How to Get Fuller Lips Naturally Without Surgery or Injections

Do you want to know how to get fuller lips? What is the best way to get fuller lips without surgery, injections or makeup? Here, you will discover Candylipz – the most effective lip plumper and shaper for making lips fuller and bigger. Also, read on to discover how to make fuller lips naturally, overnight and at home, just the easy way!

Fuller and bigger lips are covetable. No doubt about that. But looking in the mirror and seeing those thin upper and lower lips can be a bit disappointing if you prefer luscious lips like those of Angelina Jolie. So, isn’t there anything you can do to make your lips fuller? How can you get fuller lips without surgery? Below, we will answer the following to teach you how to get bigger, fuller, sexy and kissable lips easily:

  • Why is CandyLipz the best for making lips fuller?
  • How can I get fuller lips?
  • How to make your lips fuller overnight
  • Can men make their lips fuller and bigger?
  • Can I use makeup to make lips look bigger and fuller?

There are so many products out there promising tremendous results – to give you sexier, plumper lips that are permanent and less costly. The question is, do they really work? Which products do celebrities use to pump up their lips and make them bigger? Let’s find out!

Plump Your Lips Fast with CandyLipz Xtreme Lip Shaper


CandyLipz has an award-winning product that will surprise you – The Xtreme Lip Shaper ® System. In about 2 minutes, you can plump your lips and make them not just look fuller, but actually become fuller and bigger. It gets even better with this innovation.

If you covet the luscious double-lobe or single-lobe lip appearance, you can simply create it using CandyLipz. The product definitely gives you the freedom to get fuller lower lips or fuller upper lips separately.

This is what you should know about CandyLipz Xtreme Lip Shaper ® System as the No. 1 go-to solution for ‘how to get fuller lips naturally.”

How to Get Fuller Lips - Happy CandyLipping User
Happy CandyLipping User – Before & After Lip Plumping
  • It is a non-invasive method which can increase the height of the upper lip 100% or more
  • The lip pump can enlarge both the upper and lower lips together and separately
  • It can add volume and plump the lips naturally and instantly
  • There are no injections and surgery procedures involved, so you can get a fuller pout without surgery with it

Celebrities use it too! Yasmine Yousaf, Sisanie, Lorielle, RJ Mitte, Mario Lopez, Chase Masterson, Emeli Sande, Lindsay Taylor, Golnesa and Diedre Hal have something in common – full, sexy lips. CandyLipz is the secret behind their bigger, plumper lips. So, how else can you get plumper lips? Here are some temporary and less effective methods.

How to Get Fuller Lips Naturally

You can make your lips fuller, thicker and even pink with simple home lip care techniques. While surgery is always an option, taking proper care of your lips using natural procedures is safer, cheaper and easy to carry out right at the comfort of your home.

One of the simple DIY methods to get thicker or plumber lips without surgery or without makeup is to use lipstick to create the illusion of having bigger lips. So, how do you do this trick? The best way on how to get fuller lips at home is to learn what shades of lips makeup, especially lipstick will make your lips appear bigger and which ones will make them appear smaller.

  • Darker shades of lipstick will make your lips appear even smaller. Therefore, to get bigger and fuller lips, or at least create that illusion, apply light shades of lipsticks.
  • Have you noticed that shiny lips tend to appear fuller and bigger? Apply shiny lip makeups that will reflect more, this creating the illusion that your lips are bigger and luscious.

    How to Get Fuller Lips with Makeup
    Shiny lips appear plumper.

Some girls do not like using lip makeup regardless of their type of lips. Worry not, because you can still make thin lips fuller naturally without makeup.

How to Get Fuller Lips Naturally Without Makeup

Without makeup, there are many options that we can call home remedies for thin lips. From cinnamon oil to moisturizers, olive oil applications to aloe vera and lemon juice, you can never run short of tricks on how to get fuller lips naturally without makeup. Here are some of the best natural solutions to thin lips.

  • Cinnamon oil is good for making lips full and red. Add two to three drops of cinnamon oil into water. Keep this ratio as you increase the volume of the mixture according to your needs. Apply to your lips to make them filler. Cinnamon oil stimulates blood capillaries in your lips, making them dilate, which in turn makes your lips become plumper.
  • To get bigger lips, you need to keep them moisturized all the time. Dry cracked lips will not only feel uncomfortable but also look unhealthy and appear thin. Apply good lip moisturizers such as olive oil and vitamin E. These will soften and moisturize your lips. Honey is also a very good lip moisturizer, so apply it daily for about 20 minutes before washing it off.
  • Massage thin lips with aloe vera to make them look bigger. It contains antioxidants that will help treat fine lines and lip wrinkles, leaving your lips fuller and attractive.

