How New Healthcare Markets are Faring in 2022

Healthcare is changing. Patients have more options than ever to receive not only necessary healthcare, but also desired care. Homecare, urgent care centers, and more all provide an alternate delivery method for traditional healthcare services. Each offers a unique experience that different patient groups need. While some medical services are flourishing in 2022, others have faced major struggles.

In the homecare industry, the greatest challenges relate to staffing. The caregiver turnover rate has remained steady during the Great Resignation at 64%. Because clients and patients are not receiving consistently high quality care, the client/patient turnover rate is at a 5-year high. Home health agencies have begun experimenting with new benefits to attract workers, though funds are tight.

Urgent care centers, meanwhile, are providing a faster alternative to emergency departments for accidental injuries and chronic conditions. There was a 16.4% growth in the US urgent care market from 2021 to 2022. For many patients, urgent care centers offer affordability, transparency, efficiency, and accessibility. 

Other new healthcare markets include telemedicine, or virtual doctor visits. The pandemic has made most people familiar with telehealth in some capacity. Less well known is concierge healthcare, a private practice where patients pay out-of-pocket retainer fees.

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