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How to Properly Care for a Burn Injury at Home

Burn injuries can occur at any time, whether from a kitchen mishap, accidental contact with hot objects, or even exposure to the sun. While severe burns require immediate medical attention, minor burns can often be treated effectively at home. It is crucial to understand the appropriate steps to take to care for a burn injury to promote healing, prevent infection, and minimize discomfort. In this article, we will discuss how to take care of a burn injury at home properly.

Assess The Severity Of The Burn 

Before providing any treatment, it is essential to assess the severity of the burn. As described by the injury lawyers at Nevarez Law Group, there are typically categorized into three levels:

  • First-degree burns: These burns affect the outermost layer of the skin (epidermis) and usually result in redness, pain, and minor swelling. They can be treated at home.
  • Second-degree burns: These burns affect both the outer layer of the skin and the underlying layer (dermis). They cause redness, blistering, intense pain, and swelling. While some second-degree burns can be managed at home, others may require medical attention.
  • Third-degree burns: The most severe type of burn, affecting all layers of the skin and potentially underlying tissues. Third-degree burns appear white, charred, or blackened and may cause numbness due to nerve damage. Immediate medical attention is necessary for these burns.

Cool The Burn

Quickly cooling the burn is essential to prevent further tissue damage and relieve pain. Hold the burned area under cool (not cold) running water for about 10-20 minutes. This helps reduce inflammation, soothes the skin, and minimizes the extent of the injury. Avoid using ice or very cold water, as they can potentially worsen the damage.

Clean The Burn

After cooling the burn, gently clean the affected area with mild soap and cool water. Use a soft cloth or your fingertips to avoid further irritation. Avoid scrubbing the burn or using harsh chemicals, as this can hinder healing or make the injury worse and more painful.

Apply Burn Ointment Or Gel

Once the burn is clean and dry, you can apply a specialized burn ointment or gel. Look for over-the-counter options that contain ingredients like aloe vera or lidocaine, as they provide a soothing effect. These products form a protective barrier on the burn, promote healing, and alleviate discomfort. Follow the instructions on the packaging for proper application.

Protect The Burn

Cover the burn with a sterile non-stick dressing or a clean, dry cloth. This step helps shield the burn from dirt, bacteria, and further injury. Avoid using adhesive bandages directly on the burn, as they may stick to the wound and cause pain during removal.

Manage Pain And Control Swelling

Over-the-counter pain relievers like acetaminophen or ibuprofen can manage pain and reduce swelling associated with minor burns. Follow the recommended dosage instructions and consult a healthcare professional if necessary.

Keep It Clean 

It is important to keep the burn clean and dry to prevent infection. Avoid exposing the burn to excessive moisture, such as soaking it in water. Monitor the burn for any signs of infection, such as increased pain, redness, swelling, pus, or fever. If any of these symptoms appear, seek medical attention promptly.

See A Doctor

While minor burns can often be effectively treated at home, it is advisable to follow up with a healthcare professional, especially if the burn shows no signs of improvement within a few days or if you have any concerns about its severity.

Taking proper care of a burn injury at home can help promote healing, alleviate discomfort, and prevent infection, or worse. Although not all burn injuries can be taken care of from the comfort of your own home, it’s important to take these important steps regardless of the severity of the burn. Getting burned is bad enough as it is, don’t make things worse by not managing it appropriately. 

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