How to Make CBD Oil at Home

As the truth about cannabis and its beneficial effects are slowly unfolding, more and more countries are legalizing the use of cannabis compounds such as CBD or even THC. Moreover, a lot of people consider growing cannabis indoors for their personal use.

The overwhelming of the market with cannabis-based products has compromised the quality and the effectiveness of their use. The aggressive marketing and the labels with all the benefits listed, may mislead you to purchasing a not-so-efficient product.

Furthermore, the trend of growing marijuana indoors is also gaining a great popularity these days. Supported by a great community of growers and a lot of ready to use set-ups for a cannabis garden, pretty much everyone can become a home-grower.

Considering all this factors, if you desire or need to incorporate CBD as your daily supplement, the most convenient product will be your homemade CBD from your home-grown cannabis plant.

For the start you’ll need some money, a lot of patient and enthusiasm, and a couple of good advices.

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Setting up your indoor Cannabis Garden

Indoor cannabis cultivation means substituting all the naturalconditions in your grow room. Although, cannabis is a plant that can grow under not-so-ideal condition which makes it easier for beginners, setting a suitable environment will make your plant bloom.

1. Choose a suitable tent

If you are planning a small garden for a personal use only, the most convenient setup will be a marijuana growing tent. Most of these tents come as all-in-one grow-box kits. Therefore, this means that by purchasing one you are getting all the equipment needed: grow light, ventilation systems, some may even include pots, nutrients and measurement tools. You can choose the one that best suits your needs. However, the most important part is the lightning. Make sure to use only the best LED grow lights.

2.    Prepare a permanent place for your tent

After you set up your tent, relocating is not recommended. Choose a permanent place, clean it well and remove all unnecessary things like carpets, decorations etc. Make sure you have electricity and plumbing accessible very close.

3. Pots and soils

Prepare your pots and fill in with soils and nutrients. When purchasing seeds or clones you’ll get a blueprint on how to arrange the appropriate quantity of soils and seeds.

4. Choose the right seeds

For your plant to have high concentration of CBD cannabinoids you should use cannabis sativa (female marijuana plant) seeds or Hemp (male cannabis crop) seeds. They both have high concentration of CBD; the difference is in the THC levels. Sativa may have a lot of THC cannabinoids, while Hemp is a plant very low in THC.

You can buy them from a seed bank to make sure you are choosing the right seeds according to your needs.

5. Watering is the key

When growing a plant from seed you should keep the soil moist not wet. Some of the seeds will pop after around 5 days or more.

What Parts of the Plant are used for CBD

Female marijuana plant – the cannabis sativa has a high concentration of CBD in the buds and flowers.

The Hemp plant – the male cannabis plant doesn’t have buds or flowers. However, all the rest of the crop contains CBD (stalk, leaves). This is why the hemp plant is lower in cannabidiol concentration compared to the very potent female plant.

CBD oil derived from hemp plant is typically lower in cannabidiol concentration, while CBD extracted from marijuana plant buds is rich and highly concentrated with cannabidiol.

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The making of your CBD Oil

What plant products you are about to use will determine the cannabinoid content of your CBD oil final product. This is very important when you are making homemade CBD oil, because it’s not possible to extract the THC, unless you have a specialized laboratory equipment. Therefore, whether you’ll have a CBD oil that is THC free or not, depends on the starting material. You can absolutely use THC-rich strains of cannabis for your CBD oil if you choose to.

If you want to make CBD oil with little-to-no THC you can use your hemp plant. Hemp plant usually contains 0.3% or less THC so you won’t feel its effects. Moreover, you’ll get all the benefits from the CBD.

Directions for making the CBD oil

  •         Use a grinder to grind the buds or parts of the plant into a fine powder. You’ll need 10 grams.
  •         Choose your preferred oil. You’ll need one cup of quality oil of your choice – coconut, almond, extra virgin olive oil.
  •         Mix the grinded material and the oil into a big jar until you get a homogenous mixture.
  •         In a pan big enough to fit the jar pour water. It should fill around 1/3 of the pot.
  •         Let it boil on the temperature of about 200 °C for 3 hours.
  •         After 3 hours of boiling, remove the pot from the heat and let it cool for 3-4 hours.
  •         Repeat the boiling again for 3 hours in water.
  •         Once the second heating process is completed, let it cool overnight.
  •         In the morning, strain the mixture and squeeze it good through a cheesecloth.
  •         Your CBD oil is ready to work some miracles

Always start with small dosage to see how sensitive your body is to CBD (especially if it’s THC infused also) and monitor the after effects.

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