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How Much Does A Single Tooth Implant Cost in Auckland, NZ?

While getting a single tooth implant can be expensive, it is well worth the cost because of its effect on your life. It helps increase your quality of life and bring back your smile and confidence in your teeth. So, if you are ready to learn about the costs of a single tooth implant and what variables affect it, keep reading! 

Average Cost of a Single Tooth Implant

When estimating the cost of your single tooth implant, three stages go into the tooth implant surgery. Each stage and its costs have been outlined below to help you understand how much your implant may cost. 

Planning the Implant 

The first stage of a single tooth implant is the planning stage. In this stage, your surgeon will take x-rays, study models, and photographs of your mouth. These tests will show if there are dental health concerns that need to be treated before an implant is placed inside your mouth. 

Since you can not get an implant until gum infections and tooth decay are treated, it is important to have good oral health before an implant. On average, the planning stage cost will run between $350 – $900, depending on your case’s severity. 

The Implant Surgery

In this stage, the implant is surgically embedded into your mouth and the typical fee is between $2500 – $3500. However, it may cost more if you need extra work or complications arise during the surgery. Your surgeon can give you a more accurate estimate of the surgery cost once they have looked at your 3D x-rays and photos. 

Getting the Crown 

The final stage in getting a tooth implant is the prosthetic stage, also known as the crown-fitting stage. In this stage, the surgeon will place the crown on your implant, acting as your new tooth. On average, this also costs between $2500 – $3500, making it just as expensive as the implant surgery. 

Other Assorted Costs That May Come Up 

Other treatments may increase the surgery cost when getting a single tooth implant. Not everyone will deal with these costs, but your surgeon will tell you what you need to have done, such as:

Bone Grafting and Augmentation

Sometimes, if you have teeth missing, even just a single one, it can cause jaw shrinkage, making it harder to insert a tooth implant properly. If this is the case in your scenario, your surgeon will likely have you undergo a bone graft to increase your bone density to a safe level for the implant. 


If you have any infection in your mouth, your surgeon will likely have you treat that before having a tooth implant. You may have to take antibiotics to deal with a slight infection or even get a tooth removed if it is rotting. 

Getting a single tooth implant is an investment into your long-term health and can be a long process, but it does not have to be stressful with the right surgery team. Talk to your dentist if you need a dental implant; they can help you figure out the best plan for tackling the process. Your mouth and smile will thank you for it!

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