Other natural methods of making lips fuller include exfoliating with lemon juice and relaxing them with ice cubes. Simply massage your lips with ice cubes to help relax and make them appear bigger and redder. If you want to get kissable lips, this is a fine trick for you.

How to Make Lips Fuller – Is it Possible?

Is it possible to make lips fuller? What can you use to make lips bigger and plumper? Many people with thin lips do not know what to do to improve their appearance. Whether you have a thin upper lip or thin lower lip, it is possible to add to the volume of these lips so that it becomes easy for you to apply lip makeup and to even enhance other parts of your face significantly. So, is it possible to make lips fuller?

How to make lips fuller naturally
You can make lips fuller and bigger using makeup, but this is temporary.

You can opt for any of the tips and methods of making your lips appear bigger and plumper. Here’s how to make lips fuller – the options you have to choose from:

  • Temporary ways to increase the volume of your lips may include the use of makeups at home, such as the ones discussed below.
  • Lip plumping injections are commonly referred to as invasive ways to make lips bigger. These injections are still not a permanent solution and are characteristically repetitive.
  • You can also go for lip augmentation surgery, which is a costly option for making lips become bigger.
  • Exceptional products in the market can also help you “tweak” the shape of your lips to make them bigger and of the desired shape, such as double-lobbed or single-lobbed. See above for details.

How to Get Fuller Lips Overnight

So, how fast can you get your lips full? Can it happen overnight? Some tricks on how to get fuller lips or bigger lips overnight can help you do it just fast, but very few of them will give you lasting luscious lips. Even constant moisturizing of lips alone is not going to cut it and give you lasting results.

Conditioning your lips and making them grow noticeably bigger can be done. Injections can give you full lips almost overnight, and so are some products. CandyLipping (as seen above and in the pictures) is one of the most reviewed methods of getting fuller lower and upper lips overnight without dangerous side effects, or having to endure the discomforts of invasive techniques for plumping small lips to make them appear bigger.

How to Get Fuller Lips Without Surgery & Without Injections

Without surgery, you can make your lips bigger by stimulating fat and tissue growth in your lips. Some people recommend stimulating both fat and muscle growth in the lips in order to achieve sexier, kissable voluminous lips. So, what options do you have to make lips full without surgery?

  • According to the AbsoluteBeauty blog, “…apply emu or fish oil mixed with castor oil nightly. This is effective because emu oil and fish oil contain high amounts of Omega-3 (fatty acids), which are proven to stimulate fat growth within your lower and upper lips.
  • Instead of going for surgery, find ways of increasing estrogen, a hormone responsible for full lips, big eyes, small noses, bigger busts and other feminine features on women. This increases the chances of thin lips and small lips becoming fuller without surgery.
  • Don’t like lip plumping injections? Lip plumping exercises are the option you are looking for if you want to make fuller lips without injections. Lip exercises can actually give your lips dimension and transform them to look bigger. Regular lip exercises such as whistling, kissing the air, smiling, lip rotation, and moving lips from side to side are recommended for a fuller pout according to YouBeauty.

How to Get Fuller Looking Lips with Makeup

Can you get fuller looking lips with makeup? We have already seen one trick on how to create the illusion of a fuller looking pout. You can add to your choice of lipsticks with the following tips. These tips are all about how you apply makeup to create an illusion of having bigger lower lips and upper lips.

  • Lip pencil comes in handy for this trick. You can use it to minimize or exaggerate the size of your lips significantly. To make lips look fuller with makeup, apply your best lip liner close to the edge of your mouth, which is slightly outside your natural lip line. This will create a perfect illusion of bigger, luscious lips.
  • Choose a concealer shade and lip primer shade that will make your lips look plumped. However, be careful with concealers because some of them will dry out your pout instead of plumping it.

How to Get Fuller Lips for Men

Men too can learn how to get fuller lips. Increasing the size of lips for men can be done using most of the methods explained above. If you do not like using makeup, the rest of the natural ways to make lips fuller will do. Remember, men too can soften lips and make them more voluminous without necessarily going for lip augmentation surgery, lip fillers injections. CandyLipz product, the Xtreme Lip Shaper ® System is designed to be used by both men and women.

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