Check out a brief look at some excellent foods to eat after your initial addiction recovery process, and start eating better today.  

Foods that help heal your lungs

If your addiction had any effect on your lungs, you’ll want to work to provide extra nutrition for healing.  Smoking or huffing drugs can cause some wearing degradation of your lung tissue, but the damage can typically be reversed.  

Try adding foods rich in antioxidants, omega-3’s, and magnesium.  Remember to eat your green veggies, as they will help to boost your blood flow.  Boosting your blood flow will help your lungs function more freely.  

Foods that are nourishing for your liver

Alcohol addiction and other injection drugs can wreak havoc on the liver.  If you want your organ to effectively free your body of harmful toxins and free radicals, then you’ll want to eat foods that nourish your liver.  

Try adding foods to your diet that contain sulfur and plenty of antioxidants.  Sulfur works to clean out your liver, and the antioxidants will work to restore it.  Eating veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage will also help to detoxify your liver after the physical stress of addiction.  

Brain foods for your recovery

No matter what kind of addiction you’re battling, you’ve likely caused some level of cognitive disruption or impairment.  Eating foods that are good for the brain will help to repair some of those damaged connections over time.  

Omega-3s and flavonoids are helpful for boosting brain function.  Cocoa, flaxseed, citrus fruits, and avocados are all excellent additions to your diet.  

Foods that will boost your energy

Once you enter your new sober lifestyle, you may find that you lack the energy you once had access to.  Feeling run down for an extended amount of time can make recovery harder.  

Don’t trigger a relapse, and gain control over your body’s energy production now.  Add a plethora of leafy greens to your diet, along with some honey, nuts, and pistachios for a natural boost of energy throughout the day.  

Water is the basis of life 

Drinking water is your number one defense against the damage caused by extensive drug or alcohol use.  Water flushes toxins from your body, and it’s the basis for regeneration in your cells. Every part of your body will work better when you are properly hydrated.

Addiction can be caused by any number of things, but when it gets out of hand, keep in mind there are places to go and people who want to help. It isn’t easy to beat addiction, but if you can find the right addiction recovery program, it becomes a lot easier.

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