How to Define Cancer

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By now, the chances are high that the average person has heard of the word “cancer” and also knows someone who has been diagnosed with it.

But do most people understand what cancer actually is? The cancer center definition states that cancer is an abnormal growth of  cells in the body that prohibit the rest of the body to function normally. Some types of cancers form tumors, while others do not.

This is quite a broad definition of cancer. While it applies to the hundreds of various types of cancer that exist, each type of cancer comes with an extra unique set of issues and can be defined.

So to help further broaden the definition of cancer, here is the important information you should know about it.

1. There are five cancer categories.

Cancer is not clustered into one specific type. Instead, cancer has five different categories. Carcinomas is a type of cancer that impacts the skin and tissue of the body. Leukemia is a type of cancer that damages the blood in the body. Lymphoma is a type of cancer that harms the immune system. Sarcomas is a cancer that damages your body’s bones. And nervous system cancer can damage the brain and your body’s ability to move.

2.     Cancer cannot be cured, but there are treatments.

While the medical world is still working hard to find an official cure to cancer, there are a range of successful treatment options that cancer patients can undergo. The three most common types of treatments include surgery to take out the cancerous tumor, chemotherapy to eliminate the cancer cells and radiation therapy to also kill the cells that are cancerous.

3.     There is a dedicated field to cancer

Known as oncology, doctors in this field look after everything related to cancer. This includes treatments of cancer, medical diagnosis and studying how and why cancer forms. They also look after different methods of treating cancer. So if anyone is dealing with cancer, they will primarily be dealing with an expert in this specific field.

4.     You can manage the side effects of cancer

There are a range of ways people diagnosed with cancer can cope. This ranges from changing their diet, using naturally made health remedies, improving your own overall strength and wellness and becoming emotionally resilient. There are also a range of ways to detect cancer early on to increase the chances of treatments working.

5.     The future is bright with cancer research

While the world of cancer is no where near solved, every day there seems to be ground-breaking accomplishments within the field. With the education of cancer becoming more robust for the average person so they can easily detect early onsets to better training medical professionals on how to treat various forms of cancer, each day brings a new set of hope for the world. Today, statistics show that nearly one in every three people will be diagnosed at some point in their life with cancer. While this statistic seems overwhelming, hope lies in the fact that it is getting easier and easier to manage cancer simply because so much more is known about it! There are a whole range of clinical trials, research studies and innovative techniques that are making it easier to kick cancer to the curb.

The definition of cancer is both simple and complex. On a holistic level, all types of cancer cause damage and even death due to prohibiting the body to function properly. But the details of how cancer does that really varies on the types of cancer out there.

 Regardless though of what the definition of cancer is, there is more and more hope that there will soon be a definition on how to cure cancer—and that is a definition truly worth waiting for. 

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